Saturday, January 1, 2011

OUR January 2011 Banner Winners....are anything but BLUE! lol

For our Banner Winners, yours to add to your blogs
and for the rest of us some snowballs for those
who forgot what they look like
( snow-less in wine country Canada)

Sew We Quilt @ Stash Manicure
is off to a wonderful start.
It gives me great pleasure to introduce
our Banner Winners for January 2011.

Behind the Seams..

But before I do that, I want to convey my appreciation
for the over 812 quilt photos that were sent to me.
You have no idea how difficult it is to not include you all. lol
Seriously...there is always one I choose that I blend the others with,
sew I put them all in a file, with no names. I have no idea
who they belong to until I have completed the design.
Then and only then do  I search through another file to locate
the quilters..No easy task. It often takes me at least one full week
to accomplish this. By the third week of each month, I have already
made my selections...HINT for February with RED, please
send them to me as soon as possible...

Their stories..
Ok, now to tell you about our Banner Winners.
I have asked them all to tell the story of their quilt.
Makes for a very interesting read...sew please let's welcome
them all and share in their joy...

From top left we have Pauline, you may know her as Quilt Queen.

I'm thrilled and honored to have my 'Snowman' quilt showcased 
 on the January banner for Sew We Quilt @ S.M.
There are not enough thank you's to express my gratitude.

....the beginnings of this quilt started about 18 months ago.... 
for years I would always knit or crochet in the car
when travelling the 4+ hours back to Canada to visit the grandkids and family. 
One day I decided to trace the snowmen and reindeer blocks
from the 'Bird Brain Designs pattern 'Snowmen and Reindeer'
 and try embroidery during my travels. 
I finished the first 12....then a second 12 blocks....then a third set of 12. 
One of my favorite, quick and easy patterns is 'The Yellow Brick Road' by Terry Atkinson
 and I decided to use it instead of the layout for the Bird Brain Design quilt. 
I followed the directions for the lap size;
 place one embroidered block in each of the eight rows....
and voila...a new look for the "Yellow Brick Road' pattern. 
 I loved the look sEw much, I'm still embroidering more blocks
.....there are no idle hands,
....I now have quilts waiting to be gifted
....and you just never know when I'll give away 8 more blocks
to a lucky follower to get creative....
Come for a visit as I'd love to read your comments
they always make me smile:).
Our Middle Banner Winner is 
AnneMarie from Gen X Quilters.

A big Thank You to Madame Samm for featuring this Snowflake
 Quilt that I call "Baby It's Cold Outside"!  What an honor!
I love RED.  I naturally gravitate to warm and rich colors.  And unless I am making a baby quilt for a boy, I don't choose to work with blues.  So making this snowflake quilt was a challenge to work out of my comfort zone.  Here I discovered what fun it is to make your own charm packs!  The sky is the limit!  This quilt is a new wall hanging in my home.  Every year, when taking down my Christmas decorations in January, I feel a bit blue.  The house looks so empty...  I decided to make this quilt to go up at exactly this time, to add some energy and vibrant color!  Now this quilt can shout "Brrr!  Baby it's Cold Outside!" and as long as I have my cup of hot chocolate, I can enjoy the pristine snow from my front window.  :)
Stop by my blog Gen X Quilters to see the full post on this quilt!  

Our top right Banner Winner is Melissa.
She has been on our banner before, and again
I had no idea until I completed it...
It wasn't like I could redo it all..right? 
it fit in perfectly.
( we may exclude her future quilts, what do you think? lol)

This quilt turned out to be an amazing source of solace for me.  I designed this quilt and a similar one in pink when I found out I was pregnant and was hoping to have twins, a boy and a girl.  I know most people think that is crazy but being a twin myself, I know how awesome it is!  However, things didn't quite turnout as planned.  You can read more about the story here.  please link here for more   A month later I started designing for the Moda Bake Shop and this design began to take shape once again.  This time, for everyone out in quilting blog land.  And lucky you, it was just released at the Moda Bake Shop 3 days ago!!  So if you love this quilt design just head on over to Moda link now..  for a super beginner friendly step by step tutorial.  
Sincerely Melissa.

Our bottom left Banner Winner is Susan
from PatchworknPlay

 I have been a sewer for many years and made my first quilt for my son in 1983.  In recent years I have enjoyed stretching my sewing skills by trying new techniques.  And this is how this Mariner's Compass block came about.  It is foundation pieced and one of nine blocks I set myself to make during 2010.  I worked on about one a month and really enjoyed making them.  I have gone on to foundation piece other blocks with, I hope, many more to come.  It is indeed an honor to be included in the Sew We Quilt/ Stash Manicure January banner!"

