Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Guest #28 Michelle with her Car Caddy....and Riley Blake Giveaway with Book and Presencia Threads

Hello, I’m Michelle from ~Life With Lou~. Today Madame Samm invited me to
show you all the litter bag I made. Of course, I himmed and hawwed, and
got all nervous, but she said I would do fine....(I sure hope sew....) This bag is not
the first one, by a long shot, but one of many. (My friends have all humored me by
letting me put them in their cars too...thanks girls!) Here is how it all came about.

You think it is just a could be wrong!

(this is what we will be making today)

One day, my husband and I were road trippin’ making a HUGE mess out of the inside
of our van.  Me, being a neat freak, was doing the best I could to collect wrappers, papers,
and whatnot, trying to keep them all contained and neat, and I said to my husband,
‘You KNOW...what we need in here is a litter bag, like my thread catcher/scrap bag,
only without the pincushion, of course!’ As soon as I got those words out of my mouth,
I knew what I was going to do. Ok, so I had to make a few changes from the original
plan, but I finally settled on this method. The hard part was trying to figure out how
to keep the tab of the bag inside the glove compartment so it wouldn’t fall on the floor.

First of all, I chose two pieces of different fabrics, and cut them 9” x 13”. I also cut out
two pieces 4” x 5”

Fold right sides together of the fabric you are choosing for the outside
of the bag, with the long side running left to right. Sew a 1/4”

Repeat with the fabric you have chosen for the inside of the bag. Sew a 3/8”
seam on that piece. 

Arrange fabric so the seams are laying in the center, like this.

Sew a 1/4” seam across the bottom of each piece.

Turn the piece you plan to use for the outside of the bag inside out, leave the
inner bag the way it is, and turn under the top edges by a 1/4” or 1/2” and
press. (I cheated and finger pressed.)

Sew your two tab pieces around 3 sides (2 long sides and 1 short side.)

Turn inside out and topstitch around 3 sides

Insert inner piece into outer piece until the top edges are even, using the seams
to line up.

Insert tab between the two bags, about 1/2” or so. Pin, pulling the inside
bag as you pin, so there are no puckers.

Sew all around, close to the edges, or using a 1/4” foot, or both. Your preference.

Choose some buttons and floss. Two for the tab and one or two to embellish.

Start sewing the buttons on leaving the tail in the front.

Finish by leaving another tail on the front coming out the other button hole,
tie a knot, then pull the threads to the edge of the button, and snip.

Do the same thing, sewing two buttons on the tab. One on the front, and one on
the back. This is what will hold your bag inside your glove compartment. You
can sew your buttons on wherever you feel is right, either at the top, or down
more, depending on how much tab you want sticking out of the glove compartment.

Tada! Your bag is finished, and ready to hang. 

We love our litter bags, and have found that if we empty it, and
forget to put it back, we really miss it. 

Enjoy! Thank you Madame Samm for having me here today!
What color, style will you make? 

Editors note...Thank you Michelle...and it took some doing
but  I am thrilled  you finally said yes...I love this...
I know exactly what color I am going to make mine..
LOVE THIS..I may even add a

Our GIVEAWAY today is for our WANTOBES...
I think YOU may like this...

Our Giveaway today is for our WANTOBES

This  new collection is from Samantha Walker
at Riley Blake... all cut in 1/2 yard bundles
I chose contrasting colors..for maybe some bags..
Some Presencia threads  from Colonial Needle to coordinate

You can get some of these threads from Janes Fabrics

and look this delightful book
of Sensational Small Quilts...
from F +W Media.

15 quilt projects in an array of styles and colors,
 in sizes ranging from wallhangings to throws.
Here is one of the...( kinda matches Lou's bag) 

Sew what do you need to do..
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she would love that..
Be a follower here oh yes... that is a good thing too...

And that's all ! 

Our Blog Sponsor will  win a pair of Applique Scissors from Famore..

and some PRESENCIA  threads.. too. 

 I get sew much mail asking what needles to use with PRESENCIA
these are my favourite, ever since I tried them I have never
used anything else....
You can get them from Colonial Needle..
no more searching for the perfect needle here it is...

link here it won't let me link to this page however look at sidebar
under needles and hand needles and go to pebble page..

Click Here to see a larger photo

Pebble - Embroidery Needles - JJP13550
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Big thanks goes out to Michelle, Riley Blake, Colonial Needles,
F+ W Media, Famore, Great Gerberas
and YOU of course, for being sew
 nice about your comments
following along and  sharing your
love of quilting with just one more person...

