Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Winner of Quilters Bible...( cause I am off to bed)

ahhhhhhhhh let me see here..
our trusty software has chosen
#94 Sue

YES  Sue my dear...
YOU have won the Quilters Bible...
Fancy that, you are learning the craft..
well this book should come with a warning...
All the best..
Please send me your addy...

Fiona, thank you for providing such a fun visit to your house! Since I'm a new quilter, winning a copy of the Quilter's Bible would go a long way towards assisting me in learning the art.

Thank you so much for the chance!

Sue from Oregon

 Have you noted we are having a giveaway each day..
and on Thursday someone will be winning a new banner for their blog?
'just saying...

Off to bed I go..


  1. Congratulations Sue.. so glad it went to a new quilter..... and thanks Samm... I loved my visit at your place....

  2. How wonderful that a new quiilter won the book! Perfect!

  3. Good Morning to you Samm... You can't imagine how thrilled I am to learn that 'I' am the very fortunate winner of this fantastic 'Quilter's Bible' Oh the possibilities!! I have spent the whole past week 'shop-hopping' a quilt run here in Central Oregon gathering bits and pieces of fun quilting material....now I know why!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! My wonderful daughter will be so thrilled as she really has been trying to get me jump-started in her favorite hobby of quilting. Have a wonderful day!


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