Here is the link to the blog post

What a wonderful way this will be to celebrate a new year.  As I said it is indeed an honor to be included in the January banner!  I am so excited to share it with my friends.
Thank you so much for choosing me to be included!
kind regards

 And our Bottom Right Banner Winner
is Frances, you may know her as our Quiet Quilter

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

I am sew tickled pink (oops, blue) that  my blue/white quilt was chosen to be part of Janurary’s banner.  It is the symbol of how far I have come in quilting since 2006 (whole quilts only). 
 I had barely worked with Half Square Triangles and needed more practice.  I liked this design and block at Marcia’s Quilter’s Cache, and it had only two colors so I could concentrate on the blocks themselves.
 It became my learning quilt.  HSTs and their points, how to put together a top, pressing, matching corners, contending with bulky seams (where I still need help), keeping the different components of a project together, hand quilting on both sides of ditch, and how to blog about it ,,,, it taught me all these things.
I worked on this from March 2010 until I completed it late November, 2010.
  Just in time to share it with you.

Madam Samm---here is the link showing my finished quilt. 

Just loved sharing my story with you

Thank you Ladies...I have to tell you, 
you have all put new meaning 
into January BLUES...

Winner of Tote will be announced later today...
 WINNER is # 116 DAWN
( no blog but I know you check daily, sew
please connect with me..you won
this beautiful summer tote
filled with Ginger Blossoms!)

 All those who comment  today 
with a note they would like to be a 
GUEST blogger 
( even those who do not have a blog)
( must be a follower though)

WILL be eligible to WIN.
 this fat quarter bundle...
and in Blue...

WINNER IS #171 Vicki
congrats, please connect with me...
I believe you are the Vicki who has just joined..
sew Wow!. you won this bundle...
I'm just saying...
Tote and all 19 fat quarters....
from Michael Miller!
( love ya)

and a FAT Quarter Bundle to  
Another with a  Confirmed date 
as a Guest...( I will give you dates
not to worry, they won't be till March..
as we are already booked for Jan, Feb, a bit of March
and some in April. But heh, I like to plan ahead...
way ahead..) 

49 of you yesterday who said you would like
to be a guest are also included in this giveaway
and I will be connecting with you all next week..

I 'am just feeling it...aren't you? 
What a way to start our year..


  1. Hi! Just love, love, LOVE the new quilts for the banner and the stories behind them. What talented quilters we have! They constantly teach me new things and blow me away.

    I am good for a guest blogging date in late March, early April! This time, my machine is working and I am starting new projects to show!

  2. Happy New Year! - sign me up as a guest blogger, I would love to do it.

  3. Happy New Year! I just love the blue quilts for January. They are all just gorgeous!!!

    I would love to be a guest blogger again. I'm good for the end of March or beginning of April. It would be so fun again. Let me know.

    Thanks for all the wonderful giveaways. Love the sponsors.



  4. I would love to be a guest blogger!
    And I love the new banner - great job to the winners! Blue is the perfect color for January :)

  5. Perhaps one day I could be a guest blogger. I think I need to get some more things made to make it at least a little interesting!

  6. These creative quilters make me "BLUE" but in a GOOD way!! Lovely work, sweet ladies and congratulations to each of you. I must come for a visit at each of your blogs and would SEW appreciate your visit to my little blog at Grandmamas Stories.

    I would love to be a Guest Blogger for a second time in late March or April! Love the new direction of the blog...it will include so many more exciting topics for WE QUILTERS to share with one another.
    Gmama Jane

  7. Beautiful quilts, and what a good idea to have blue for January!

  8. Thanks for the kind comments about the January banner. I am only new to blogging but would love to be able to offer something to the guest blogger spot!

  9. Okay, put me down in March, April or even May. Surely by that time I should have something in the works....

    Oohh,,Blue! Blue Bayou! (Linda Rhonstat, remember??)

  10. Your January banner is awesome, love the blue quilts. You have a good eye for choosing just the right quilts for the monthly banners. Happy New Year.

  11. What beautiful quilts. 812 photos. These are definitely inspiring. Happy New Year!

  12. Since my favorite color is BLUE, I am in love with this banner. And now that I have had a chance to visit each blog, yes, I do remember them all - you tease with those photos of small sections! Lovely work ladies, very deserving to be on the banner. And to MSamm for sifting thru all those submitted - Kuddos! I am a longtime follower and enjoy every guest blogger in what they have to share. I would love to guest as long as you are that booked ahead - hmm a different item, how to fabric frame your cross stitch. Again, thank you Michael Miller for the lovely tote - alone would make me happy, but the added FQs would make this a gift I would share the treasures with a sew-in with my daughter - what fun.

