Friday, May 13, 2011

BLOGGER Issues...


As you are aware Blogger has had some issues these past few days, All posts and comments that were made after May 11th have been removed temporarily. I noted JohnALee post from Scrappleyard is missing..
I have made contact with blogger and they are working at putting them back...they have only been deleted temporarily...

In the meantime I have rescheduled guest for today and tomorrow until they have sorted out all their maintenance issues...

You will note on your own blogs anything you have written after May 11th also has been removed..Be assured they will return...

Go and stitch, sew, enjoy your day...

See you soon...

NOTE: the posts that were lost...they will be returned, sew you do not have to re-write them...I was told also that all the comments will return too... ( cause I have a giveaway for the thread....??? lol)

Madame Samm


  1. I suppose we all need a little "excitement" in our lives from time to time... I chose to laugh at the Blogger issues and did a bunch o' sewing...

    I'm glad I'm not responsible for keeping all this Blogger stuff operational!

  2. that was so annoying. they say the posts will be back & comments i hope so. i get so few comments that i don't want to see the few i get go anywhere...lol.

  3. Thanks for that update and reassurance...I have been worried! I didn't realize how dependent I am on my daily blog fix!

  4. I know it's been so frustrating. I've had 2 posts deleted since Wednesday. And finally today I was able to get in to edit my blog only to find that both of those posts were not saved when they took them down. I had to rewrite both of them much to my frustration. I hope they have this fixed!

  5. Yes, it's been quite frustrating! Hopefully Blogger will get all of our posts back up soon.

  6. Thanks so much for the update. I just realized my last post which had pics and links was gone and I was dreading re-doing it. Whew!

  7. It was sew frustrating I was forced to put down the computer and actually sew instead of read about it! lol. The wierd part was I'd reboot my computer and things would work on Booger, oops, Blogger that didn't before and I'd think my computer had a virus or something. So I'd scan it again.

  8. Thank you Madame Samm for stepping up and helping keep us informed.

  9. I also got some extra sewing in because I turned off the computer! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  10. I got my first quilting done in months! Oh, wait, that's because the baby took a long nap because he doesn't feel well. But hey, I got sewing done! Yippee!

  11. I think I'm going to hang back and wait and see what happens before I get too excited :o) But in the meantime here is a link to the story from Blogger:


  12. It was just a normal Friday the 13th......


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