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Adamant Argyle Pillow Tutorial

Hello everyone!! It's KarrieLyne from Freckled Whimsy back again to bring you another pillow tutorial!! Personally, pillows are one of my favourite things to make. I hope you enjoy the tutorial and perhaps will even come visit me over at my blog when you are done here! :)

This pillow was inspired by my daughter. She even helped me name it. You can read more about it on my post HERE.  She had been asking for a pillow and she loves purple (like me) so I made her a pillow in an argyle pattern using all solids in purples and grays. I wanted to do a tutorial for it and she needed a matching pillow so I started with the same basic colors, just added a bit more POP to this one with the red.

Here goes...

Color Reference:
Color A = Black
Color B = Red Print
Color C = Purple Print
Color D = Light Gray Solid
Color E = Dark Gray Solids

**Note: All seams are 1/4"**

Cut 2 strips of Color A that are 2.5” by WOF (Width of Fabric)
Cut 1 strip of Color B that is 2.5” by WOF
Cut 1 strip of Color C that is 2.5” by WOF
Cut 2 strips of Color D that are 2.5” by WOF
Cut 7 strips of Color E that is 1” x WOF


Sew a Color A strip to a Color B strip. Press to A.
Sew a Color A strip to a Color D strip. Press to A.
Sew a Color D strip to a Color C strip. Press to C.

Trim the selvages off of your strip sets to create a straight edge.

Cut 2.5” segments along strip set. (You can get 17 cuts from each set)

Repeat for each strip set you have. (A/B, A/D, and D/C)

You will need 14 segments of A/B

You will need 14 segments of A/D

You will need 18 segments of D/C (instead of cutting two more whole strips to get one more segment, just cut out a 2.5” x 2.5” square of C and D and sew them together to get 18.)

Pairing up segments to make 4-patches:::

Take 6 of your A/B combination and sew them into 3 four-patches, matching seams, and placing each color opposite each other. Press.

Take 8 of your A/B segments and 8 of your A/D segments, and sew them into 8 four-patches with color A opposite each other. Press.

Take 6 of your A/D segments and 6 of your C/D segments, and sew them into 6 four-patches with color D opposite each other. Press.

Take 8 of your C/D segments and sew them into 4 four-patches with the colors opposite each other. Press.

 **Note - You will have 4 C/D segments that will not be made into four-patches. These will be used in the outside corners. See below layout photo for reference.

Using a design wall, lay out your blocks as shown in the below photo.

Using 3 of the the E strips that you cut, sub these into 18 pieces measuring 1” x 4.5”.

Using the below photo as reference, sew your sashing pieces with your four-patches into diagonal rows. Press seams towards the sashing. (see photo)

Starting with the longest diagonal strip, add a 1” sashing strip to either side. Press to the sashing.

Sew the next longest strips to your center strip with sashing, taking care to line up your sashing pieces and blocks to keep the argyle pattern. (see photo). Press to sashing.

Taking 2 more of your sashing strips (1” x WOF), sew one to either side of your center piece that is sewn together. Press to the sashing.

Note: Keep the pieces of sashing that you trim off, we will use those in a coming step.

Add your next rows to the top and bottom, taking care to line up your sashing pieces and blocks to keep the argyle pattern. Press to the sashing.
Using those extra sashing pieces we cut off earlier, sew these onto either side of your pillow piece. Press to sashing.

Add your last row, which is one segment, matching the seam with the previous row. Press to the sashing.

Now comes the fun part, trimming it square!

Let’s trim the top first: Lay your pillow top on your cutting mat and lay a long ruler along the top, lining up the intersections of the corner segments. Cut along ruler.

Repeat for each side, lining up the intersections of those corner segments.

Voila! You now have your squared up pillow top!

Measure your top. Mine came out at 19.5” square. I want to use a 20" pillow form in my pillow so I want to add a border to get it to that size.

Taking the last two strips of your 1” sashing, cut these in half to get 4 pieces. Add these to the top, bottom, press to sashing, then to the sides and press to the sashing again.

Quilt as desired and add your favourite pillow backing closure!!

In my last pillow tutorial I did an envelope backing. You can use that as a reference for this one or choose your own.

If you make one of these pillows from my tutorial, I'd love to see it! Please feel free to add it to my Flickr pool HERE so I can ohhhhh and ahaaaa over them all! :)

Want this in a PDF? Click HERE! :)

Enjoy!! Karrie Lyne


  1. Very cute - nicely done tutorial. And now your daughter has another pillow. Love it when you get ' 2 birds with one stone'. Thank you for sharing.

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    Leslie S. in MN
    esclante at comcast dot net

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