Friday, July 1, 2011

Behind the Seams with our July Banner Winners

Many countries will be celebrating INDEPENDENCE day
this July, United States, Canada, Burundi, Rwanda, Algeria,
Cape Verde, Solomon, Bahamas, France, Liberia, Madagascar,
Maldives, Peru, Vanuatu...Sew it gives me great pleasure
to share our JULY celebration banner with all of these countries...

And I am very excited to share our JULY Banner WINNERS...

Their  Behind the Seams stories begins with.....
left to right...

Here is Sharon's behind the Seams..

 Imagine my surprise to get an email from Madame Samm telling me that my quilt has been chosen for the July banner!  Can you see me doing my happy dance? In January, I was cleaning out my closets in my sewing room...which is quite full of UFO's.  When I pulled out my Buggy Barn Heart Crazies quilt, it was begging to be finished.  Quilts of Valor had been on my mind, and I decided that this quilt needed to be finished and donated.  For those of you that have been in the quilting world for awhile, you know that this is one of the original Buggy Barn designs from about 10 years ago.  Red, white and blue never goes out of style!  nor do hearts! This has been my first donation to QOV.  I hope that you will visit the QOV website to learn more about this worthy cause. If you don't mind,  take the time to visit the following links...it will make your heart happy.
And if you would like to visit my blog, you can find me at and here is my story on my blog.   Thanks so much for making me a banner girl, Samm!

 And next is Michelle

NO WAY!!!! This is soooo cool!
ANYHOO, what an amazing banner and to be picked for July is just very AWESOME!!!  So, about here's my paragraph...

I am just so amazed & honored that my quilt was picked for the July banner.  It just makes me giggle with delight.  The pattern is called 'Charming Stars'  by Stef of Little Lady Patchwork.  I knew as soon as I saw it on the Moda Bake Shop Blog, I knew I had to make it.  I love everything about this pattern.  Because of the stars, I knew I would want to use the red, white & blue.  It's an amazing pattern.  It's an amazing quilt.


Editors note....wait till you see the pics of the truck
here is the story about that.. ( I noted Michelle does not have a truck picture..sew here it is..
perhaps she will add them on her blog later)

Okay, the truck....lol...
I knew I wanted to take a picture that showed a patriotic feeling.  And what could be more Americana than an ol' pick up truck? lol!  I drove by this truck everyday to/from work.  It sits in a small field, with tall grass around it and all you can see is the back side.  After asking around, I found the owner of the truck and asked for permission.  Once I crossed over the cable and started to get a better view of the front...I knew this was going to be one exciting photoshoot!  It really is a cool GMC truck, when you look at it it makes you think - they don't make um' like they used too.  I'm real proud of how the pictures turned out but the only thing that would have made it sweeter is if the truck was a Ford...lol!

And now Jane's Story...

Here you go..
First and foremost thank you to Madame Samm for this amazing privilege. I am honored to be picked for the July banner and to be included with the other very talented ladies.
My name is Jane and my blog is Jane’s Fabrics and Quilts. I have been quilting for 25+ years but have learned more in the past three years of blogging than all the other years combined. To be picked for the July banner has a very special meaning for me; most people cannot wait for Christmas or Thanksgiving or Easter, BUT my favorite Holiday above all the rest is the Fourth of July.
This Holiday means family, friends, picnics, swimming, laughing, talking, eating and ending with a fireworks show.  I just love this day.
Oh yes, the quilt!!!
This quilt was one of my first attempts at paper piecing. Once I started I could not stop. Paper piecing is such a joy for me. All you have to do is follow the numbers. If you can count you can paper piece. I do not have very good eye site so this works for me! No points cut off, seams match. If you have not done this technique, try it!!

Oh the quilt!
My quilt was made using just my scraps. It is a log cabin. I only hand quilt, just never was able to get the hang of machine quilting. I love the feeling of a quilt on my lap, no hoop, just the quilt and I.  When I was done quilting I added some fused stars.I would love to tell you what the pattern was, but I do not usually use patterns.This wall-hanging hangs in my home as a constant reminder of freedom and family.
Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story and feelings for this quilt.
Thank you Madame Samm for including me, I am tickled pink!!

