Monday, February 28, 2011

Banner Winner for February, end of month giveaway ...and yes by golly a brand NEW LOOK!

The time has come to say goodbye to our February 
Banner contributors...sew to Laura and Cori, Rae Anne
and Alette and Caroll. thank you for the heart you put
into your quilts for our very RED month. 

There is always one quilt that I choose to blend
with the others and this month of February
the winner is Laura. It was your shades of red that allowed
me to pick the others..thank you!
  A special package will be on its way to you..
Some Martingale design  books and a Layer Cake from 
Moda along with some patterns from Carrie Nelson
fame... Schnibbles...

Congrats to you all as in my book you are all winners..
You made our February banner indeed heart felt...

And now for a SNEAK PEAK...

MARCH BANNER Winners at 
Sew We Quilt at Stash Manicure

I did not receive as many GREEN quilts as I did RED ones
last month..but the amount was still impressive. Out  of 346
shades of green quilts...I chose 4...There were sew many hues
I ended up settling on olive greens...
Together they look fresh and clean...
( I have no idea when I am creating the banner who's quilt
is who's until I complete the look)
This often takes me a couple of days to settle on the look
than I create a new banner and text font...
I like this one? Don't you?

To all those who contributed their beautiful green quilts...
Thank you Thank Thank you ...
YOU all inspired me to think GREEN..
for future designs....
* next month it is YELLOWS, sew send me some 
when you are ready...

* their stories will be shared tomorrow...

For now, let me introduce them as their first names...
You may recognize them already...

Let's begin with ..

Now Sarah, hers top left..
What I loved about it, well everything..
it is fun, whimsical, colorful, sultry, had
lot's of depth..
A great way to showcase scraps...

Top center left is Beatrice
The right bit of green to pull up all the
colors, tied in nicely.
her overall design in amazing..
And I know you will all agree
that hint of yellow just enough to punch out
our banner...


Center right is Cristin
Another great scrap quilt..
Cristin is what I would call a modern
quilters...her use of grey as her background
gave it a lot of impact. Modern, captivating
filled with her signature....Way to go!

  Far right is Stacey
Her use of color, white background, amazing border choice
her circle blocks look like they are spinning on her quilt..
lot's of movement, very unique as she is...

 Thanks ladies of our March Banner..
you may take your bow...

And tomorrow...our giveaway for Jill's fabric
Winner will be announced. with the intro of our banner winner stories
behind their quilts...

"What do you think ladies.....is green your color?
IF NOT what is?
What would you like to see for future months 
in color design..?
April will be YELLOW.
May is COIN quilts in Bright Colors
June in Lavenders and Purples...
What  color would you like to see NEXT?


  1. I'd like to see not so much colors, but themes - for instance, spring quilts (flowers, sunshine, rainy days, etc.), summer quilts (bright colors, seashores, rainbows, etc.), fall quilts (falling leaves, landscapes, pumpkins, etc.), winter quilts (snow, snowmen, Christmas, etc.). Or just bright quilts of any design - I have plenty of bright quilts, but I've never done a coin quilt so I can't enter my rainbow pinwheels, or my bright disappearing 9-patch.

  2. You did a beautiful job selecting the new banner. The green hues work well together. I love it.

  3. I think for summer, I'd like to see rainbow colored quilts. I think themed months would be great too- it just might get too specific to blend though.

  4. Patriotic or State Fair quilts for July would be nice! For August, picnic or different kinds of fruit/ice cream quilts!
    I like the spinning circles quilt especially - the greens are perfect and the circles are impressive. I really like the new banner and will add it to my page at http://www.rocknquilts.blogspot.com Thanks for beautifying our world, Madame Samm!

  5. Love the banner for March! I just realized I have a couple of lavender quilts. I have some teal ones too, so how about teal in the future?..lol. Theme sound good too. Like beach quilts. Or how about one of those programs that takes all your pics (which I'm sure you have millions) and forms a picture. ooops that would be a lot of giveaways...lol

    Mary Ann

  6. Love the new banner!! Its hard to pick a favorite part. I enjoy a new banner each month no matter what color it is. I like the theme idea done in done in specific colors. What am I saying, I LIKE it all.