Imagine what I would be doing 
if I had known about quilting  before last june 2010..?
 ON the other hand..
no -don't think about it that would scare me..


  1. Very nice tutorial, Michelle, for a great useful auto item. I love the red, gold & blue stars fabric! ~Kd

  2. What a great and lovely idea! A very nice tutorial.

  3. What a great idea!! I love it!! Thank you for such a great tutorial, cant wait to make my own.:O)

  4. I just bought a new car and this is exactly what it needs! Thank you Michelle!

  5. How cute! What a neat idea for gifts too!

  6. So I may not be a Wantobe but I do want to make your nifty bag ... love the buttons to keep the tab from slipping out of the compartment ... brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing and marvelous job!

  7. I'm a quilter so don't qualify for today's give away but had to sign in and say these bags as sew cute! This is a timely pattern for me as I need something like this for my car! I will be making a few of these! Thanks for sharing! I'm sew glad you did.

  8. Thank you for the nifty tutorial! I went to Michelles Blog and became a follower there. I especially loved her pin-cushion that sits on her machine in this tutorial. I have a tiny Ghastlies scrap that will do perfectly with the little jelly jar! Pink buttons inside! Picture it! I am a wantobe quilter and Wendy@ Why Knot Kwilt is my sponsor.. Happy day to all and many, many thanks to you Madame Samm!

  9. What a great little caddy for the car! Look forward to giving it a try...I am a wantabe quilter sponsored by Darlene at Sew Much Beauty! Just love all these wonderful ideals I am getting!


  10. I'm sure going to make that gadget for my car. Thanks Michelle! I'm your follower and of Sew we quilt, signed in through Confessions of a fabraholic. I could sure do with some help as a wanttobe quilter.

  11. Dream on sister; I'm gonna win this one! Everything you say goes as well for me as for you.

  12. I am a Wantobe Quilter signed up with Linda@straystitches

    I am now following Michelle's Blog & Of course I follow Stash Manicure ;)

    Lovely fabric & It looks like the perfect book for a beginner - Small quilts - Charming but not so big so as to scare a newbie - Wonderful Giveaway!!!

    Thank you to all of the sponsors & to Madame Samm - This campaign has become a routine for me - I am always so eager to see whats to come !!!!

  13. HI, I'm Jonda (littlepebble), a wantobe and cannot sign in here properly. I commented at Michelles blog,twicw actually I think (oops). I am sponsored by Wendy at Why Knot Kwilt. I would use these fabulous fabrics or some of my bright dress fabric (don't own any quilty fabric yet). I would also make two and make them bigger as we have a bunch of kiddos. Our car gets very messy when we go places.

  14. Allie Coburn would love to win to be able to start her stash. She is a true to heart wantobequilter and is sponsored by SewCalGal!

    We are following Michelle and follow here too!

    Thanks to todays sponsors! :)

  15. Thank you to all you ladies who have commented here, and who have come to my blog to leave kind words. I just want to add, that if you sew a button for embellishment on the backside, as well as the front, (or even if you don't) your litter bag will be completely reversible. Don't forget you can throw it in the washing machine at any time!

  16. Thanks for sharing this idea! Who would have ever thought about dangling it from the glove box!

  17. Much! better than a plastic grocery bag!
    I would make several of these for gifts.
    I'm a follower here and the fabric offered is lovely!

  18. I'm now following Life with Lou! My sponsor is Freda of the Adventures of the Empress of the Universe.

  19. Sew smart Michelle! I'm a new follower to your blog and Bless your heart for rescuing all those gorgeous machines! :)
    I have just the fabric to make your car organizer.... and it's going to hold my work stuff right within reach. Another for things to toss.
    Thank you Madame Samm and sponsors for another great group of giveaways.
    All the best,
    Christina in Cleveland / Brenis

  20. Great tutorial! I'm a follower of Michelle and here, and my sponsor is Amy at Diary of a Quilter. Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. Great tutorial thank you so much Michelle, it is really great and I shall be making this. I am a wannabe quilter and am sponsored by Janes Fabric and quilts. I also follow your blog and would like to thank all the sponsors who have made this wonderful blog and giveaway possible.

