Monday, January 31, 2011

Behind the Seams with our new Banner Winners!

(and yes the reason we have to have it up
today, is one, I can do that lol
and second, we have a guest on the Feb 1st
 and you are gonna love her post...) 

Now for the
story behind their quilts...

Yesterday I shared with you who they were...
( a name and a photo)
 Today a bit more...

Let's begin with Laura...
( reminder here Laura has no blog
this is what she sent to me...and if you look closely
at our Sew We Quilt banner..I used her square
for the textured background) 

The red and white quilt I submitted was designed by Susan Emory of Quilter's Corner in Midlothian Virginia. This quilt was featured on the cover of Quilt Sampler Magazine, Fall/Winter 2008. The pattern is called 'Making History' and combines two old blocks:  Martha Washington star and sawtooth star.  I first saw this quilt in Quilter's Corner the summer of 2008.  It was made  in blue and white (Alex Anderson's Never Enough Romance fabric).  The quilt was striking, but I had no need for a blue and white quilt. The ladies in the quilt shop were very excited because this pattern was 
going to be featured on the cover of Quilt Sampler Magazine. 
I usually design my own quilts and pick my own colors, but when I saw the magazine cover,  I knew the red and white quilt would be perfect for my mother-in-law.  Her bedroom has red carpet and white walls.  She has everything she needs and is very difficult to buy gifts for, so I decided to make this quilt for her for Christmas.  This quilt is the first quilt I made using Eleanor Burn's Quilt In a Day flying geese ruler and triangle square up ruler.  I think these rulers helped me to match my points up and also made the piecing go fast. I was afraid that I would be bored making a two-color quilt, but learning to use these new rulers and having a variety of red prints helped keep the piecing interesting.    I had it professionally quilted by Valerie Schlake of A Needle Runs Through It in Maidens, Virginia and chose wool batting.  I also  made pillow cases and quilted pillow shams (with zippers in the back) to match the quilt. 
My mother-in-law loves the quilt.  She put it on her bed the day she got it, and she went out and got new curtains to match the it.  I try to give handmade gifts only to those people who I think will appreciate the time and work I put into them, and I know my mother-in-law truly loved her gift. 
Sorry I can't give you a link to my blog as I don't have one.  I found you site when I followed Bonnie Hunter when she was guest hosting yours.   I had no idea you would get so many red and white quilt entries!  I am quite honored that you chose my quilt to be part of your banner.
Thanks Laura...!

Next is Cori's story...

Thank you for including me in the banner! I am just over the moon to be chosen again! The link to that post of my quilt is over here Wow... that is a long  link... Anyway, the reason I created this quilt is, that I was inspired by my favorite artist, Ethel Hays. I saw a comic she created about the way we kiss in different seasons. When I saw the winter kiss scene, I could think of nothing else but Valentines day. I altered her version to include a dress, and coats, and ended up with this cute wallhanging. Just perfect for Valentines. I love red and white, they are my favorite colors to combine on a quilt. I think they are so striking, and just perfect for the month of February! 
Hugs, -Cori
Thanks Cori...

Next is Rae Ann.
* the lady who chose me to take over this blog...
( and that is not the reason she was chosen...lol
when I look at all the quilts that come in...
I certainly don't remember every design and who owns it) 
just saying lol

What an awesome privilege it is for me to be chosen by Madame Samm to showcase one of my quilts in her February banner here on "Sew We Quilt @ Stash Manicure". I must say... Samm has done a "TREMENDOUS JOB" in taking over Stash Manicure and making it what it is today... "One of the best blogs on the block"! She is quite amazing as you all know and this idea of a new banner each month is "SIMPLY FABULOUS"!
My quilt... Raspberry Parfait... is all about what I love and adore... pinwheels and raspberry fabrics! Like Samm said... pinwheels are a signature trademark of mine... Cutiepinwheel.blogspot.com. For those of you who know me... you know that I think that pinwheels are the cutest thing ever... so when I first saw this quilt... I knew I had to make it.
One thing I just love about this quilt is the different size of pinwheels that the simple blocks make when put together. I also adore the way they seem to dance across the quilt and look so different when looking at them from different angles. Plus... it was such a fun quilt to make! 
This quilt is very special to me because while making it I actually came up with a "new" technique that takes one step out of the process and leaves one less seam which requires less cutting. Yeah... anything to cut my time down! Now... you are not going to believe it but... this idea came to me at a rather strange time. I don't know about you but I always do my best thinking while soaking in the tub. Well... one day while soaking away... I began to ponder about it... and WALLA... there it was! It all came flooding into my mind just what I needed to do and the best part was... it worked!  For a closer look... be sure to stop on by.
Thank you Samm for letting me share and thanks again ...ever so much... for choosing my quilt.!  
Thanks Rae Ann!

And now for Alette's turn...
I'm so excited that my quilt was chosen for the February banner! What an honor! Thank you so much Madame Samm. The banner looks so lovely with all the reds and the hearts. 

The story behind this quilt:
In 2008 I just moved to a new town and I was looking for a new hobby. In the local newspaper I found an article about this place where they started quilting courses. I didn't think that I could make a quilt but I signed up in Januari 2010 anyway and seven months later I finished my first sampler quilt! I didn't just find a new hobby in a new town, but I also met some wonderful and creative people. 

I didn't know that quilting was going to be so much fun! To collect fabrics... match different colors together....choose a pattern (or just start sewing!)...discover how everything looks together... and to watch others and talk with other quilters to get inspired. I just started two years ago and I hope that many years and many quilts will follow!

Here is the link to the blogpost to find some more pictures:
Thank you again!
No, thank you Aletta!

And last but not least
 favorite by any means..
Thank you Madame Samm for featuring my heart on the  Sew We Quilt @ Stash Manicure banner.  I am thrilled and honored at being selected from such a wide group of talented people.  

You can visit my blog here   come and visit me here. and read how I made this heart table runner, but I’ll tell you a little about it now .I love using scraps and making something out of nothing.  These hearts are made of tiny little pieces, odd shapes and sizes of fabrics that I tend to hang on to just in case I need them for appliqué.  I am not much into piecing because my seams never match and my blocks are never square.  Therefore, I tend to stick to appliqué. One day while playing around in my sewing room, I decided to try something new.   I started sewing my red scraps together and came up with my first heart.  I really did not know what I was doing.  Was I supposed to use a foundation (I didn’t)?  Then, I wondered what I would do with this heart.  I liked it.  I had red scraps left, so I started on another heart.  That’s when I decided on a table runner.  I appliquéd these hearts on a white background and then made the sashings and border out of scraps too.   This table runner will always be in my heart because I love making beautiful things without spending any money! 
And thank you Carroll..

A Heartfelt appreciation to all those
who submitted their quilts..YOU- the
visitors who drop by  every day ( assuming you do) lol
with your cuppa brew...
to those who leave comments
for our banner winners..
Thank you from their hearts to yours
and back....

Ohhh the draw I haven't forgotten..
will do that at say....mmm
(9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time)
sew keep adding your names....
You sew Matter..

What color of quilts have YOU made more of ....?


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    Congrats to all of you ladies and your beautiful creations. I will be stopping by each of your blogs, oh dear, Laura you MUST create a blog and join us here at Sew WE Quilt @ Stash Manicure.
    Gmama Jane
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    Chestermere, Alberta, Canada


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