Sunday, July 31, 2011

Banner Winners for our Wantobe Quilters Campaign !

It was a great month of JULY, Sharon, Michelle, Jane, Kristi and Zsuz
as well and Shanna filled our minds with stars and glory. 
I am sad to see the red, white and blue go...but then
again there is another JULY next year. 
( and no Jane, you cannot submit the same quilt next sure
she did not ask, but  just in case...) lol

Thank you Ladies, all of you wonderful quilters 
you certainly make our months colorful....

And speaking of colorful....
Wantobe Quilter Campaign....
Yep, it is ORANGE, and if it is not your favorite
color, I think it will grow on you. 
For the duration of our Wantobe Quitler Campaign
we will have this BANNER in place with some subtle changes
each month. I have a few more orange quilts that will make an appearance....
sew take note. There will be some prizes, that is all I can say  for now..

And now for our BANNER Winners,
here are their stories 

Our very first one on your left
was quilted by Andy .
I chose her quilt for the simplicity of it.
It was fresh like a creamsicle, 
and funny enough that is what she called it...

I guess you could say that a stack of lovely fabrics served as the driving inspiration for my Creamsicles quilt, although it's not at all my style to work that way. I rarely let the fabric dictate the pattern.  Usually I have a pattern in mind and THEN I head to the quilt shops to see what I can find.  My Creamsicles quilt was different.  

One evening I had an hour to kill and decided to wander around my local shop and see what was new.  I instantly fell in love with two of Sandi Henderson's Meadowsweet prints- Paper Snowflake and Poppy Parade.  They were just so lovely it nearly made my mouth water.  I pulled these two bolts from the shelf and began a stack on the cutting counter. Quite quickly, several other prints from the Meadowsweet line were added, along with a couple of other delightful, orangey prints.  I topped off the stack with a bolt of Kona Cotton Cream and my mind instantly envisioned a summery, cool, Creamsicle.  From there it was easy - I knew what the pattern would end up like.  I knew I wanted a quilt design that let these delicious prints melt together -  simple rectangles with a strip of solid in the middle.  

This quilt is special to me for several reasons, but the main one is that it was one of the first quilts I created just for the fun of it – not for any particular person or occasion. I made it simply because I was inspired by the fabrics. It was an enjoyable and satisfying thing to take someone else's creation (the fabric designers) and cut and stitch them together to become something new – my own creation!

My Creamsicles quilt will always be one of my favorites!

 The next one below Andy's 
belongs to  Amy Smart
I chose it because her look is distinctive,
bright, modern, sophisticated and simply 
inspiring for a  brand new quilter..
It spoke to me.
Here is Amy's  Behind the Seams story. 

I made this quilt as a personal challenge in the Spring of 2009. I had not been blogging long and was invited to do a guest post on DesignMom.com. Since most of her readers not necessarily sewers, but are designers and admirers of pretty things, I wanted to share how 'cool' quilting is with the rest of the blog world. So I set out to make something modern and different using Sanae's Arcadia collection for Moda.  I loved how that collection set off so well against the solid pumpkin orange because orange has become a recent favorite color of mine.

Most of the quilts I make are for other people or a shop where I work, but this one I kept for me.  And it is still one of my favorites. In fact, when we moved a few months later 
I designed my new living room to go with the quilt.

Another thing I love about this quilt is that it is two sided. I made two different design motifs using the Arcadia fabrics and the solid orange. I love the front and the other front equally - and it was fun to be able to keep playing with the fabrics and presenting them in a new way.

The final thing I love about this quilt is that I quilted it myself. To many that is not a big deal, but to me it was huge. I'm slightly terrified of ruining a gorgeous quilt by doing the quilting. I'm okay doing baby quilts, but a twin makes me scared. However, I did it on this one = all by myself! It's very angular and modern and I still love everything about it. I feel honored to be part of this collection of orange quilt sheer awesomeness!

Thank you again SO MUCH for the opportunity to participate!! I think this campaign will be amazing - I truly feel honored to be a part of it. 

Here is my blog

Now the one above Amy's belongs
to Brenis, 
I guess I I lean to simplicity in design
and I love the white background, I loved
that it was just simple pinwheels.
and I loved that it would encourage a brand new
quilter to give it a try. 