  7. The new banner looks wonderful!! Congrats to Sarah, Cristin, Beatrice, and Stacey!!! And a big congrats to Laura, sounds like she will be one happy lady when the mail comes :) I am loving the themes you choose. Mixing them up from colors and themes seems like a fun idea :)

  8. Love the new banner, most of all I think, because they are all same color scrappy, as I love scrappy quilts.
    I kind of like the idea of theme quilts, such as spring flowers, summer picnics, beachy themes, fall leaves and flowers and winter snowmen and snows, that might be an idea. In any case I'm sure we will like whatever idea you choose.

  9. Congratulations to Laura! and I love the new look. I have only done one 2 color quilt, the rest of mine are scrappy, but purple is a favorite color of mine, so I look forward to June.

  10. Awesome new banner, Ms. Samm! 'Course we don't expect anything less from you. Everything you do is awesome! I think July should be patriotic, and August, perhaps rainbow or flowered quilts might be nice.

  11. I think Orange would be great and themes is a cute idea! Stars and stripes for July?

  12. Love the greens!! Have never made one, but they are fun :). I'd say mixing colors and themes is a good blend, but I would trust your instincts, they're pretty good :). Great job Samm.

  13. Another lovely banner Samm! Congrats to the quilt makers. Green is my fav color!! and yellow and purple!! Hmmm, what color next...pink, grey, tangerine, peach...lots of different shades to choose from. Have fun! lol

  14. I LOVE green, I think it's my favourite colour...and I think lime green is a great NEUTRAL! Having said this I have made very few green quilts! Should maybe rectify that huh!
    Love this banner...great job
    love your blog..,.check it at least once a day

  15. Beautiful new banner, Madame Samm!! I would love to see patriotic ones for July! Lots of red, white and blue!
    Jacque in SC

  16. Green with envy!!! I like the colours, but I guess we will run out eventually, so maybe we can mix them up with different themes.

  17. Love the new banner and can't wait to read the stories behind the quilts! I like the idea of mixing up the themes along with colors. I agree with Karen, your instincts are good and whatever you choose works!

  18. I like the layout of this banner; two large picture on the sides with 2 small bridging pictures. Feb's banner was great, don't get me wrong, but I found the layout with small quilts on the bottom distorted it's visual effect. Anyway just my opinion, and I'm sure, hundreds of others would disagree. Re the font, if this is not your own design could you tell us where you got it from - I like it. Thanks always for an excellent blog - I just love it.

  19. For the summer I would like to see some yellow quilts. Yellow for buttercups. I have worked very little with yellow, as it is not a big favourite of mine, but I would be curious to see how others work with this colour.

  20. Green with envy I am, how do you keep this up. You are a machine lady. Congrats to the new banner winners, your quilts are really striking. Love to hear the stories. Tomorrow correct?

  21. My favorite color is green so I'm loving the banner. I'd love to see more applique quilts, especially spring and summer ones.

  22. Love your new banner! Congratulations to Laura. And Thank you Madam Samm for using my quilt in February. Looking forward to reading these new stories.

  23. Lovely banner this month! I love the colour theme for each month's banner. I might even sew up a yellow quilt for next month! For July, how about red and white to celebrate our nation's Canada Day! August...hot colours that we see in our gardens, like reds, oranges, deep yellows, rusts. I love colour. Great quilts ladies!

  24. Love the banner choices great quilts! How about black and white for a banner? Looking forward to hearing about the stories behind the quilts

  25. Hi Samm! Love the new look - it IS fresh and clean! Love the greens you chose, too...and how I would love to be in my workroom sewing away on a green quilt for myself! I'm still in SLC (Salt Lake City, Utah) with my grandson who carries around a giant gray afghan instead of one of the dozen quilts I've made him...there's just no accounting for taste! But I'm so happy to see YOU'VE got some! xoxo, Nan

  26. Hi Madame Samm,
    I'd love to see some orange quilts and maybe grey. I think tropical "hot" colors for the summer would be neat too.

    The greens are lovely, and you made good choices for the March banner, but there are no shamrocks on any of them, lol.

    Gail :)

  27. July should definately be red, white and blue!

    You chose some beautiful green quilts in the new header. Very nice!

  28. Love the new banner! The quilts are beautiful! Once again...Great Job Sweetie!!

  29. Wonderful new banner, Madame Samm - you manage to outdo yourself every month! Congratulations to Laura, and to the March contributors. I like the idea of colors for each month and themes for maybe 4 times a year. You always lead with your special touch, and it's never wrong!

