Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fussy Cutting with Ariane!!!

Hi everyone!!

My name is Ariane from Ariane's Crafts.
I'm glad to be back to share with all of you.
I haven't been able to get as much sewing done lately.
But, last week, I found out my niece is having a little boy.
It's very exciting news.

Sew, I just had to make a little baby boy quilt for her.
I had this fabric in my stash just waiting to be used.

Do you sometimes have a fabric in your stash that just calls to be fussy cut?
Well, one of the fabrics in this collection needed just that.

The only thing about fussy cutting this fabric is that I wanted to maximize the use of this fabric.
Sew, some of the squares I was cutting were odd sizes.

I wanted to make star blocks with some of the larger squares.
These squares were cut at 6 inches.
I thought I would share how I did the math for these blocks to work out.
Cutting instructions

Center block size: A = 6 inches

For flying geese:
Side strip size: 3¼ X 6 inches
To find the width of this rectangle I took value A divided by 2, + ¼ inch.
That gave me the 3¼ inch.
Cut 4 of these rectangles in a light color

Corner squares: 3¼ inches square
To find this size of this square, you take the length of the rectangle A divided by 2, + ¼ inch.
Cut 8 of these squares in a darker contrasting color

Outer corner squares: 3¼ inches
These squares are the same size as the width of the rectangles.
Cut 4 in same lighter color as rectangles

Sew you can make this star with any size square using this information.

Here is a basic picture tutorial on how I made the flying geese for this block.
In the last picture I used the leftover HST's to make the little shoo-fly block.

I wanted to make another star block using this tutorial for Uneven Stars.

This is the block I made.
I probably should have used a lighter background fabric, but it will do.
This block turned out to be 17 inches square. BIG!!!

Sew, how did I get my measurements for this block.
I took the sizes in the tutorial link I provided, then found the difference between the center block of the square in her tutorial and the size of my center block.

My center block was 6 inches, and her center block was 4½ inches.
Sew all my blocks had to be 1½ inches bigger then the measurements in her tutorial.

Here's a photo tutorial of how I made my block.
I like the fact that there is no waste with this block.
You just use the leftover pieces to make a little pinwheel block.
Cute eh!!!

Sew, this little quilt is a sampler quilt.
I was in a mood to make a quilt without a pattern and just sew by the seat of my pants.
You know, just go with it.
This is what I have done up to now.
I will be doing some applique in the white areas.
But, I haven't had time to do that yet.
I was thinking a big dog in the larger white square,
maybe a train in the top white rectangle,
maybe a frog in the small white rectangle.

What do you think?
(Note: the colors in these pictures are not the greatest. It looks so much better in person)

Well, I hope this gave you a bit of info on how to use those fabrics that call to be fussy cut.
It's a lot of fun to use these fabrics, but it can also be challenging.

So, go ahead and fussy cut some fabric.

To see my finished quilt, you will have to come and see me at Ariane's Crafts.
I don't know when I will finish it, but I will do my best to get it done soon.

Thanks Madame Samm for having me blog here again.



  1. What a helpful tutorial! I totally bookmarked this and I need to try it. Thank you!

  2. This was really great ... love how your quilt turned out and the fact that you made it look like this from the beginning fabric ... amazing! Great Job :)

  3. Fabulous fussy cutting!! That print is just the cutest thing for a baby boy and you really made the most of it. What a lucky little guy who will be receiving this quilt!

  4. Wow, weird message when I tried to leave a comment previously, so I hope this isn't a duplicate.

    This tutorial is excellent. And the quilt is absolutely spectacular. Great job Ariane. This definitely goes into my list of favorite tutorials. Love it.


  5. Nicely done in showing how to fussy cut and to improv. a quilt. Going with the flow without all the fret brings out some lovely quilts. Thank you for sharing with us.

  6. This is a great tutorial and fantastic quilt you have made... Thanks....

  7. Very clever, and oohhh sooo cute!

  8. What a very fun quilt--I'm sure your neice will be thrilled to receive it! Thanks for sharing the tutorial--so clear to follow. I'll be having a go at this!


  9. Good Morning Ariane...honey child this is a fabulous quilt, tutorial, fussy cutting extraordinaire- wow! A perfect gift for a boy..
    Appliques are great suggestions...how about some needlework of the boy and the name of your nephew with frogs and puppies.....What a great design.
    Gosh you are good...

  10. Great tutorial, Thanks for sharing! I Love the quilt, it looks really great and the applique is going to look so cute! Just perfect for a little boy. I can't wait to see it all finished :)

  11. Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I would love to get my hands on that little boy fabric. I have a grandson coming in May and I love this fabric. Your quilt is adorable.

  12. This is absolutely adorable! Congratulations on a wonderful tutorial and a super quilt specially designed by you for your nephew. This little boy will love this and so will his mom!

  13. Lovely darling! And thanks for the tutorial!

  14. That quilt is darling! Great job!

  15. I love the idea of a train applique, but the framed rectangle at the top cries out for his name!

  16. Very cool. Your niece will love it.

  17. What a wonderful tutorial on how to use up in a constructive and pleasing manner. That is going to be a darling little boy quilt and I would definitely put his name in somewhere. Wish I had thought it up!!! Judy C

  18. Warm Fuzzies and quilt hugz...the little boy getting this quilt is VERY lucky! Fussy cutting can really transform a fabric into something unique. Thanks for sharing such fun ideas in your great tutorial!


  19. Arianne, this is fantastic! I love the way you have been inventive, not only with the fabrics you have, but with the scraps from them...like the little shoofly block! Sew cute!
    My suggestion on one of the white blocks would be to leave room for his name and statistics? Great way to make sure when it's time to pass the quilt on to a new generation, it goes to him! LOL
    Jacque in SC

  20. Oh I agree that the block at the top cries out for his name to be stitched, appliqued, SOMETHING!! very cute fabric and block. You must have been good in math!! I'll have to reread this several times before I "get it". Math isn't my strong suit.

  21. Thanks for sharing! Very cute!

  22. Great tutorial and a super cute quilt. Thanks for sharing all your fun ideas!
    Happy Green Day too!

  23. That is really cute and I am impressed with your math skills. Converting patterns is hard!

  24. Thank you for the helpful tutorial - I've never fussy cut before so now I am equipped.

  25. Love the blog today!

    I recognize the fabric!!

    I grabbed that out of the traveling stash box thinking about my son.
    I havent done anything with it yet- but this is a great idea.

  26. I loved this post! A lucky little boy...

  27. Somebody is going to love getting that quilt! blessings, marlene

  28. Oh my gosh this quilt is going to be so sweet! Thanks for the tutorial I will have to remember to come back and re-read when I need it!

  29. Thank you for the Math equations - I really needed those. I think those empty blocks would be a great place for the child's name(large rectangle); birth information (large square), and parents' names(small rectangle). Then it would be personalized just for that child.

  30. What a fabulous quilt!! I need to sit and sew "by the seat of my pants" once in a while. What a fun quilt!! The big white spaces could be a free form letters with the childs name. Loved the whole thing!!!

  31. Ariane ~ You have inspired me to keep going on designing my own quilts. There are so many beautiful and wonderful patterns out there, but something in me wants to just "sew by the seat of my pants too!" I have done a few quilts of my own design, just little sized, and they turned out just ok. As quilters I believe we need to explore our own creativity more often to see what's hiding inside. Thanks for the inspiration and I love the fabric! What line is it? Do they do one for little girls? I should hunt for it. Thanks for sharing!

  32. What a great tutorial. Thank you for explaining some math. What a great way to learn!!


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