And next is our Twin Young Ladies from Hungary
Krisztina and Zsusanna

Dear Madame Samm,

Finally we managed to put together our little story of the heart-mugrugs. Hopefully my English knowledge was good enough for it and if not, please feel entitled to correct it where necessary.
Thanks again for the chance,

Behind the seams: heart in blue-white-red

Hello everybody, we are Kriszti and Zsuzsi (Christie and Susie in your language) from Hungary.
We are twin-sisters and both addicted to sewing. It comes from our family. Our grandmother, althought she wasn't a seamstress, sewed a lot for her family and then for the neighborhood as well. Our mother - also not a seamstress - didn't sew that much but made lovely clothes for us and for our older brother when we were children. So we started to sew also. We tried to convert old clothes for something new and stylish. These things didn't turned out well every time but we improved slowly. Our first quilt was a bed cover for wedding-present for our brother. We were sixteen then and just put it together from at least 30x30 centimeter (around 12") squares of sewing waste, donated by a sewing cousin. It was a simple diagonal pattern, here and there with not matching pieces as it came out of the waste. Honestly we can say sew that it wasn't the prettiest quilt you've ever seen but they liked it and used it until fell apart. It was almost (oh my) twenty years ago and we sewed much better ones since. Kriszti was on the patchwork-line and I learned fashion-designing and sewing clothes meanwhile but nowadays we both making patchy things and clothes also. We make quilts and bags for custom order and sew many lovely little dresses, hoses, skirts etc. for Kriszti's six little god-children (both girls, five of them in the same family).
Little bit more than a year ago we started to show our things on our blog and made our little shop on Meska (what is the smaller, Hungarian sister of Etsy). Since besides writing ours we read a lot of quilting-world's blogs, we had the influence of the mugrug-fever this winter. Our first mugrugs were the blue-white-red ones with the lovely heart-pattern. The pattern of the easy-to-make little heart is from a blog too but unfortunately we don't remember where we saw it first. After all we decided to try them in small pieces for example on mugrugs and use some of our scraps for it. We selected some vibrant reds and put some white and blue for the smooth contrast. It turned out nice and we made a pair of it for Valentine to our shop because it seemed to be a good present for anyone.
Then one fine day we recognized that Madamme Samm needs red-white-blue pictures for July banner... and planned to send the picture of the quilt - a bed cover again - that Kriszti just finished in the mentioned color-scheme. Just for fun we collected some other blue-white-red items from our gallery like a glasses-pouch and... yes, the hearty mugrugs and look at that what's in the banner? :o)
Thank you Madamme Samm for choosing us and let us introduce ourselves. And all of you... you should know now that here are two curious colleagues of you admiring your beauties and You're very welcome to drop by on our blog at A Matula ikrek blogja to visit us any time. :o)

Kriszti and Zsuzsi

and this from Shanna
I had misplace Shanna's story...have it now

The design for the Quilt came from the fact that my friend's baby 
 was to be born in July last year, I wanted to use colors that would work
 for both genders, and I wanted to try something more modern with my
 arrangement and prints.  I love the deep blue colored fabric and it
 reminds me of the blue colored used quite a bit in Texas where we 
 live.  I started this quite last year in June thinking that it was
 simple design so I should get it done quickly.  I found out how
 everything must be straight and orderly because the White showed 
 every wrinkle; every mistake.  My machine has a speed setting so for this
 quilt I turn it down to focus on keeping the lines in order.  I also
 discovered spray basting and the meander stitch during the making of
 this project.  I finished the quilt in February of this year.

 Thank you again for choosing my quilt picture.

Thank you all ladies...I LOVED reading your Behind the SEAMS stories....my favorite part of beginning a new month... I feel sew much part of the whole process...I feel connected to you all...There is something sew heart felt about seeing your vision come to life...I celebrate you, today, tomorrow, always. 

To all of you....I just know they will love to hear your comments...
sew all those who do will be in our draw too for this...
( double the chances)

Later this evening draw will take place..

WINNER has been CHOSEN and already sent her a note
as soon as she acknowledges her win.. I will post it here...
It is Karen in Australia..( sunburstquilts.com).she is sew excited
Thank YOU all for participating...
in the weeks ahead..there will be many many many giveaways..
YOU will all have your chance...YOU bet on that!


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