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Quilt As You Go (QAYG)

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Hello - I am Fiona from BubzRugz and I am very honoured that Samm has invited me to be a guest blogger.  Stash Manicure is one of my favourite blogs. I get such a lot of inspiration from the guests... today I hope I can pass a bit of inspiration on to you....

As a relatively new quilter I don't feel I have a HUGE stash yet... but of course there is always something lurking in the cupboards waiting to be used.....
This QAYG is great for a beginner or experienced quilter, and although there is quite a bit of preparation work the final quilt grows so quickly.

This is one of my first quilts:

That's a queen size bed. I overestimated the fabric I would need and thus my stash was born..... so today we are going to bust the black and white stash....
(this method lends itself well to any stash colours - scrappy, ranges etc - just have fun with it.....)

My big tip to quilting is relaxation and enjoyment.... so get out a glass mug of your favourite wine coffee ..... you may need a snack.... like chocolate cake..

and then go and raid the fabric stash cupboard.....
 You will need:
  • your stash fabrics - remember you can use scraps - but you want at 11" - 18" lengths - any width will do
  • your wadding. There is usually some of a suitable size left from cutting the edges of the wadding from other quilts - so you may even be able to use your wadding scraps
  • your backing fabric
  • spray baste
Firstly cut your backing and wadding into squares - I used 11" squares which would be cut back to 10".  Cut as many as required to make your desired quilt size.

 Prepare your backing and wadding blocks by spray basting the wadding (some people are happy just with ironing and it does work for small projects - I like the firm hold of the spray) 

~ carefully lay on the backing ~

~ use a ruler to ensure it is nice and smooth ~

~ wadding and backing happy together ~

  ~ continue until you have a nice pile of backed wadding ~

Great job
... time to refill your glass mug, and maybe have a snack too - like cream and jam scones .....

~ Find your stash of fabric strips ~
 ~ I used black on white and white on black with a range of designs ~


~ I used a variety of straight strips and not straight strips. 

What do I mean you say??? 
(hold on - I'll just have another glass slice sip). 

Some pieces I join together and then make a strip... whatever the shape it can be used...... the only rule is the EDGES MUST BE STRAIGHT.


You will need strips longer than the 11" as some will be on the diagonal - they will need to be as long as 17".  I leave my strips as long as I can and trim as I use...

Have in your mind the block designs you want to use - these are my basic shapes...

Top Row (from left to right)
~ straight strips on the diagonal ~
~ slanted strips back and forward ~
~ slanted strips on the diagonal back and forward ~
~ Straight strips back and forward~

 Bottom Row (from left to right)
 ~ fan from the corner ~
~ slanted strips on the diagonal ~
~ fan from the centre ~
~ straight strips on the diagonal (Repeat) ~

~ No rules ~
~ except for the STRAIGHT EDGES ~

OK.... so go refill your glass mug and lets get making blocks
(I'll just have a little snack if you don't mind)

~ Right - ready to sew ~

~ lay your first strip ~
whatever your design the method is the same
sometimes you can start from the centre and others at an edge

~ lay your second strip right sides together (RST) ~

~ press ~

 ~ as I said I make strips as I go ~
(I am using scrap stash)

~ RST - straight edges ~

~ keep going ~

~ stop a while if you need a drink snack ~

  ~ lay, stitch, press, lay, stitch, press, L, S, P,......~

~ almost there ~

~ block is covered ~

~ now turn over the block and trim to size ~

~ beautiful ~

~ keep going with all your blocks ~

~ until you have a beautiful pile ~

~ scrumptiousness ~

~ now for that cuppa of your favourite refreshment ~

~ there might even be a slice of cake left ~

Join together with your favourite method of sashing
~ this is how I did mine - it makes a sashing of 1/2" between the blocks ~
this is enough to bind the quilt together there is no adding extra wadding and no double wadding edges that are bulky to sew

Firstly lay out your blocks

I label mine so that I know where they fit
I'm a bit anal about wanting stripes to go this way and that and get a fair mix
(in this case of the splashes of red)

Of your sashing you will need strips of 1" and 1 1/2".  Press the 1 1/2 inch in half lengthways

Start by cutting enough 10" lengths to join the blocks

with your first block place the 1" strip RST to the backing side of the block

then lay the folded 1 1/2" strip raw edges together on the top of that same side
so we have a sandwich of back 1" strip, quilted block, folded 11/2" strip
Pin these in place

I get them all ready and sew, sew, sew

~ separate the blocks and trim the sashing if required ~

~ your pile of blocks with sashing ~
~ do not add the sashing to the outer edges - ONLY the edges that are joining to another block ~

