Monday, July 18, 2011

Diamonds are they your best friend?

Hello blog land, Dorian here, from RidgeTopQuilts. Today I want to talk about diamonds.
My very favorite quilt pattern that uses diamonds is the Lonestar. 

Using quick strip piecing and cutting, you can cut these diamonds out easily.

Cut on the diagonal.

And piecing is a breeze, without quite so many little seams to sew.

Then put your diamonds together, like in the top picture.

And add your backing pieces. Oh no!! That means you need to do 'Y' seams! Don't fear, they are not hard, they just take a little patience. I have a tutorial for you right here, if you need some tips.

You can make a HUGE star, that covers most of your quilt. Or you can make little ones, make a bunch of them, or only a few. There are tons of variations on putting these together in a quilt. And lots of patterns for the Lone star out there.

And scrappy? Oh yes! Use up those scraps. Here are two scrappy wall hanging versions I have done.

Yes, I am a 'controlled' scrap user. Verses a 'spontaneous' scrap user. I like to use scraps, but also like control of where my colors are going.

You can use strips. Or you can cut your diamonds out of small pieces and sew them together to make your diamond.

Sew them together.

And make your strips, put them together in the same way.

But you can do more than just Lone stars. There's the 8 point star. Which is what the Lone star is, but the simple 8 point star only uses 8 diamonds all together. 

You can put setting triangles on the ends, and make these fun rectangles.

Play around, make some neat designs. You just might come up with a great pattern. Here's a fun windmill.

Or make a border strip.

Or you can reverse half of the diamonds, so they are pointing the other way, and make something like this border strip.

'Phires Compass pattern by Jessica Smith of the Quiltandneedle.com

You can also cut rectangles in half on the diagonal, and put four of those pieces on your diamond. Like this..

And use it in storm at sea variations.

Storm at Sea variation pattern by Jessica Smitt@ the Q&N

Hope you've enjoyed playing with diamonds with me! 
Thanks for having me here Samm, it's always a pleasure.


  1. Your post is inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing. I have a set of diamond templates which I received as part of a magazine subscription. I had no idea what to do with them.....until today!

  2. Wow! That is a lot of great ideas for diamonds. Lone Star has always been my favorite pattern and one my Grandmother made several times. It was fun to see all the other diamond ideas too.

  3. Beautiful quilts but I'm still scared of diamonds and Lone Stars!

  4. I saw "diamonds" and said "eekk, too difficilt to sew". Nonetheless, I read the entire post, and well, it may have changed my mind... Thank you Dorian!

  5. I think your post is very inspirated, Thank you;o)

  6. Thank you Dorian for showing off your diamonds. Diamonds are a girl's best friend is the theme for our group's exhibition next year - it is also the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. 60 years as Queen.

  7. Good Morning Dorian..you really do make this look pretty easy...and the overall affect..well diamonds in the near future could certainly be this girls best friend....

  8. Thank you for your encouraging post - I was thinking that diamonds would be too difficult, but you make it appear very do-able - thank you!

  9. Whenever I have done diamonds they were fun to make and you have renewed my interest. Thanks for sharing your beautiful diamonds. Judy C in NC

  10. Beautiful quilts! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial and ideas.

  11. Dorian, you've done wonderful work and I do believe I've now been inspired to finish the three lone stars I have in progress as I really love what you've done with the different techniques, especially the pinwheel diamond. Very cool! Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. My head is spinning! I've made one and I think I'm done! thanks for the tutorial! Maybe one more?!!

  13. Must confess, I've always been afraid of diamonds. You've convinced me to give it another try. Thanks for the tutorial.

  14. Dorian, your quilts are Priceless with all those lovely diamonds! I love your color choices and the strip method looks so much easier than how I learned over 15 yrs ago in a class before the rotary cutter. Remember those days?? Oh MY aching hands and fingers. You have a real knack for design. Loved your post and may just have to think about using that diamond pattern...after all diamonds are a girl's best friend!!
    Gmama Jane

  15. Great post! I made a string string lone star once and had trouble with the y seams, but with your help, I think I'll try anoth lone star. Thanks for the help!!

  16. What pretty quilts I love the purple one! You are very clever! Thanks for the info :)

  17. Dorian ... thanks for the wonderful post and all the how-to photos. You make this "seam sew easy." With your help, maybe my Matty's Lonestar Quilt will actully be finished someday ... ;) Pat

  18. I love this post! I have steered clear of diamonds and y seams until now! Thanks for the helpful tips!
    Jacque in SC

  19. Yes I love diamonds, and these are a different kind of sparkle and yet still desired.

  20. I have always wanted to do a Lone Star and a Feathered Star quilt - these are heritage quilts from the early Indians and pioneers - need to bless my home with at least one of them.

  21. Wow, do your diamonds sparkle. Brilliant.


  22. Awesome Dorian! You make it seem so easy!! I have wanted to make a lone star for ages. With your inspiration and the suggestion to make small ones - I think I can do it. Thank you my sweet!! Dianne

  23. One of my favorite patterns. Thank you for the tutorial. Makes it so much more approachable for a newbie.
    Beckie in Brentwood, TN

  24. I have never tied diamonds, they look too scary! But I love the way you make them and I think I may be able to tackle them now! Thank you and thank you for sharing such beautiful quits.

  25. Thanks for the helpful information, especially the diamond borders. I enjoyed your post.

  26. OMG I was looking for this all day yesterday to No avail! I have a bunch of diamonds cut out and now I can finally try to sew them!

  27. OMG I was totally freaking out yesterday thinking I cut all these diamonds and could not figure out how to sew them together! Thanks


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