Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Celebrating Summer

Hi!  Patty here from A Stitch in Time excited that my turn has (finally!) come to guest post.  Thanks for to Madame Samm for the opportunity she offers all of us to share and inspire each other. 

First, a bit about myself.  My three favorite things:
  1. My family – I’ve three kids (ages 12, 15, 18) and a have been married to my DH for almost 29 years
  2. Quilting – I love the entire process from building the stash through the whole creation process.  The projects I’ll share with you today are my own designs.  I enjoy all styles of quilting and balance between large quilts and small projects that finish up quickly.  Weekends give me time to quilt – during the work week, all I have time for is dreaming up new projects!
  3. Summer – Long hours of daylight and sunshine is one of the reasons summer is the best season.  Swimming laps in the neighborhood pool is another.  Living in NC means beautiful beaches are just a few hours away and the week we spend there each summer is the best family time. 
    My favorite time to be on the beach is early morning and then again in the late afternoon and early evening,  This leaves quite a bit of time in the middle of the day (when the sun is high and the sand too hot) for quilting.  I’ve managed to complete at least one if not two quilts each of these beach weeks and I wanted to share some of them with you.

    Lighthouse was my first large scale appliqué quilt.  I did my very best to replicate the Cape Hatteras lighthouse and then surrounded it with whimsical pinwheels.   This quilt proudly hangs over my desk in my home office.

    I had a blast creating Sandy, a NC beach turtle, last year.   I used  batik strips to create the simple quilt pattern.  The turtle is three dimensional by using an extra layer of batting.  My long arm quilter did a marvelous job adding decorative touches to the turtle shell.  This quilt hangs over the couch in our family room.

    For this year’s beach trip, my theme is Sandcastles.  The plan is to make a large sandcastle in the middle of the quilt and then use batik strips to create a pattern around the outside.  I’ve already created my quilt label for this one.

    Another favorite summer destinations is theme parks.  I wanted to share an idea I am quite excited about – a way for you to bring theme park fun into your quilting.

    On our last trip to Disney World, instead of collecting character signatures in an autograph book, we collected them on fabric.  I used a charm pack of cream colored charms. (Iron freezer paper on the back to stabilize, carry a Sharpie and a small clip board and you are ready to go.)  It was a lot of fun and we collected quite a lot of autographs.

    What to do with them?

    My mom likes Winnie the Pooh so I made her a cute Winnie mug rug for Valentine’s Day. (Poor photo - you need to look carefully to see Pooh's bear signature.)

    My husband ran Disney’s Goofy’s Challenge – a half marathon on Saturday followed by a full marathon Sunday.  Goofy’s autograph becomes the perfect backdrop for a small quilt for his pin collection.

    What little girl who dreams of becoming a princess wouldn’t adore a collection of autographs from Snow White, Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Mulan and Belle (Beauty and the Beast.)?

    I hope you enjoyed my guest post and will collect some autographs on your next theme park trip to make your own magical memory.  Family reunion this summer?  Collect signatures and record favorite memories on fabric for a one of a kind memory quilt.

    Please come visit me at my blog A Stitch in Time.   I am hosting a small giveaway to Celebrate Summer and the opportunity to be a guest blogger at Sew We Quilt! 

    Enjoy summer!



    1. super work! thank you for sharing :)

    2. Great ideas to show off your summer(s). I love the signature blocks and then making them each into a special gift for someone. Thank you for sharing with us today.

    3. Love your idea to have the characters sign fabric!! I do that whenever I take a workshop - I have signatures from several of the quilting gurus!! I actually have them sign a block from the class! Off to your blog!! thanks for sharing!!

    4. Great post Patty. I too love the beach and everything nautical, but try to avoid the sun mid-day. Love all your inspirational quilts. Absolutely delightful. Of course, now I want to make them so hope you'll share more about your favorite designs.


    5. Good Morning Patty..how inspiring...your work is certainly summer"Y"... the turtle in your quilt...sew reminds me of the sea....When in Spain we would see these everywhere on the beaches...your use of batik almost looks like reflections... You are without a doubt a seasonal quilter...lol

    6. I love all your quilts. I love how you incorporated your NC in all of them. I used to have some of NC and SC as my territory to cover for work and had made many trips there. I especially enjoyed visiting Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Other areas that I truly loved were the Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, Beaufort, just to name a few. I love the idea of the signage on fabric. Something to keep in the back of my mind. Thanks for sharing.

    7. Hi Patty, I love that you make a quilt on your beach trips..what a wonderful way to memorialize those good times. My favorite is the lighthouse. When my husband and I made a trip to the east coast (we're from the south) the lighthouses were fascinating to me. blessings, marlene

    8. The Sand Castle theme this year should be quite interesting - and will wait to see what you create. Love this idea. Judy C in NC - in the Piedmont of NC

    9. What a cute idea! Can't wait to see what you create with sandcastles this summer!

    10. Love your lighthouse! I have tried to do one on a mugrug, but was not happy with my work - yours is lovely! I'm headed over to your blog now!
      Jacque in SC

    11. Love the autograph idea! And, your lighthouse is beautiful!

    12. Oh summer is my favorie time too! I love your work and the Disney idea, LOVE IT!!!!
      Thanks for sharing!

    13. Love your quilts. I can certainly see NC beaches in them!! Good job.

    14. I love the lighthouse quilt! You did a great job on it! I also love the autograph idea. Wish I had thought to do that when I visited Disneyland with my granddaughter about 4 years ago. That would have been fun!!

    15. Hi Patty. Great post. I love your signature projects. Very personal, and special.

    16. I love all of your quilts. What a great idea to have signatures on fabric.

    17. What a great idea to collect signatures on fabric! xo, Nan

    18. Love seeing you at Stash Manicure. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts & great ideas.



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