Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sew its time for April to take its bow, sew May can enter ....Look new Banner Winners...

Yes April embraced us with a lot of  yellow, and yes we certainly 
had a lot of rain, and sadly we say goodbye 
to some very lovely ladies and their quilts......
Lee, Wendy, Jill and Liesbeth
Thank you for gracing us all with your talents...
We bid you farewell for now...hopefully our paths will cross again.
Keep stitching with your hearts!
You sew showered us with a burst of sunshine each and every day!

and now a speak peak for our 
MAY Banner Winners...

Congratulations to our May Winners...
I received over 402 coin quilts  thank you thank you...many were
seasonal, dark, ( great for future months) 
I think we all needed some bright colors...agree?
SEW these 4 were chosen as they blended
perfectly for this month...MONDAY you will
read BEHIND the SEAMS - their stories behind the quilts...
Sunday we rest...

For now- why  these were selected....?

This one ( top left) as it looked liked
the sun had kissed it. The colors just popped- like
when it rains in the morning and then the sun comes out...
FRESH! She proved that making COIN Quilts can 
say diff't things to diff't people. 
This one said to me...albeit it is my interpretation..
but it shouted..."Squeeze Me" ...lol...

The next one center left....
I smiled when I saw this one...
as I swear it said..."where is summer?"..
with the touches of green, soft pinks and reds...
well it looked like to me like a MAY garden...
(Ok, what I would like my MAY  garden too look like now)
light, airy, just sew pretty...

 Next this Center one....
NO pinks here...but to me it whispered sunshine...
as in a vital ingredient for our gardens...
There is sew much warmth omitted from this,
you can't help but think, there is a story here....
ohhhh and can you see the sun reflecting on it 
in the top left corner...see....warmth...

And our next one chosen...
well this one reminded me of strawberries and whip
give me a spoon....
I want to eat it....( but I won't )

Sew you see, no easy task, when all of the photos are in my file
I have no idea who they belong too...until I come up with a banner
and new logo design...it is then and only then do I go back and see
who they belong too.... It is always about blending...
this one being COIN quilts was a challenge.....

NEXT month will be Lilacs, Purples, Lavenders...
if you have quilts, runners, wall hangings...please
send to me...be sure the photos are taken outside, on a sunny day..
and send to me by the 3 rd week of the month...
I always have the banner done by the third week of the month
as I have to notify winners and get their stories...


OHHHH and our winner for 
this lovely giveaway 
( OH YES YOU my dear...)
All others...well you know we will have sew
many more giveaways, as we have sew many

Thanks for being part of all of this...


  1. I really like the quilt that whispers sunshine. :-) Looks so soft and comfy. Maybe it would feel like being wrapped in warm sunshine if wrapped in that quilt!

  2. Congratulations to Soren2go! A wonderful win!

  3. Well! Congratulations to Soren2go! May the sun shine upon your head, and your bobbins hum!
    What a lucky girl you are, it's a really good start of the golden summerdays ;^}
    Irene from a sunny but windy Amsterdam (queen's day orange colored all around!)

  4. Congratulations to the winners!

  5. Congrats to the banner picks, and to Soren2go! I'm loving the sunny, strawberry-picking feeling of the quilts in the banner! Beautiful!
    (Now where was that berry picking farm we went to last year.....) LOL
    Jacque in SC

  6. Congratulations to our banner ladies - Lee, Wendy, Jill and Liesbeth - may we all be inspired thru the month. Also, congratulations to Soren2go for winning all those lovelies that our gracious sponsors donated.

  7. Thanks Madame Samm for all your efforts arranging the monthly banners! What fun!

  8. hello everyone and welcome may winners, looking forward to your tales. I love this new look, very spring. Thank you Madame for giving us something to look forward to each month. love beth

  9. I always enjoy the quilts your feature on your banner!

  10. Congratulations May banner ladies, and thank you Madame Samm for doing such a great job month after month. I always look forward to seeing our new banner. Congratulations Soren2go, enjoy your great prizes!


  11. The new banner & button are definite winners! I agree, it's inspiring to see the banner quilts each month. Great picks.

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    work and I congratulate them
    ¡they are beautiful!
    Have agood day
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  13. I am delighted and surprised by my win. Thank you Madamme Samm and all the guest bloggers who make this such an inspiring blog to read. Can't wait to gleefully unpack my goodies! Leslie in California


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