  22. Goodmorning to all!I sew enjoyed this tutorial.What a cute bag for the car,I love it!

    I added myself to Michelle's list of followers.Thanks for that tutorial Michelle.
    Im a wantobe quilter would love to win this giveaway today.I love the colors of the bundles and the lilac is my favorite.

    I would sewwwwww love to win that lovely book too.I enjoy learning anything new where quilts are concerned especially making the small quilts.Those I can use for my porcelin dolls.Thanks to you Samm for another sweet giveaway.My blog sponser is Diane from Lavender Dreams.

  23. Great tutorial! Thanks Michelle!
    I am a wantobe, I now follow Michelle and Jane's Fabrics is my sponsor!
    Thanks also to Riley Blake, Colonial Needles and F+W Media! Thanks to you too Madame Samm!

  24. I am following both. That little bag looks very handy for trash and would certainly be nicer than my plastic bag.

  25. Hi Michelle thanks for the wonderful pattern. I think I will be making one in black and white since my car is black. It will look much better than the one I have. Appreicate the tutorial...Thanks Madame Samm for having her.

  26. I visited Michelle's site and became a follower. I love her vintage sewing machines. I am a want to be quilter and Amy of Diary of a Quilter is my sponsor.

  27. What a lovely idea! Just visited (and am now following) Michelle's cute blog. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  28. Following here, and now Michelle! Sponsored by Amy @diaryof a quilter. Thanks for the cute bag tutorial! So useful!

  29. Good Morning!! I'm following Michelle - love the bag tutorial!! I'm here with Freda from The Adventures of the Empress of the Universe!!

    Have a great day!!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  30. Thanks so much for your bag instructions! I will definitely be making these for our vehicles! (right now we use a small plastic bag that the dentist gives us with our new toothbrush/floss, that I hang on the "cigarette" lighter by the hole in the bag) I may try your idea and make a large buttonhole to hang....

    Thank you Madame Samm for your wisdom in choosing such wonderful guest bloggers. Thanks to the sponsors, they are wonderful.

    I'm a wantobe sponsored by quiltingbydawn.

  31. Love the bag tutorial - at least this will look a lot better in my car than a plastic bag! I'm a follower of both. Love you guys! Raspberry Rabbits is my sponsor. I can't wait to make on of these!

  32. I will have to make three of these for our vehicles... an extra large one for the daughter.

    I'm a wantobe sponsored by Kathys Cottage.

  33. Great tutorial Michelle, thanks, from a fellow quilter.

  34. hi Im now a follower of life with lou and a wanna be quilter and KD Quilts also

  35. hi there! I'd tried to be a follower of Life with you, but de follower gadget is not available !!!

    Anyway, I'M a follower here, sponsor by Amy (a redeemed sheep) and this little bag is SOOOO cute!
    thank's a nice day to you!

  36. I am a follower and my sponsor is Teresa - At willow tree pond.
    I believe I am going to be making a bag for all our cars.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitces

  37. I fo9llowed! I love that Michelle fixes up old sewing machines too - way cool.

  38. now following michelle and crossing my fingers!

  39. I now follow LIFE WITH LOU.. Everyone needs to make this cute caddie for the car...Loved her info about her old Kenmore sewing machine..WOW...nice give away..Jane's Fabric is my sponsor and I do follow this blog...

  40. *waving* Hi, Michelle! =D

    Great job on the tute. I am so proud of you!!

  41. Thank you for the lovely tutorial! I am following both blogs - wantobe quilter (Marlene stitching by the lake) Thanks to everyone!

  42. This is a cute tutorial! I follow both blogs. I am a wannabe sponsored by Jennifer at Ellison Lane quilts.

  43. Great tutorial - I follow both blogs. I am a wannabe sponsored by Amy of Diary of a Quilter.

  44. Done and yes, I'm a wantobe (sponsor is KD of KD quilts)


  45. What quick little gift for someone. Thank you. I'm a want a be, sent by marlene @ stitchin by the lake.

  46. Great tutorial and a super great idea for trash in the car! Thanks for sharing!

  47. very nice tutorial. We have tried several different styles of trash bags in the car and never have found one we liked. I like this one and how it looks like it is hooked into the glove box. Great idea.

  48. The car caddy would be a pretty addition in my car made from the fabric in the give away today. I like that the caddy is reversible. Love to check out the Sensational Small Quilts book.

    I'm a wantobe quilter sponsored by Lily Pad Quilting. I'm a follower here and have now become a follower of Life with Lou.