~ next you join the other side of the 1" strip to the next block (RST)
sorry for the black - you can't see the stitching

~ the 1" is now 1/2" which butts both edges of the block perfectly together ~
~ the top folded sashing is only sewn on one side ~

~ lay your blocks flat and pin down the top sashing - this is the folded edge of the folded sashing - which is now 1/2" - exactly the same as the backing ~
~ sew this down ~

~ close up picture ~

~ once you have joined up the rows you start the same process ~
~ this time along the whole length of a row of blocks ~

 ~join, join, join,  this is fun ~

~ add the binding and the quilt is done ~

~ at this time you may like to celebrate ~
~ bring out the really pretty tea set ~

~ lemon sponge anyone? ~

When I made this the first time I used 5 basic designs for the squares and also 5 different backings
it was a little more tricky laying it out because I had to be aware of both sides

~ but it is a fully reversible quilt ~
~ change it to suit the mood ~
~ this one was made for DES and DIL ~

~ and don't forget to label your quilt ~
~ mine is pretty simple ~

I'd love to hear from you so please feel free to comment or visit me HERE ......
and if there are any questions feel free to ask

Oh, and by the way, there was a few strips scraps left so I have made a hot pot rug (9" square)
~ include the word Stash in your comment and I'll put you in to win ~

the wadding is insul-bright and
it looks just like one of the strippy blocks with a little hanging tag


  1. Great design for a quilt as you go using your stash!

  2. Fabulous post!! I love the black, white and red quilt!! I have been collecting black and white prints with music themes and plan to add some red for "pop" effect. It will be for my son. :-) I really enjoyed your snacks. The jam and scones looked scrumptious! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh, yay. Good free QAYG tutorials are hard to find. I'm in the midst of my first QAYG project, so I'm thrilled to see you following the same methodology. I have to say, though, I've really hated dealing with sewing together long rows of QAYG -- sewing squares together is fine, the rows just kill me.

    -- Colleen @ Made by Colleen

  4. Great stash-buster tutorial Fiona! And I enjoyed the scrummy 'snacks' too!

  5. Very cool tutorial Fiona! Love the way you quilt ... snack ... drink, um sip ... quilt :) Lemon sponge cake ooohhhh ... recipe ?!?!! Thanks for sharing !

  6. Fiona -- I've seen several quilts framed this way, but they've always been finished by hand. I love that this is done completely by machine. I have a stash of batting squares and backing squares already prepped waiting for me to dig into my strings again. It may occur sooner than later now. Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. Hey Fiona love your post on using up your stash. I am working on getting a stash too. Love your black and white quilts, I have made 2 red and white ones this year so I have a bit left over.

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    Enjoyed your humor and pictures of YUMMY snacks!

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    Up and out into the sunshine first - election day in the Netherlands....

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    I'm always looking for ways to use up my stash!

  21. Good Morning Fiona...well I can tell you I have never been sew full before I even had breakfast lol. And sew this is QAYG method...ok never seen anything like this either...You are an absolute blast this morning...I feel like I have been working with you through all this...like it is our QUILT lol... and strange thing...I don't need breakfast now..just a coffee...

  22. I am a new quilter and this has inspired me to give it a go...I can only quilt on my machine about a 60 x60inch quilt and that's hard enough. Definitely going to give this a go. My stash is very small at the moment, but I am working on it. Thanks for the tutorial and the chance to win.

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    This was a fantastic post, and I never knew how to do this method til today. Thanks ever so much for sharing this with all of us!
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    I am visiting those of you with blogs and emailing when I can...so great to meet/read you..

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  44. I have been looking for a pattern to make a quilt using my stash. This one looks great. Your directions were very clear and it doesn't look like your seams are really bulky. That is something I thought would happen making a big quilt as you go quilt. I have made some table runners with quilt as you go but they are small and no joining seams. Thanks for the instructions.

  45. Loved your tutorial (and your free spirit behind it!). The drinking and eating is an excellent idea which most people forget to add. You definitely need to keep hydrated and keep up that energy level while quilting. You made my morning giggle!

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    So glad you used up some of your stash in this quilt. Lemon cake recipe?????
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    That is the part I hate doing the most.


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  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  88. Thanks to all who commented.... I am visiting the blogs and answering emails where possible... Anonymous... I would love to share the recipe.. if you visit my blog and leave a message with an email I will send it on.... I don't know about altitude....
    Hugz everyone....

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    1. YOU ARE correct, just be sure to cut on the bias so you can get around the curves with ease. 1.5 will do


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