Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Behind the Seams with our new Banner Winners!

I love new beginnings especially new MONTHS when
we get to hear all about BEHIND THE SEAMS
with our Banner winners...

Sew let's begin....

I am sew pleased to introduce Sarah, top left.
Here is her story...
Hi Madame Samm

Thanks for featuring my quilt! Over the last few years I've been exposed to so many different styles of quilting through new friends and acquaintances online. One technique that's stood out to me has been "improvisational quilting," and this quilt is was my first attempt at it. You pretty much just make it up as you go, not following a pattern or any rules. Talk about liberating! I can't imagine going completely crazy on the improv though, so I tried to maintain some sort of uniformity or organization for the whole thing.

Improvisational quilting is a real good time if you haven't tried it. If you are new to quilting, it is particularly rewarding, as there is no real pattern to follow, no lines or corners to match up, and the ample freedom to do as you please and see fit. You can read more about my green quilt here

Thank you SARAH...love you modern quilters...
love your zest, enthusiasm, your gift to all of us!

Next is Beatrice, center left

Here is her story..
Bonjour Madame...

My inspiration for this quilt came from the meadow full of dandelions, all around my house, in the month of May. . I love the bright and sunny colors of the landscapes at this time of year. 
This quilt is my own creation. I have sewn  6in off-center Log Cabin, in various shades of green and yellow to mimic the landscape's colour.
I choose an asymetric layout with this off center block, to get an ondulating motion, like wind in grass.  (is that understandable ? ) OH YES, Beatrice is French...she is doing sew well, don't you think?: 
I free motioned my  quilt with flowers, leaves and feathers. No border, only one binding. 42in x 42in.
You can see more, please come and visit me..

Kiss Beatrice! 

I love that we have ladies from all over the world, even when English is not
the first language ....they come and participate and we are all better for their gift too.
Merci Ma Belle, salut!~

Next is Cristin, center right...

Cristin in on vacation but I tracked her down..
and sew glad she saw my mail...'cause here is her story...
Hi  Mdm Samm

I cannot take credit for this entire quilt as I had 11 other girls from the Sew New to Me VQB help me on this one!  I sent out my all-time favorite green and grey fabrics and they did the rest!
 I gave them the guideline of "squares and rectangles"and they come up with most of these gorgeous blocks!
I worked hard on this quilt (including quilting it on my little Janome machine) and finished two days before I gave birth to my son, Eli,  last April.
It currently resides in the master bedroom and I just love it!
Here's the link to my blog outlining this quilt....
Here is the link for more photos..
Thank you for our quilt...

Cristin it is we who thank you...again we applaud our young
quilters among us..you are our future and we are  grateful
that quilting will be still be part of our world for decades to come...

Next is Stacey far right..

Thank you for including my Olive Green Modern Flower Quilt on your banner this month!  The design of the quilt is made up of petals (wedges) in a patchwork of many different green fabrics.  There is also a bar of variegated green fabric that gives a little extra pop down one side of the circles.  The over-all field of the quilt is an off-white Kaufman Kona cotton.  I love this fabric because it has the look of muslin but is so soft and smooth.  I quilted the quilt with an overall design of wavy "pop art" lines.

How did I come up with this design? I love circles.   I also love the motion of pinwheels and windmills.  I love them so much that I named my business Peppermint Pinwheels.  (I also love peppermint - Surprise!) This quilt is one in a series of quilts I made based on offset circles.  I never know exactly what inspires me to come up with a new design, but I remember loving the Gamelan quilt when I read Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr’s book, The Modern Quilt Workshop.

You can find more pictures of this quilt and others on my blog, On the Design Wall.  

And Stacey, well I was overcome, almost dizzy with excitement when I saw your quilt..
it is lovely, with movement, and such impact. I stand up and lift my cup to all of your modern quilters.
Our quilting world is a lovelier place with you in it... Thank you Stacey.

Congrats copykit ANIA
from Toran Poland.   I believe another young lady
from Poland won in December ...Benta....is that corect? 
This fat quarter bundle with the daisy dot pattern
and some Aurifil threads are on it's way.
I have also included a copy of Flower Show Quilts
from That Patchwork Place/Martingale and Co. 
Oh and some nibble its too...ask Benta about those...

To all of you who entered...

Stay tuned, there will be a very large giveaway soon
from all of our sponsors....YOU won't believe it...
it is still pouring in....will take pics soon..


  1. Congrats to the banner winners!! Your quilts are lovely.

  2. Those modern fabrics and quilts just blow me away! A whole new generation of quilters with their own style. I'm sooo happppy :-)

  3. Congrats to all the banner winners your quilts are great! But Cristin, that quilt is just the best! I do hope it lasts at least a hundred years! Love it!!

  4. Congratulations to Sarah, Beatrice, Cristin and Stacey....luv the modern look...oh yes and the grey...great job ladies...and to Ania, congratulations...I'm seeing a new quilt in the future with your winnings :0)

  5. I loved reading all the bio's and will be visiting blogs very soon. Congratulations to all! blessings, marlene

  6. Always fun to meet the banner winners and visit their blogs.

  7. What a wonderful display of talent - these ladies sure did a beautiful job and I really enjoyed the interview of how the quilts came about. This is exciting. Judy C

  8. Hearty congratulations to all of the banner quilters....and thanks for sharing your talents (some from across the ocean!) with us. Those are lovely greens, and really push us toward the springtime!
    Jacque in SC

  9. Samm thanks for allowing my quilt to be in your March Banner! I love greens and you chose a nice little combo of quilts! ;-)

  10. I really hated to see the red banner quilts go, but the green ones are as refreshing as spring itself!!! Wonderful choices...

  11. Love the whonky greens, beautiful shades.


  12. Congrats to all of the winners!

  13. Fun post. Super cute new banner & background.


  14. Interesting post. Like the new banner and background. Congratulations to the winners.

  15. Congratulations to all the March Banner Girls, how nice to read the story of how your quilts came to be! Congratulations also to the givaway winner!

  16. Congratulations to all the winners. All the green quilts are beatiful...I love the wonky log cabin quilt. Great new green blog makeover too Madame Samm.

  17. Hi Ania, congratulations on your win. I won a fantastic collections of goodies from madam Samm at Christmas, and I am still looking at the things I won, the things i have made, and the things I will cut into one day, but I love looking at!

    I love your name. Mine is from Norway. I was born there but have lived in the uk since I was 3. Have a lovely time anticipating your package, and an even better time when it arrives!!


  18. I am very glad to see all the young women quilting and crafting these days....so many of the needleworks were dying. I am also very glad to see that people are still doing community service projects. A group of us just worked on a breast cancer quilt for the Eastern Stars here. It is at the quilters and will be presented on April 9th of this year. sundayquilter@msn.com

  19. Congrats to everyone! Another great banner!


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