  49. What a great tutorial, I would love to make one of these :) - I follow both blogs. I am a wantobe sponsored by Lily pad quilting.

  50. "I am a Wantobe Quilter" My sponsor is Michelle@theraspberryrabbits

    I am following Michelle's 'Fun' Blog, as I Thanked her for this tutorial I told her I don't need one of these bags in my vehicles, I need many!!! We do a lot of Traveling~ I am a Happy follower here too. Thanks for tip on the Pebble pack, I am going to get one and just keep it in my sewing box. Just in case, someday I hope to learn how to embroider. Thanks to all these wonderful Sponsors Riley Blake, Colonial Needles,
    F+ W Media, Famore, Great Gerberas for helping you make this all happen!! It really is sew much fun everyday for me!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  51. I have some fabric and this is the kind of little quick project i can try, and there is a need for something cuate in my car so here soon as I finish my chores. Stiltching by the Lake is a sponsor of mine. Thanks Madam Samm. agnes [at

  52. I'm following Life With Lou.
    Great bag....I need to make a real big one!
    My sponsor: Ariane from Ariane Quilts

  53. I already follow here....and I really need to win something for once :-)
    sponsor: Ariane (Ariane Quilts)

  54. I am a wanttobe and Jane is my sponsor. I am a follower of both blogs :)

  55. Another on a long list of things I really want to make. :D Thanks!!

    Wantobe Quilter sponsored by Melissa @ Happy Quilting.

  56. Michelle, you're brilliant. I've been trying to figure out how to "hang" a trash catcher in my car without any luck. I'll be making several of these!!!

  57. Love the tutorial. Definitely something that I need. Loved reading about some of her machines too. I'm sponsored by Mary.

  58. I already follow Michelle's blog and your blog :)
    I am a Wantobe and sponsor by Staci from The Confused Quilter!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  59. i'm a follower of you and michelle and really really want to win one of these giveaways! melissa at happy quilting is my sponser and i'm a wantobee quilter, i am.
    thanks for easy tutorial and the giveaway.

  60. I love Michelle's tutorial! It's pouring rain here today-I'm going to stay in and make some auto litter bags! I follow her, here and am a wantobe-Jennifer at Ellison Lane Quilts is my sponsor-thanks!

  61. I follow both blogs and my sponsor is Amy at Diary of a Quilter. Great tutorial.

  62. Wonderful tutorial Michelle. I am going to have to make a couple of these for Christmas gifts. I am a follower of Michelle and of you Madam Samm. Please pick me to win this wonderful prize. My sponsor is Kathy from Its Only Natural.

  63. I'm a WANTOBE quilter following Stash Manicure, Michelle's lovely blog and am registered with Jane! Hope I win =)

  64. Great giveaway. I am a follower of both blogs and I am sponsored by Diary of a Quilter. Thanks for the chance!

  65. What a cute little bag & sew clever, too! And HELLO, MICHELLE! What an interesting blogger! I landed on her page, and I dunno why, but skipped down to the post about her new find, Kennie. Just had to keep reading - and I *never* read about vintage machines....but her story was interesting!!!!

    I've begun following Michelle (can't wait to see where we go next!)! Thanks for such a great giveaway!!! The colors you've chosen are really striking and seem like they'd make perfect little bags, be they for car litter or makeup!

  66. hi Michelle, thank you for this clever idea and easy-to-follow-tutorial!
    greetings Brigitte

  67. Clever idea and looks really easy. I am following both of you and my sponsor is Jennifer @ Ellison Lane Quilts. THanks.

  68. Thanks for sharing your tutorial Michelle. I am a wantobe quilter with The Raspberry Rabbits and love to learn something new from all of these great quilters.

  69. Great tutorial! I'm a follower of Michelle and here, and my sponsor is Fabraholic . Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. Thanks to Michelle for the great tutorial and I am now a follower of her blog, Life with Lou. I also follow Sew WE Quilt with you Samm, and Shell @ raspberry rabbits is my host blog.
    Great give away as always.
    A big thanks to all for giving this wantobe quilter a chance to win!

  71. Thanks Michelle, could really find many uses for that.
    Could attached it below the head rest for small travel toys, snacks, etc. A great multipurpose bag.
    Madam Samm, once again thanks for hosting. My sponser is Deonn Stott and I'm sure we would love to be winners. :>)

  72. thanks for a good idea. I follow here, follow Michele's blog. Sponsor is a Stitch in Time.