  13. The January banner is beautiful! Snow is my favorite thing (we still have some on the ground from Christmas!) I would love to guest blog again! I would love to share about organizing my stash, or the variety of containers I use in my studio from the new to the vintage. Or any topic you need me to. Happy New Year! I really need to stop folding fabric and go to sleep-but California hasnt hit the New Year yet and my new IKEA shelves look so pretty filling up with fabric.. ok rambling...bedtime..zzzzzz

  14. Great banner..... confirming I would be happy to be a guest blogger if there is something of interest.... I can share.... I know I am a relatively new quilter .... I do need a better stash... haha

  15. Oh Blue...........my favorite color. I have a huge blue and white quilt top, that is on my list to get quilted this year. Now I just need to find someone to quilt the beast.

  16. I'd be more than happy to be a guest blogger. Just spent the evening waiting for the big New Year's countdown by reorganizing my sewing space. Well, starting to reorganize my sewing space. You know how THAT goes! And I'm attempting an open-ended fabric fast wit the new year. Sewing from stash is a beautiful thing!

  17. Another super banner, I'm sure you had a huge pile of photos to select from - well done and Happy New Year to you all

  18. Love the new banner! I have decided to be more involved in the "quilternet" world this year, so as scary as it sounds I would love to be a guest blogger if you will have me, happy with any date :)

    (OMG I can't believe I just said that!! LOL!)

  19. Yes I love blue, wonderful giveaway, love the banner


  20. I am not competent enough to be a guest blogger though I love what you publish here!

  21. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!

    Wonderful work!!
    It is a pleasure to see such beautiful designs and read the stories that prompted it.

    Beautiful blue ........................... ....

  22. love the blue quilts in the banner, refreshing to my eyes. I would love to be a guest blogger, I don't have a blog and I would love to touch on the topic of all the gadgets I have bought that were useless in quilting - trust me I was foolish when I first started bought everything, if it said quilt I bought it ha! ewhite38 at rogers
    thanks for the opportunity , love coming here, Happy New Year all you wonderful quilting friends

  23. Loved all the blue and white. Gorgeous! Have a wonderful new year. This blog is always so entertaining.

  24. Happy New Year,a bit bleary-eyed here this morning after celebrating last night but feeling brighter now after looking at the Banner quilts, lovely.A faithful follower

  25. I'm all in...with that much time, I can certainly come up with something to say and I'm a very very new blogger -- did I say very new? Happy New Year --- I love that it's 1-1-11, don't you? Jan

  26. Beautiful quilts, all of you. Thank you for sharing your quilts and stories. Hugs to you Melissa, loosing a little one is so very hard.

  27. Thank you for featuring my Snowflake quilt! I would love to guest blog for you in the new year. Just let me know when and I'll be there with quilty bells on!

  28. I am willing to give being a guest blogger a try -
    I have several topics in mind

  29. Happy New Year, Samm.

    I love snowflakes and all shades of blue. That fabric is so beautiful. I would like to be a guest blogger but really don't have any experience yet in quilting. (o:


  30. I am pretty sure that I am one of those people that said I would post in the the last set of comments but just in case - Of course, I would love to be a guest blogger in 2011 :)

    Thank you again for selecting my quilt in the banner. I am just feeling this whole January Blues theme and it makes me want to run down and play with my blue stash :)

  31. You know me, Madame Samm - I'm always ready to be a guest blogger! Just give me a date!!

    The banner is lovely this month!!

  32. Congrats to all the banner winners - it's lovely! And I love the snowman quilt too - great idea on the YBR pattern!

    Happy New Year!


  33. Happy New Year!! Love the Blue Banner. Would love to be a guest blogger.

  34. As usual the banners you select are adorable. Thank you for the chance. I am a loyal follower and you are on my blog roll.

  35. What a beautiful new banner for January, I love the stories behind the quilts. It's truly wonderful how quilts from different people can work so well together!

    I'd love to be considered for a guest blogger for early May. :o)


    ps - Michael Miller is da bomb!

  36. Just lovely to meet all those talented quilters. So much inspiration packed into this post! It's making me want to dig through my blues and see what comes to me -- which is fun because I am actually creating a blue and yellow wedding quilt this year for my brother!

    And yes, Madame Samm, I'd like to take the plunge and be a guest blogger. I feel like it really isn't quilting until you are sharing it with others -- either with technique, ideas, or gifting. The bringing us all together is what makes quilting so darn special! I'd be honored to get a guest date!

  37. Just love the banner,the blues are perfect for January. I so enjoy reading the guest blogs.
    Happy New Year.
    Ps, no snow here in our corner of Nova Scotia!!

  38. MS, I love the new banner and am thrilled that my BFF's quilt was chosen. she called me this morning to let me know, wow she can really keep a secret! I am looking forward to posting here and I can't wait to be a part of this blog!! Always more than willing to contribute if you need more too = ) Happy New Year!!