    Thanks again for all you do!

  30. I love the greens on the new banner!
    Some of my favorite quilts are small prints on a white background. I really want to make one someday.

  31. I love green, use it in most of my projects.
    For July, red, white and blue;)
    August I think of hot weather, maybe burnt orange.


  32. I like the idea of adding in some themes along with colors. I might get my summer theme quilt done if I saw that theme posted. I will enjoy whatever your decide.

  33. love the new banner!!! greens are so fresh, so Irish....good bye february

  34. Love these greens, my favorite sort of limeish.(oh guess that's not a word)Congratulations to those of you whose quilts were chosen!

    How about 2 color quilts. Like Aqua/Red or Yellow/Gray.

  35. I love the new banner of green quilts! I love it even better than last months banner in those wonderful reds:) but I really liked your ideas for the next few banner choices, can't wait to see those!

  36. The new banner is great. These are my favorite greens. I usually do multicolor banners, often using complimentary colors. I love orange and teal together. I also like the theme idea. You have wonderful ideas and your choices are always spot on. Thanks.

  37. Another beautiful banner! Right now, I'm loving PURPLE!!!

  38. Love the green Samm...excellent choices. Green is just so fresh and makes me want to go dig in the dirt. Well, maybe not. But it does make me want to dig out some green fabrics! blessings, marlene

  39. Orange quilts? Black and White? Circle quilts! Love the green though- very Irish!

  40. Some RED,WHITE & BLUE love for July of course!
    August could be some summery sherbet colors - like popsicles or a fruit salad.
    September-some back to school colors or late harvest colors - corn and apples and ???
    October - I don't care for Halloween but I LOVE fall and pumpkins - Orange, golds, yellow.
    November -mmmmm,really into fall now, browns,pumpkin,green,eggplant,gold

  41. Love both the red and the green quilts. But I have a burning question that has bothered me from the beginning of the Red Quilts.

    In the center quilt, what in the world is that brown design?

    glen: inquiring minds gotta know......

  42. Another beautiful banner, Samm!
    Maybe some bright colorful quilts for some summer banners. Umm?

  43. First congratulations to our February girls. They were beautiful. And, yes our green girls, I never knew green could look so lovely! Beautiful work each and every one of you. Madame Samm, such a wonderful job on this month’s banner. Thank you for all your hard work.

  44. The quilts from all the months have been so gorgeous! I would like to see something patriotic (red/white/blue) for July.

  45. Love this shade of green mixture for March - more of a spring feel to it. Nicely done ladies and thank you MSamm for a lovely banner.

  46. Well you know I'm a little bias but I LOVE the the green banner! Well done to all the March ladies - great job! I don't know how you do it, but boy you have a knack for this Madame Samm! As for the future, I'm searching my pics already, :)

  47. I love the themes too. Trees, birds, snowmen, etc.

  48. Green is my favorite color so I love this month's banner. All the quilts are lovely but I especially like Sarah's on the left with its wonderful shades of green and just the right wonkiness!

  49. How about chocolate and pink? That's not very summery though.

    Honeysuckle is the color of the year.

    Orange and lime?

  50. I say Red White and Blue for July.

  51. I love this months quilts....green is my favorite. One color I've been seeing a lot of is orange. That would be a fun one.

  52. Fantastic! I added you to my favorite Quilt addresses.
    with love from Holland,

  53. Green and purple are my favourite colours..but for some reason I always love to have green in anything I sew...be it a quilt or stitchery.
    Love your idea and the ones you have chosen are fabulous :)

  54. Congratulations Laura and to the March banner winners, Sarah, Beatrice, Cristin and Stacey. Great job Mme Samm....your work is amazing. Love the modern feel...:o)

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    Thank you so much for sharing it. that's amazing!
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  56. I haven't had access to e-mail all week because my computer is in the shop w/ 2 trojan horse viruses. I wanted to let you know how happy and honored I am to have won last month's banner contest. The green quilts in this month's banner are great! I've got very little green in my stash, but these quilts make me want to go out an buy green fabric. I also vote for red, white and blue for July's banner.

  57. Congratulations Laura!! it is a wonderful job on this banner competition...
    Convention Banners


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