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Behind the Seams with our New Banner Winners..

The stories behind their quilts.
Love this part...

Earlier today I shared with you they were
( name and photo)
This afternoon a bit more...

Let's begin with 
Here is Lee's story:
more here on her quilt
I was so excited to be chosen for this April banner. I actually feel quite honoured. Thanks Samm!
I made this quilt for a very special lady in my life.  She has been a great friend, neighbour, mentor and surrogate parent. She announced to me in Dec she had to have surgery in January.  I just had to make her a special quilt to help her with her recovery.  She is an advid gardener and according to her husband, her favourite colours are yellow and green. I had just the right fabric in mind.  I was also given a GO cutter for Christmas and was itching to use it.  (loved using it by the way)
I used April Cornell's Spring Magic fabric.  The quilt pattern is a simple 4 patch and plain block.  I used an all over meandering flower and loops pattern to quilt it on my domestic machine.  We are always are harshes critic, so when one flower wasn't looking the best, I had to remind myself, that all the flowers in nature aren't perfect either.   I hope the sun is shining in your part of the world. 

And here is our Wendy's Story... and link to her blog.

Wendy's synopsis of her 'UR My Sunshine' quilt:

When I saw that Stash Manicure was asking for yellow quilts for April, I knew I wanted to make this wall hanging.  I had just received my beautiful Sunkissed by Sweetwater bundle and the yellows were beautiful to me ... so bright and cheery ... downright sunny.  Well, I got this picture in my head, and while it may have taken me quite a while and several design changes and seam un-sewings, I believe the vision in my head came out pretty well when finished.  It truly 'popped' for me once I finished the quilting on this in what I invisioned as sun rays, heat curls and overall sunshine-like quilting.... for once my brain and abilities cooperated. Yay! Ü

This quilt's phrase has a special meaning for me. Long before I ever knew "about" life, my lifetime's goal was to become a mother.  I used to place my hand on my little baby-bump as I was driving to work each morning and sing "You Are My Sunshine" over and over again to my tummy.  Silly, I know.  But then, it became such a mantra to me, that I sang it to my daughter as a baby, to my second blessing of a baby, and then to both of my girls at bedtime or when their tears just needed a mommy hug.  Then, at other times in life, a person needs to make their own sunshine.  I've hung this piece on the wall in my longarm studio for those moments when I might need the reminder, especially when things feel so bleak, you think the sun will never shine again.  ... I'm happy with my Sunshine reminder.

The direct link for my finished quilt's posting is: 

Again, I thank you for the honor!
 Blessings and hugs to you! 


And here is Jill's 

I made this quilt when I was emerging into a modern quilter, so it's sort of a mixed bag.  I wanted a simple modern design that would featured the 30s reproduction fabric and went with the brick design.  All the fabrics were from my stash, including a pieced back. It's hand quilted.  That's kind of my niche, hand quilted, modern style.  

And the blog post to link it to:more here-lot's more here

Hope you're having a good day so far!  Jill

and our dearest Sunflower creator  Liesbeth.. blog and more of her stories and quilts

Thank you !! It is a honour for me to be on the April Banner. 

I am a dutch quilter; my native language is dutch. I learned English at school, so I hope I used good words and you understand my sentences...( sew far sew good) editors note.

My sunflower is a fiber-art. I made it last year for a birthday of a friend. (male) His anniversary is 17th of May. The time that the sun is shining, and the flowers are growing in our garden. I love the hue of the sunflower. It means warmth and happiness for me. That is what I wanted to share with this friend.

Nature is a well of inspiration for me. I love flowers in my garden, It gives me rest and it helps to ground me, keep my feet on the ground, as you would say. 

For this art I used a  light yellow background of fabric and a light orange fabric . The heart of the flower is made of brown fabric.
All the rest of the colors and the translucent background  is made by layering  very thin Litradur, coloured with transfer painting (by ironing). So I made every other petal with an little bit different glue. I fastened it on the background and at last I fused the heart of the flower and made my stitches with Pfaffie.
Then I cut the cart in the right measure (4 by 6 “”) Give it a batting and a background and used a ziczac  to put it together.  