Here  is Brenis, Behind the Seams story. 

Hi there! What an honor it is to be here! Thank you Madame Samm!

All you new quilters are in for such an amazing ride! Both here with Madame Samm, for the next three months, and for the rest of your life as a quilter. Just be forwarned - quilting is an addictive little bug that is hard to shake! ;)   My name is Brenis, and I am a relatively new addict/quilter. The quilting bug bit me in 2009, and I absolutely love it! There is so much to learn, so many new things to try -but not in an overwhelming way - more in a "oooh what's next on the list?" way!  
I personally, am pulled to the more bright and cheery look of modern quilting.  I like the clean and airy look, almost simplistic in nature, and yet when you look a little deeper there is much to see!  This quilt was made with that thought in mind. I had bought a couple yards of Michael Miller's tangerine ta-dots (I bought more because I LOVED the color, and I LOVE polka dots!)  And after looking at it and petting it for a couple days (yes I pet my fabric lol) the idea formed to highlight this wonderfully fun fabric - all on it's own!  I was going after bold, large, and simplistic so that the fabric itself took center stage. On one side I did a very large bento box (although I didn't know that was it's name until after I showed it to someone! lol Like I said - new quilter= no clue,  I just ran with an idea and had no clue that idea already had a name! :D )  And on the flip side, I made little windmill boxes going diagonally across the back.   When this quilt was all layered together and ready to quilt, the name hit me. Tuitti-Fruitti.  It screamed old fashioned candy shop! Ok. I admit. I was in love!  :D  And that's when the fun really happened - the quilting!   I quilted it in big

swirls and circles, reminiscent of lolli-pops.  Once this quilt was washed and dryed, all the crinkly goodness of the lolli-pop quilting made the original design POP!  - and gave it more depth and interest than just the simple design - without detracting from it.  It was sooo much fun to make!On a little side note to all you want-to-be-quilters ... jump in! Have fun! Don't let the rulesof quilting or patterns box you in! Run with all those ideas in your head - give them freereign and just PLAY! Sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't - but that's howyou learn, and how you stumble across cool new techniques!  I'll let ya in on a little secret...I just winged the whole thing -no pattern. And the diagonal windmills on the back of this quilt are a bit off - not perfectly diagonal in the square quilt.  Did it bug me? Yah, for a little bit. But I asked myself, did it still work? I thought so - so I kept moving forward, and have a fun little quilt to show for it!  Here's to wishing you tons of fun and exploration in your new quilting adventure!!!  :D (If you'd like to follow my adventures in quilting, pop on over to my blog My blog and let me know you found me here!) 

ThankYOU, Brenis.

Now in the centre, the quilt with the ziz-zag belongs
to Insung Kim.
It looks complicated but is quite simple
but with Insung Kim's gradual hue changes
it just made you take notice ( it looks like it would be difficult)(
I really love her fabric choices. Again
a new quilter could attempt this design with ease.

Here is Insung Kim's Behind the Seams Story.

1. What inspired you to create this beautiful quilt?

It was at the end of winter and I wanted making something very refreshing and bright. I gathered all orange fabrics from my stash and created my orange wave quilt! The zigzag pattern is considered as a simple patchwork technique but different orange fabrics and its bold prints make my quilt so fresh and fun.

2. Who did you make it for?

I made it in order to show at local art and craft fairs that I attend from time to time. Everyone who saw the quilt loved it so much! Now it found a loving home through my Etsy shop and I am very happy with that.  

3. Why is is sew special to you?

I love working with patterns that had existed for a long time. With modern fabrics and its bold colors, those old patterns find totally different looks in a finished quilt. I love seeing the process. My orange wave quilt uses such a simple pattern but I love fun waves each orange created in the quilt.

  4. And any other details you think many would be awed by...

While gathering my orange fabrics, my three-old year came to my sewing room and commented that she didn't like any of fabrics that I selected. Well, I was disappointed as she is a big critic in my sewing room sometimes. But then she loved it when I finished the quilt and hung it to take photos. What a relief!

