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Behind the seams with our MAY Banner Winners..

 The month of May is my most favorite time of year..
SPRING, MUMM's Day and now
new celebrations as we unveil our May
Banner Winners..

Please visit them, let them know that
their contributions to making our month
beautiful is noted...

( from Oman in the Middle EAST)

A Quilt For Everyday Use – Rhanda Johnson
 My husband and I live a 16 hour plane trip from our families.  We live far, too far sometimes. Last September my mother-in -law died unexpectedly. This was one of those ‘too far away times’. 
My father-in-law was alone, stunned by her death. Fortunately, one of his neighbors, Ted, also a pastor, was there for him.  Ted and his wife have 6 children (one more was due within the week). Much to the relief of my husband, Ted stayed with my father in law until we could arrive. He had been so generous with his time, we were so grateful. 
Ted also spoke at the funeral. In his eulogy he retold a story of two quilts, (which I now know was likely adapted from a short story by Alice Walker). One quilt had been made to hang only on a wall. The other was “a quilt for everyday use.”  It had been used when children were born, used to cradle those same children on cold winter nights, used to cuddle up and watch TV. And because of this “everyday use” it was more special to the family. 
My MIL also made things for everyday use.   She had knitted all of Ted’s children teddy bears. His kids truly loved these bears, played with them often, some missing an arm or a leg or an eye.  But they were cherished.
Well, I knew then what I would do to honor what Ted and his family had done for mine. I would make a quilt, of course.  I titled it “A Quilt for Daily Use” and gave it to their newborn baby girl, born just days after the funeral.  I chose a coin quilt pattern and Bliss fabric. The backing was a soft flannel, so warm and cuddly. I know it will be used daily and I will be honored that it will likely have holes too, 50 years from now. 
Thanks Madame Samm for picking my quilt and letting me tell its’ story. It was a special one.  

This one is Cheryls'  ( CJ) and here is her blog
( from Idaho)

My quilt is called "Sent with Love to Isabella".    Our church family had a baby boom last spring - 6 babies born between March and June!  We only knew ahead of time that one would be a girl (born in March) and one would be a boy (the last born, in June).  I would have liked to have quilts done ahead of time for each of them but I wasn't prepared to have two quilts at the ready so in each case I had an idea of what I could make but waited until I knew for sure and then made a quilt with the appropriate colors.  When I heard that Isabella had been born my choice was Sent With Love by Moda and backed it with some 'oh so soft' red polka dot flannel. Such a cheery color combination!  I had heard that her father didn't want a bunch of PINK stuff. Seriously? Get ready for pink overload pops because at some point your little girl is most likely going to want EVERYTHING she owns to be pink or purple.   I used Elizabeth Hartman's tutorial that is found at Sew Mama Sew's blog for this quilt. It goes together quickly and looks great in just about any fabric combination.  
It's so exciting to have a quilt chosen for the banner and to be in such good company! I am honored. Thank you, Madame Samm!

This is Trudi's and here is her blog

( from England not Australia...what was I thinking? lol.)

 Ok, so I’m a busy lady, and I did see on the Stash Manicure blog the need for Coin quilts, ooooh it has to be several months ago, and I thought, Yes!  I have several coin quilts, I must send them to Madame Samm,  and be in with a chance of taking part, I’m  always in awe of the ladies that get featured.  And there the thought stayed.  Until I saw a plea from our dearest Madame Samm on the Coins Quilt group on Flickr.  Now the deadline was fast approaching and being queen of last minute, I finally sprung into action and sent my pictures.  You can imagine my utter surprise and delight to have one of my quilts chosen to feature on the banner.  In fact I’m still grinning from ear to ear!

So now you really want to know about that little quilt.  Well, this was my first adventure into the modern look of a traditional quilt that I have so admired on blogs and flickr.  It was one of those moments when you just have to play, after a rummage through my stash I found a charm pack of Dandelion Girl from Fig Tree Quilts for Moda and a stack of white on white (always a staple diet in my house) and off I set to see how far that little charm pack would go!  I love the soft subtle colours of the fabric, and how they play happily with the white.  A few calculations and I’d worked out a rough size plan and set to with the sewing machine.  As you can imagine, it didn’t take long, lol.  And so the top was born, and I knew I loved it then.  The quilt has been quilted all over with meandering feathers with a Superior Rainbows Thread called Seashell which is so soft and subtle to match the fabrics.    There is a little more about the making of this one here :  http://trudi-quiltingprolifically.blogspot.com/2009/11/just-quickie.html

We all love this quilt, and I’m not one for washing after finishing, but there was no need, between my daughter (the Teenage Diva) and I, we’ve used this one so much it is soft and snugly as if it had been washed a gazilion times already  . love Trudi xx

And this one is another Cheryl and her blog

( from Washington)

This coin quilt is special to me for many different reasons.  I made this quilt for a baby gift for my niece who lives in Austin, Texas.  This was her first baby, we knew it was a girl, and I wanted to make something special for her.  I hadn’t made a quilt in quite a long time, actually several years.  Although I really wanted to get back into quilting I procrastinated, worrying about how well I would do.  Especially since I was making the quilt for a gift (and my sister-in-law is a quilter!).  I decided that making a coin quilt would be a good place for me to start.

I started looking through my (enormous) stash of fabrics and decided on some pretty pink fabrics I had.  Those fabrics were actually some pieces left from the time my daughter was young and I was sewing my daughter’s clothes.  Since the fabrics are actually considered vintage (yes they are that old!), I knew that there were some pieces of fabric there that wouldn’t be readily available to others.  This would make the quilt even more unique.  I decided that these would work perfectly because it also brought back past memories of making those dresses and quilting projects for my own daughter.
I love how the quilt turned out, even the machine stitching!  This was the first machine quilted project I had done!  And every time that I look at the pictures of this quilt, I know that I gave a special piece of the past to a new little girl in the present. 
Here is a link to my presentation of the quilt in my blog:
Thank you,

Editors note....

What beautiful stories from all over the world....Middle EAST, Australia, Idaho and Washington 
and "I" Madame Samm from Canada... Please leave them a note and do visit their blogs become followers...
and if you do, I have a very special offering....

 I will design you a NEW BANNER ( you know the top of your blog). I have been known to do a few. Here are a couple new designs I created for 2 ladies this weekend...Michelle and Vicki. 

Sew MUMM"S out there. leave a comment for our delightful may winners, go visit their blogs, tell me you did and I will enter you into this draw....for 1 banner design...winner will be announced on FRIDAY, ( just in time for your new look for SUNDAY)

This one I just designed on the weekend for Vicki

And this one I designed for Shell this weekend as well

( this one is Trudi's our banner winner, I designed her banner
months ago)

and the winner of a new Banner Design is 
@ the confused quilter..
she likes it very much...no confusion there!


  1. I left a comment for all four bloggers. I sure could use some help with my banner so I hope I win!! thanks for the chance.

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  4. Good morning, Madame :-) As I read the stories of each quilt, I went to their respective blogs. I immediately recognized that Trudi's must have been your design! It wasn't until I came back and finished reading your blog, I realized what was at stake if my name was chosen here. Wouldn't that be awesome!!!

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  13. Thank you sew Much Madame Samm for choosing quilt to be included in this months banner with all the other talented ladies :) (Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but I live in England! Still half way around the world I know - Happy May Day to you and Yours!) Please don't include me in the banner giveaway, I love the one I have :)

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