Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodbye March ( hurry up) , Hello April announcing our New Banner Winners..Go Winner and Month end !

It was certainly a GREEN month and our banner
winners for March certainly added a  MODERN flair
to our quilting days. 
Sew thank you, Sarah, Beatrice, Cristin and Stacey.
You all will be missed. We do hope to see you again!
Keep stitching, you are all amazing quilters. 

and now a SNEAK PEAK for our
Sew WE Quilt
@ Stash Manicure.

Congratulations to our Banner Winners...
I received over 303 yellow quilts in all hues, spectrums,
designs and shapes...I chose these 4  to highlight this
month of April.
I chose theirs as they blended perfectly.
Later today  you will read BEHIND THE SEAMS
their stories of their quilts. 

 For now- why- they were selected...
Now Lee yours is the top left...

What I liked about it, well everything...
it is fun, whimsical, colourful, has lot's of depth...
a great way to showcase her   scraps.... well done...
Top center left..Wendy
Her Caption U R Sunshine, says it all
for April Showers. There is always
the wamth of the sun to remind you of better
days. That is what her  quilt said to me.
When everyone sees her  whole quilt they will
understand. Her shades of yellow were sparkling!

Center right...is Jill
Another great scrap quilt...really love
the fact that she  added starched white as her background..
gives it a lot of impact. Modern, captivating.
filled with HER..
Way to go! Bricks never looked sew lovely.

 Far Right is Liesbeth
Her use of color, soft yellow background, , amazing use of color
and fibres. created the impact I was looking for our April banner..
it is striking in all aspects and a perfect addition...

I bet many will shower compliments for them as they are that pretty
...a reminder that we need a few drops of rain
to appreciate the brightness of summer that is around the corner.
 Please take this time to welcome our New Banner Winners...
Ohhhhhh and who are our winners for 
the GO BABY AND Month End Giveaway?

Go Baby Go is....
for Carolyn, she is quite excited
and no doubt is looking forward to a new baby to look after lol
Here is where she comes from...go and visit and congratulate her

and our Month End Giveaway
goes out to a subscriber by the name of
Hillary of Hill Quilts on Flicker..
Also sent her a message...she still has
not replied...

To all those who did in fact play along.
YOUR comments were sew amazing. very thorough
in detail ( some) pleads, love them....bribes loved
them too...lol.
Till we have another giveaway and you can be assured
there will be many more...we have new sponsors...
 ( later today as we a guest tomorrow..
I will showcase BEHIND THE SEAMS 
with our APRIL Banner Winners)


  1. Congrats to all the winners! I love the April colors!

  2. Congratulations Lee, Wendy, Jill, ad Liesbeth. What a wonderful spring banner and so sets my mood for the colour yellow for the month. I cannot wait to see all these lovelies in full view.

  3. Beautiful banner! Beautiful quilts. Congratulations to the winners.

  4. Lovely banner and lovely winners. Congratulations!

  5. Congrats to Lee, Wendy, Jill, and Lisbeth. Those beautiful yellows are amazing!!!

  6. Congratulations to the winners! (Although I must say I'm jealous of Carolyn and her new Go!) And the new banner is lovely - April colors and beautiful quilting! Can't wait to see their stories.
    Jacque in SC

  7. I just LOVE this banner! The quilts are beautiful!

  8. I love yellow! So cheery! Congratulations ladies!

  9. Wonderful news to the winners, lucky lucky women. Congratulations to all. I love the new look, fresh like spring. I loved the green, but this is really nice too. Thank you Samm for all you do!

  10. ummm...uh...even tho..yeeeellllow is not meee fav color...I just HAVE to admit...these are some VERY pretty quilts in the STASH Banner!! yep, yep,yep!

    And...concgrats to the winners of "give aways"!! Hope you have fun with all your new stuff!


  11. Congratulations, big time, to Carolyn and Hillary! Can't say I'm not a weeee bit saddened that I didn't win, but heck, I'm thrilled for you ladies that much more! Beautiful new look, Madame Samm, even if I'm a bit prejudiced about it ;)

  12. I love the new sunshiney banner. Thanks for your choices. I look forward to each new day of Stash Manicure.

  13. Beautiful banner! I love yellow - my favorite color for sure! This is going to be a fun month just looking at that banner every time I come to read the post. blessings, marlene

  14. You have done it again Samm, made Stash Manicure the place you want to be visiting every day. To all of the winners, what wonderful choices. I like yellow too, so I look forward to returning to see what and who is NEXT? TY.

  15. Congratulations!! to the banner girls. So pretty! and to the winners, I am so happy for you, enjoy! I will be back later for your stories.

  16. Yay for the winners!
    And what stunning quilts for the April banner! Just the burst of Sunshine we need!

  17. Congratulations to the banner winners...all four of those quilts are awesome and very dreamy, indeed! And also a big Congratulations to Carolyn....take good care of your new baby! :o) Oh, and to Hillary, too! Enjoy those gifs!

    Thanks, Madame Samm, and all of the sponsors for such wonderful give aways! You all rock!



  18. Congratulations to all the winners!!!!

  19. I must say that I'm totally shocked that out of all the entries that mine won! Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket. LOL Thank you, Madame Samm for all you do and for your wonderful giveaways. I promise to take good care of my new baby. I can't quit doing the Snoopy Happy Dance! LOL

    I LOVE the new banner! congratulations to the ladies for their beautiful work. I always love seeing what is going to be picked for the new banners.

    Well, off to do some more dancing! Thank you again! :)
    (can you tell I'm excited? )

    Carolyn :)

  20. Love, love, love your April banner! What talent! They are each and every one very nice quilts! I especially love the 'You are my Sunshine' quilt! bet she is an 'April-baby'!!Wonderful addition!

  21. Congratulatins to all the winner! Have fun!

  22. Oh Carol congratulations on winning the GO....although i must say I am a little jealous cause winning one is the only way I will ever get one. But I am happy for you and I truly wish you have fun with it.....

  23. This is realy an Aprilcolor, it just had to be e great month.


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