  39. Beautiful banner quilts Samm! Happy New Year! No snow at my January home - Florida! Sure I would contribute to this blog again since it's not until April or later!

  40. Beautiful banner and inspiration for 2011 ! w00t what fun we are going to have !

    Guest blogging here would be just too awesome

    Happy New Year to all

  41. Happy New Year! The banner turned out fabulous! Would enjoy the chance to be a guest blogger in the new year. Thanks for all you do.

  42. I love the banner quilts. The snowflakes and blues are wonderful. I would love to be a guest blogger and would consider it an honor to contribute.

  43. Of course I would like to be a guest (if you will have me, again). FUN!

  44. I think I will have to learn a LOT more before becoming a guest blogger.. but I'm trying :) The people who made the blue blog header did such a wonderful job, it is so nice of them to share their talents to make the blog look so lovely. Sure wouldn't have "the blues" if I won those lovely blue fabrics :)

  45. I would be happy to help out by being a guest blogger. I am still fairly new to quilting and don't have much of a stash, but I can always find something to talk about. :)

  46. I love the banner idea and it is so nice to read a bit about everyone too. You have a lot of great ideas! I admire your get up and go. I'm looking forward to keeping following you!

  47. Yay! Congratualtions to Banner Girls! Would love to another post later in the year, if you'll have me back that is!

  48. Oh course I want to be a Guest Blogger (again) and will do anything to win the fat quarters...I never sew with blue fabric and have nothing blue in my home but, my sister is a "blue person" and I need to make her a quilt...so they would be used and loved and really, isn't that all that matters?!? Also, those banner quilts might have just converted me to the "blue side"...they are dang fabulous! xoxo, Nan

  49. Love the banner!! There are some very talented people in our midst! Unfortunately I do not have a blog but I am a dedicated follower and love your blog - you are a hoot! Today is very special: 1/1/11 and it is my b-day! Wow!

  50. I think I'm too scared to be a guest blogger, although if you suggested a topic and gave me a month to ponder it I probably could come up with something. Beautiful quilts in the banner!

  51. Too shy to be a guest blogger. What a wonderful giveaway for those who would love to be.

  52. What a way to start the New Year!! Love the new name and the banner and so fun to meet new friends. To a great year!!!

  53. Big congratulations to the Banner winners ... beautiful quilts and stories. I myself just became a blogger this past spring so feel I better get quiet a few more posts under my belt before I subject anyone else to my ramblings :) Love reading others posted here!!

  54. Congratulations to all the banner winners - what an honor to have your quilt chosen out of 812! blessings, marlene

  55. I just love the new banner! Am a dedicated follower and just love this blog and all the talented people who contribute. Looking forward to the new year and I'm many interesting posts!

  56. I would love to be a guest blogger...and if we have until March, I might be able to pull out some green from my stash... ;)

  57. I would love to be a guestblogger. Maybe my english is not perfect...... But we could find solution for that......

  58. Love the blues in the banner! I dont' often work with blues but I did do a monochromatic blue Christmas last year as a challenge and loved it.

    I would be honored once again to be a guest blogger here. It was so exciting, an exhilarating rush of adrenelin that I really need to take advantage of in the UFO department!


  59. Thank you for sharing the stories behind the quilts you chose for the banner. I love to hear quilt stories! I'd love to be a guest blogger.

  60. I have no blog but I an certainly a follower. I love your site.

  61. I follow as MarciaW. and am blogless. However, as I last commented, would be willing to contribute a guest post. Might be able to arm twist my mother into assisting (she's quilted for more than half a century). Happy New Year.

  62. love these blue quilts - it would have been a huge task to pick just a few out of so many ;-)
    love reading this blog ;-)

  63. I would love to be a guest blogger! I have loved reading this blog. Thanks for all your work!

  64. Very nice banner quilts! i don't remember if I said I'd be a guest blogger again, but of course I will. :-) Whatever you need. Happy New Year!

  65. I'm waiting in th ewings if you need me to guest blog again :)

  66. Beautiful quilts... and love the stories!! Would love to guest blog although I'm new to it!
    Thank You and Happy Day!!

  67. If you got 812 blue quilts, I wonder how many red quilts are out there for you to choose from!! It is a task that seems to be a labor of love. Keep up the good work. I love what you have done with the blog. Put me down a guest blogger.

  68. Congrats to the winners.

    And Madame Samm..thanks again for all the work. Sifting through 812 quilts??? You certainly put in long hours!

  69. WhooHoo!!!!!! I am sooooo excited I won that yummy blue bundle of Michael Miller loveliness!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

  70. Another great banner! I'm looking forward to checking out the winners!

    Happy New Year!

  71. You are brilliant blogger and sewist, you certainly have the eye on colour love your choices, thanks for making me feel part of your clan lol ;0) ttfn Nicole


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