  73. Thanks for introducing Michelle. I'm now her follower. I'm also a wantobe. That book looks great!

  74. Michelle, you have a lovely blog. Thanks for the tutorial. now following. And M. Samm. my sponsor is nan@pots and pins and I'm a wantobe. woot!

  75. I'm going to save a PDF of this tutorial and have a go at some of these bags... I think they might form nice Christmas presents! Would love to win this fabric to make them from!

    My sponsor is Quilter in the Gap

    Giles (Touch and Sew /

  76. I'm a wantobe sponsored by Jane's Fabric and I love the bag idea. Sure would have came in handy when we made emergency run to California a few weeks back. I think I'm going to make one with the geisha girl fabric I have for my daughter to hang out of her drawer in her room. Then her threads can go in it instead of her floor.

  77. I'm a wantobe sponsered by Marcia @ Crafty sewing and quilting and follow Michelle.

    Thanks for the great tutorial, I think I may make a few for my family

  78. Great tutorial!
    I follow both blogs.

  79. What a great idea! I will definitely have to give this a try. :)

  80. I'm a wantobe quilter, follower of your's and Michelle's blog and sponsored by Jane's Fabric and Quilts. Love the colors of the material and the gerbers.

  81. I am a wantobe quilter and my sponsor is Janet @ Caribou Crossing Chronicles. What a really neat idea and will definitely try my hand at making one for the car. I am also a new follower of Life with Lou and of course Madame Samm.
    have a great day everyone.

  82. Great tutorial! Cute idea!

    I am now a follower of Michelle's.

    I am a follower (of course) here!

  83. I love the idea! I have been needing one of these for my car!! I am a wantobe quilter sent by Melissa Correy at Happy Quilting. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  84. I'm a Wantobe following you and Michelle's blog! I'm sponsored by Happy Quilting.

  85. Hi there, I'm a wantobe quilter. I already follow your blog and also clover and violet one of my fav's is my sponsor. I would LOVE to win any of the awesome stuff you have to giveaway. Thanks, Beth

  86. Well that's a good idea, Michelle. So glad you thought of it and shared it with us. I wonder what it would be like to make one of these out of oilcloth? I followed Michelle's blog and I already follow Stash Manicure, so I'm in it to win it! Pick me!

  87. Hi there, thanks again for the chance to win something great. Im a follower here, my sponsor is Happy Quilting and I am now following Michelles blog. Thank you!!

  88. Hi -- thanks again for this wonderful campaign. I am a wantobe quilter.

    I am a follower here and am now following Michelle's blog too. My sponsor is Fabraholic.

    Thanks again.

  89. GREAT tutorial, I need to make one!

    I am a Wantobe, from team Lilypad Quilting.

    Thanks so much as always!!!

  90. I am a new follower of Michelle's too.. Love finding all these great new people to follow!

  91. Great tutorial!! I'm now a follower of Michelle's blog (love her sewing machine collection!!)and a wantobe quilter. My sponsor is Kelly @ IHAN. Thanks again!!!

  92. Great Tutorial, I am now a follower of Michelles blog, and I am a new follower of you. Im a want to be quilter and my sponser is Kathy@its only natural

  93. Hmmm, why does this seem so familiar? Did you have it before, Madame Samm? Maybe I'd read it on Michelle's website. As the kids would say, "whatever", nowadays I'm just happy to remember anything!! Great utilitarian item that nearly everyone can use. I'm following Michelle and since I'm following here, I'm hoping to win.

    By the way, Madame Samm, have you been having any problems with google's blogspot? I didn't get this one through google reader and just decided to go on the net directly.

  94. I am a quilter wanting to say thanks so much to Michelle for her wonderful post and to Riley Blake, Colonial Needles, F+ W Media, Famore, and Great Gerberas for being such fantastic sponsors.

    We made need to start offering "printer friendly" button so we can print all these wonderful instructions. Judy C in NC

  95. Michelle that was great! Easy directions and a perfect gift for lots of my friends. :). Blessings, marlene

  96. Thank you Michelle! I am a wantobe quilter sponsored by Marcia's crafty sewing, and already have the fabric picked out to make your bag! I am going to enjoy following your blog! Thank you Madame Samm for all you do! Great day all!