Some personal  information; my name is Liesbeth or Elisabeth. I’m 61 years old and I am a wife, a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 2 girls ; we are expection another baby in the family the end of july.
I live on the country, in the eastern part of the Netherlands.
Quilting became really my thing after I stopped working, a couple of years ago.
I make traditional quilts, (SBS and the Pockets of Posies) and I make artquilts, mostly little one’s.
Normally my weblog is written in the dutch language, but I shall translate it a little bit for English spoken quilters.
 I hope this is what you need , greetings from Liesbeth

Are they just not the most interesting ladies/quilters..
Told you...we manage to attract the very best...
It helps for me that I absolute love 
yellow..( buttercream) sew this is one of my 
favorite months...

Thank you Banner Ladies, 
Thank you visitors. please let them know 
how much you enjoyed their contribution...

What does the color yellow or buttercream
say or mean to you?


  1. I just love this months banner. The quilts are so gorgeous and the color is so soothing. Makes me think of all the daffodils that our going to bloom soon and all those beautiful yellow and cream flowers. Can't wait for the flowers to bloom!!!

  2. You all did a wonderful job on your quilts.. I would think yellow would be a difficult color to make a qult from, but you sure made some sunny fun looking quilts.. and they all stand out as wonderful quilts.. When I was little I declared that yellow was my favorite color.. now it is pink.. :) No pink quilts to show .. but pink is my color :)

  3. Great banner. Yellow flower centers, crocus, bumblebees, jonquils, French vanilla ice cream, tulips, cosmos, zinnias, etc... But right now I am mourning my creeping phlox--they were approaching the peak of splendor and today the yard guys, (not landscapers), weed eatered them!!! Can you believe that??

  4. If only the sunshine would pop out where I am at. At least the banner has brightened my day.

  5. Such beautiful quilts and the quilting is stunning on all of them. Wendy's sunshine is like a beautiful summer day remembered from my childhood. Liesbeth's flower rivals the one I see in flower beds at the local botanical garden. The quilting in Lee's piece make the yellows even deeper and richer. And Jill's emergence quilt reminds me of the joy we all share when we complete such a beautiful treasure. Congratulations ya'll - wonderful work! blessings, marlene

  6. Ahhh...yellow ... beautiful sunshine in April, mixed with a bit of rain, brings beautiful rainbows! How appropriate your May banner will be bright coin quilts! Thank you for the honor of including my quilt amongst these beauties!!

  7. I have to agree with all of you...this month is my fav..but hen I say that every month don't I? but really they just keep getting better, each one as unique as the threads that tie us all together...I need a nap...lol

  8. Ahh, finally some sunshine in my life. Great job everyone!

  9. LOL! Buttercream says FROSTING! I love yellow -- especially in daffodils! It says "warmth" to me. :)

  10. Lovely job ladies - visited each site and DUH, I have been to 3 sites before and just did not connect (Samm uses such little pieces) But love visiting Liesbeth's - such fun to visit another country thru a blogger, you don't need a translation to admire beautiful work - and LO there are Civil War blocks! Yes, thread does bind us all together.

  11. Beautiful banner quilts! Buttercream makes me think of rich frosting, lol. And yellow makes me think of dandelions. ;-) Loved the quilts and their stories.

  12. Love all the beautiful quilts! It is so cheery even through your raindrops!

  13. Everything is coming up sunshine now! Thanks!

  14. Fabulous! Thanks to all for your inspiration!

  15. My daffodils are almost blooming! Yellow is the color of the day. So cheery. It's so fun to hear the stories. Buttercream just sounds yummy whether it be icing or fabric.

  16. That sunny yellow and buttercream just make me feel at peace! My mom painted her whole house yellow and I just love it! It goes with everything, and brightens every room!

  17. I love yellow! It means sunshine and happiness! I always have yellow flowers in my garden to boost my spirits. My vehicle is a bright yellow Jeep! I love all shades from buttercream (which feels like a vintage color to me) to gold, which is the color of the walls in the main part of my house. Touches of yellow in a quilt add a sparkle that nothing else can give.

  18. Beautiful quilts ladies:) Thanks for sharing your stories, it's fun to know the stories behing the "seams".
    Yellow (buttercream) says hope to me and light, it cheers up even the darkest of days. Just painted my bedroom a beautiful muted buttercream. I love it.

  19. One of my guest rooms is yellow, blue and white ....just love the combination....the sunshine in the bluest sky makes for a cheery start to everyday....have a sunny day!!

  20. Love these stories - buttercream reminds me of morning - spring - summer - breakfast in the kitchen with the family. The color just sets the mood for the day for me. Next house will have some on the walls. Judy C

  21. Thanks for sharing these stories...love the banner in all its springtime freshness! So fun to read about other quilters in this great community.
    Jacque in SC


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