Friday, February 4, 2011

A trunk show and tutorial from Lena...

Hi, I'm so happy to be here at Stash Manicure for the
very first time! I'm Lena Karen from LeKaQuilt,
and I love to make quilts.
Here is some of my quilts and an tutorial - how to make
a small purse..

This is the Love Letter i made 2010,
pattern from the Blackbird Design.

Dancing bears.

Mug Rug, fabrics from Sweetwater

Pink Mug Rug.

Mug Rug fabric Iced Mocha from Buggy Barn.

And I had to made some X-mas Mug Rug........

Here are two greate tip:

1) Use your sewing glove even when you sew smal pieces.
Try, and you will know why...... :o)

2) Always start and stop sewing with an smal pice off fabric (scrap).

The first few stiches can be swallowed into the machine's throat plate,
sins there are little fabric for the machine's feed dogs to grab onto.

And as an bonus, you save thread from your bobbin.

Sweet small purse tutorial:

This is the presser foot I use when I'm sewing
the zipper unto the purse.
Phaff nr 3 or the Bernina nr 5.

3 - 2,5 x 10 inch strips for the front.
1 - 7,5 x 11 inch Backing
1 - 7,5 x 11 inch Batting
2 - 1 1/4 x 7,5 inch strips for Binding
1 - 7,5 inch Zipper

Sew together the three strips.

Make an sandwich and
quilt as desire.

Use an plate to cut an nice curve at both side and trim.

At both side sew the binding with your needle position
two-tree step at the left.

Press the binding like this........

Change the presser foot, this is the nr. 5 - Bernina.
And sew the zipper on at both sides.

Remember to move your needle position.

Cut of the binding behind the Zipper.

Make an sesecond seam at the binding......

...... make sure that the second seam meet the zipper
at the wrong side :o)

You can now close the zipper.

Sew the sides togheter, first the 1/4 seam allowance
and then zic zac edge like this:

Now its time to make Box corner......

Remember to count in the seam allowance.

......and cut.......
Sew an 1/4 inch seam allowance and zic zac edge like this:

And......... Vola!!

Now back  to the quilt show:
The Nanny Sharon Quilt, made in 2010.

String quilt from 2009.
(I love this quilt)

String quilt made 2010.


My first quilt witch was quilted by machine.

Wall quilt pattern from Quilt Blocks Galore!

Hand appliqué and hand quilted, pattern from
American Pathwork and Quilting - my favorite magazine.

Log Cabin Bear, hand appliqué and hand quilted.

Tablecloth hand appliquè and hand quilted.

Quilt made in 2009.

Old tablecloth with appliqué.

Jacob's Ladder, made in 2010.

Where to find great patterns for free?
Take a look at these sites:

Thanks so much for having me Madame Samm, I
feel very honored to write here.
Hugs LeKa :o)

* editors note..Lena 1st language is not English
( it is Norwegian)
and I think she did a marvelous job here..
I raise my cup to you my dear...
thank you !


  1. Fabulous quilts Lena.... and thanks for the sweet purse tutorial....

  2. Wow, your quilts are beautiful! You are very talented. The purse is so pretty, too. Your English is better than I could speak or write another language. Good job!

  3. Lovely quilts,you,ve made and thanks for the tutorial.
    Greatings Roos

  4. Lena, your quilts are just gorgeous!! And I love the tutorial. Thank you for sharing and for the helpful links, as well.

  5. Just beautiful work, lovely quilts and you did better than me with your English!!

  6. Thanks for the great bag tutorial, Lena. I will be making one soon!! Your quilts are all wonderful. Thanks for sharing your time with us.

  7. I love your post. I checked out your links for patterns. Only one I could get in and I was looking for the log cabin bear quilt can you tell me where to find it. I have been looking for a bear quilt for a long time. rtoms317@yahoo.com Patsy

  8. Så flott post! You really made some beautiful quilts, Lena. Love the purse tutorial.

  9. I have the Bernia #5 and have only used it for hemming, what a wonderful tutorial.

  10. Good Morning Lena....Wow...now this is what I call a trunk show, a tut, everything to make my friday even sweeter. Ok, LOVE LOVE LOVE your string quilt, in orange and green...and Coffeeolade..maybe because it has coffee in the name lol. But really Lena. your quilts are beautiful...the very first one is amazing...and your purse tut was done very well.

    Good Morning Lena .... Wow ... nå er dette er hva jeg kaller en trunk show, en tut, alt for å gjøre min fredag enda søtere. Ok, LOVE LOVE LOVE din strengen dyne, i oransje og grønt ... og Coffeeolade .. kanskje fordi det har kaffe i navnet lol. Men egentlig Lena. quiltene dine er vakre ... det aller første er fantastisk ... og vesken tut ble gjort veldig bra.

  11. Gracias por el tutorial y magníficos sus quilts!!
    Un saludo!!!

  12. What beautiful quilts you have shown. Something there for everyone and a fabulous purse too.

  13. Love your quilts. I'm still kinda afraid of zippers, lol.

  14. Love the quilt show! The quilts are fabulous!
    Thanks for sharing and a great tutorial!

  15. Great work, girl, you put me to shame. I better het busy,

  16. Thank you for the very cute bag pattern and the links to the other free patterns. I really enjoyed your post.

  17. Thanks for the great tutorial, LeKa... I'll have to try making one of those. Love your quilts... beautiful work!

  18. Not only are her quilts beautiful but she seems to accomplishe so much quilting. I wish I could be as prolific a quilter. Her purse tutorial sounds like a great, quick gift idea too.