  97. Useful project! I now follow Michelle, have followed Stash Manicure, and am sponsored by Amy at Diary of a Quilter.

  98. I'm a Wantobe Quilter, Follower of yours and Michelle's blog and my sponsor is Paul at Outnumbered Quilter. I really like this tutorial and think I could play with it a bit and make a larger bag for my wheelchair. But, I need a sewing machine. :D

  99. What a great tutorial. I've seen many tutorials for auto trash bags but none using a button to have it handy and hanging from the glove compartment that way. Great idea. Thank you.

  100. I follow Michelle, I am a wanttobe and my sponsor is A Stitch in Time

  101. Great ideas here..Love the one for the trash bag for the car. It's always fun doing these smaller projects whre I can see the results right away . Thank you!
    sent by Kelly Jackson

  102. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial. My colleagues at work are responsible for my "want-to-be quilter" status. We travel a lot from school to school giving workshops and helping with students so this would be a great way to say "Thank you SEW much" and keep their cars neat and tidy.

    I think I've finally figured out how to actually sign up as a follower on the blogs (I'm much better at crafting!). So I've signed up on Michelle's blog "Life with Lou" and my sponsor is Amy Smart with Diary of a Quilter.

    Merci Madame Samm for sharing all of these great ideas, and all the wonderful prizes, too!

    Bonne chance, everyone!

  103. love this idea. this makes so much sense. Thank you Michelle. I am a Quilter so this is not my day, but wanted you to know your step by step instructions are perfect. glad to see I can print this off. TY Cindy in MN

  104. I can think of a few to make for my family for Christmas this is an idea that works. Big coodoos to M.Samm for finding you all. Quilter waiting for tomorrow is it my day. hugs C.

  105. Oh, wish I had this car caddy this past weekend. Took a road trip for the three day weekend and could have used this. I will make this for the next road trip. Thanks for sharing. : )

  106. What a great idea, I love that you figured out how to keep it from falling out of the glove compartment! I cam here from ellison lane quilts.

  107. Cute! Thanks for the tut!
    I am a follower here and now at Michelle's. My sponsor is Amy@Diary of a Quilter. I would love to win some fabric.
    Thanks to all!!

  108. what a cute bag! I am a new follower of micheles, a follower of this site and sure@quilt times is my lovely sponsor.

  109. Thank you Madame Samm for having me here today. It has been sew fun hearing from so many delightful, wonderful people. I wish every blog post was as fun!

    Thanks again,

  110. Great tutorial. We need one of these! I now follow Michelle - cool blog - I am excited to see more about old machines.

    I am a wantobe sponsored by Mary on Lake Pulaski. Thank you everyone!

  111. Very thorough tutorial! I am a follower of Michelle's blog and very much the Wantobe quilter :) My sponsor is Jennie from Clover and Violet!

  112. cute idea! i could use one of those in the kidmobile!
    thanks for sharing

  113. Great idea! Hmm, I could do that, maybe Christmas presents? I am a wantobe quilter.

  114. you know the colors of the fabric are my favorite, right? the colors of my wedding, even. I would love to win.

    thanks for the tutorial, too!

  115. hmm..... nice tutorial, I need to make one!
    hmm...... a book with 15 projects, cool!
    hmm...... sponsored by Amy @ A Quilting Sheep.
    hmm..... new follower of Michelle, already follow here!

    as always......... thank you!!!!!!

  116. Hi Madame Samm! I am a new follower of Michelle's blog and I love the tutorial! I of course am a follower of yours and am excited to have the opportunity to win! I'm a wantobe and am sponsored by Jane's Fabrics & Quilts. Thanks!

  117. Hi, Madame Samm and Michelle!

    Thank you so much for the tutorial for the little pouch! I need to make a couple of these to hang off my kids car seats so we can keep track of our snacks and toys! I am now and follower with Michelle, a follower here (of course) and my sponsor is Angie with Summerfield Quilts! Thank you so much forth giveaway and good luck to all!

  118. Great idea. I'm following both blogs. My sponsor is gmama Jane at grandmamas stories.

  119. Howdy Samm and Michelle! Very clever tutorial today! That will come in VERY handy in our family car! :) I'm a wantobe quilter sent by Cutie Pinwheel but sponsored by Janes Fabrics.

  120. great tutorial! I wantobe a quilter, my sponsor is happyquiltingmellissa! I am excited tobe following you and Michelle!!!!!!


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