 Best, Insung.

and now below Insung Kim
is Cara, the one that is a strip quilt!~
MODERNIZED. I loved this one..and when 
you see her grand photo of it with a buglet on it
you will know why I was captured by the beauty of it all.
Her choice of fabrics, pink and orange really was like
fresh air on a summer morning...tasty..lol

Here is Cara's Behind the Seams Story

What inspired you to create this beautiful quilt? Two years ago, I was in the midst of an extremely high-risk pregnancy that had me in and out of the hospital for blood transfusions for our unborn daughter. Quilting was about the only thing that was keeping me sane so I was doing a lot of it. I knew I wanted to make a baby quilt for our daughter but I was having trouble finding inspiration. I guess I was nervous about sewing a quilt for a baby that might not make it. Then one day a friend of mine emailed. She was cleaning out her fabric and would I like some scraps? When I said yes, I couldn’t have imagined the magnitude of scraps that would be on my doorstep the next day. Bags and bags of strips of fabric cut selvedge to selvedge for a project idea long abandoned by my friend.  Looking at those strips of fabric, I was inspired to make this strip quilt.

   Who did you make it for? I made this quilt for our third daughter, Violet June, who had to be urgently delivered more than three months early. She was a mere two pounds five ounces when she was born and spent the first 110 days of her life in the NICU before coming home.

        Why is it sew special to you? The quilt holds a lot of meaning for me since I made it while Violet was being such a strong little fighter in the NICU. I love that I was able to incorporate all my favorite fabrics – a Heather Ross mermaid here, a Tula Pink lady bug there. It’s like a subtle i-spy quilt.

      And any other details you think many would be awed by... Hmmmm, nothing comes to mind but I will say that today Violet is a healthy and busy 18 month old who loves to play in her mama’s fabric.  

And now for my very first choice... 
This larger photo on your right. 
This was it and it belongs to Kyoko.
I have not done paper piecing YET, but it was
this quilt, I believe many call it sundial that just AWED 
me. NOW this is ART...what at least I call an ART quilt.
Totally in sinc with nature. Sew bright you think
you can feel the warmth. At least that is what stirred
me. Once I had chosen this one...I blended all others 
with Kyoko's... Striking isn't it?

Here is Kyoko's Behind the Seams Story..

1. What inspired you to create this beautiful quilt?
The pattern I found one quilting book was particularly exciting to me. 
And, I had an opportunity to make this quilt for my friend who likes orange.
2. Who did you make it for?
My quilter friend who gave me her old good sewing machine when mine was broken.
3. Why is it so special to you?
It was part of my experiment with patterns. I kept the pattern for a while since I had
found it. When I had an opportunity to make this quilt for my friend, I was all excited because I could force myself to try my favorite pattern.
4. And any other details you think many would be awed by...
My quilter friend was very moved when I gave it to her. In fact, she cried. The quilt
has been hanging in her foyer since then. Also, I am very happy to see other people apparently like this quilt :)

Thank you very much for choosing my quilt for your blog.

( ps. if I give you a sewing machine, will you make me one...) x

Wow, yes? Is this whole look not beautiful?
I really do love orange, and of all the colors, I thought
this would blend well for the months of August, September and October.

Thank you Banner Winners...YOU have given
us all something to think about....
When will I make my next ORANGE quilt....

Tomorrow, our sponsor list will go live,
our first guest speaker will be here
and our very first giveaway of many will begin...

If you need any clarifications
please go here...
There is a list of rules, previews..well everything...

Till then..
oh and please let our banner winners
know you like them....
( you want to do that, trust me)


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    I am thrilled to have you part of this amazing campaign. I made you a special button on the side bar that will have many coming back over and over again...WHO DID that? I want to make that quilt...And for me...well I want to make all of your quilts...Adore you all...

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    Marissa has sewing skills and has made a bag, but she is yet to finish a quilt although she keeps saying she wants to do so and does have a couple of projects started. I am hoping by joining in the fun community of quilters she will get all the warm fuzzys she needs to get the sewing machine we bought for her birthday two years ago out of its case and set up near mine so we can sew together.

    Since Marissa does not have her own blog, we will both be commenting through my blog addy.

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