    Thanks to both LeKa and Madame Samm for this post.

  19. Love your quilts, especially the one in the first picture. I have the pattern but haven't started it yet. Like your straight line quilting on it. Great tutorial too,

  20. What a wonderful tutorial! Wow....now I know what to do with my #5 foot. Your quilts are stunning -- loved them all.

    Jan @ iquiltforfun@blogspot.com

  21. love the quilts - somehow I have missed seeing some of them even though I visit your blog on a regular basis. Love that first one especially!

  22. Wow! Love your quilts and mug rugs! Thank you for the great tutorial!

  23. What a beautiful trunk show!!! Thank you for sharing!!

  24. Your quilts are just fabulous, and I love the tutorial on the cute little bag. I am off to my sewing machine to make one for myself! Thanks so very much.

  25. Wonderful quilts Lena. I especially liked the Love Letters quilt. Thank you for sharing your photos and your tutorial with us.

  26. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts with us. My favorite was Love letters.. just fantastic! i enjoyed your tutorials as well.

  27. Wow!!! Your quilt show is amazing. You have made so many gorgeous quilts. Your little purse tutorial is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it with us. This would make a wonderful gift to give a friend. I'm going to keep this one on my list to make. Thanks for the wonderful post. Hugs Ariane

  28. Lena, this was great fun. Your quilts are simply beautiful and I enjoyed every minute reading your post. Thanks you so very much for sharing!

    Lena, dette var kjempegøy. Dine dyner er rett og slett vakker, og jeg nøt hvert minutt å lese innlegget ditt. Takk deg så veldig mye for å dele!

  29. Your projects are so lovely and this is such a neat little project for a c-c-cold day!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  30. thank you Lena for this lovely post AND the super tutorial for the little purse. greetings from Germany Brigitte

  31. I loved seeing your quilts - so many beautiful ones. I love the applique ones. Not only are they gorgeous but I know how much work and time they take. Thanks for the tutorial. Small purses make great gifts. blessings, marlene

  32. I could never do what she's just done in another language. Hat's off to you Lena. Your quilts are beautiful. Nice to see that other people hand quilt.

  33. Such a great display of quilts. You have done wonderful work!! The small purse is so cute!!

  34. Oh, I love the purse technique with placing the zipper and the binding. I have been sewing for over 40 yrs and I have never seen that techique. Thank you so much for sharing. I will have to try it. It looks slick as a ribbon.
    Great pictures and instructions, they are a clear as crystal. Can't wait to give it a whirl. Also thanks for the quilt show. I love seeing other peoples ideas and work.

  35. Your quilts are lovely, Lena. Thanks for sharing them with us. It was very inspiring and I got a few ideas for some new fabric I'd like to use. Great tutorial for the little purse. Always handy for a quick gift.

  36. Your quilts and mug rugs are all beautiful. What a neat tip to cut around a plate. I have never seen that before.

  37. Lena - your trunk show is amazing. I cannot believe how many quilts you've made over the last 2 years. Incredible!!! Your piecing and quilting is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial for the sweet zipper pouch with us.

  38. What a great post - beginning to end!!!

  39. Thank you for the lovely trunk show. Your descriptions made the quilts "become alive" for me.

  40. Wow Lena, a fantastic trunk show! Beautiful quilts to inspire us all! And a great tute on the sweet little zzipped pouch. Thank you sew much for sharing with us all. :)

  41. What a great Show & Tell snd thanks for the Tutorial!

  42. Thanks for the lovely quilt show. Thet are all beautiful. The little purse tutorial is nice.


  43. Wonderful quilting and so inspiring. Great little purse!Thank you for sharing all your quilts.

  44. Thank you Lena - very nicely done. I love the 'trunk show' and am inspired by several of your quilts. Thank you for sharing.

    Hugs - Marie

  45. Each and every one of your quilts is beautiful! Thanks for the purse tutorial. ~karen

  46. Lena....what a wonderful trunk show. Your quilts are beautiful...especially luv the first one 'Love Letters'. I visited your blog....OMG!!! your applique is gorgeous. Thank you for sharing....the little zippered bag is darling!

  47. I am very impressed with the variety of quilts you have made especially the applique! I am in LOVE with that purple applique tablecloth!! So much time and skill...I may have to THINK about making something like that. Loved your post!
    Gmama Jane

  48. Enjoyed your blog. Fabulous quilts! Thanks so much.

  49. Fantastic! I've been admiring Lena for some years now. And I know that from her hands there comes always quality. Great job! Thank you so much.

  50. Beautiful quilts Lena! And I love your tutorial! Thank you!

  51. Lovely post Lena Karen - I am so happy I know you in real life :-) Hugs

  52. Congrats for your first blog post here, it was great :o)
    Love your quilts, you do such great work!

  53. Great Post Lena, love all of the beautiful quilts and mug rugs.. Thanks for the great tutorial on your adorable little bag, I can't wait to make one.

  54. Love this tutorial! Thanks so much Lena!

  55. I love the purse and your pastel quilt with the white feathered border is absolutely a winner! The only Norweigan I know is lesfe, krumkake, lutefisk, rommegrot and sandbakkle :-)


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