Monday, December 27, 2010

My excitement certainly matches the winners today....update...can I just say, YOU are Totally AWESOME ....

First, did you all have a wonderful holiday,
break, time out, visit ?

I missed you all!

I did in fact take a break, and there is nothing
like getting back into a routine.
Sew now that the Holidays are behind us, 
I am ready to move forward..
How about YOU?

And goodness me, without 
further ado....we have a 
few winners 
to announce.
The response was overwhelming,
all of your comments were just a delight
to read. Some were a bit... can I say mushy and over
the top sweet...but ohhh  indeed many brought a chuckle.
The result was a heck of a lot of emails to read through
and I enjoyed everyone of them ...Sew from my heart
to yours...it spoke volumes...

 my software chose numbers 
each day that corresponded with your comment
and follower button...
If you note, winners from all over the world!

Congratulations to the following
Please be sure to send me your addresses
sew I can mail these all off before the 
New Year!

Day 1 Winner  ( have not heard from you yet)
#170 Jedoglec 
you have won the Jelly Roll. from Lissa at Moda
( from Poland)

Day 2 Winner ( yep heard from you, check lol)
#48 SkikStitches 
you have won Carrie's patterns, Carrie Nelson
( from England)

Lot's of extra goodies to you...
Layer cakes, extra patterns, notions,
cuppa cozie, thimble its ( love those)
...Value PRICELESS..!

Day 3 Winner ( yep heard from you too...check)
#37 Elly
you have won the Silks from Valerie Online Pastimes..
( from Northern Scotland)

Day 4 Winner ( heard from you, check)
#52 Sewn With Grace, Renee
you have won the pattern Love in Bloom from Cori Blunt
(from United States)

Day 5 Winner ( yep heard from her too, check)
#11 Felicity
you have won the Robert Kaufman bundle ( from R.K)
( from Canada)

Day 6 Winner
#43 mamacjt ( yep, ohhh I heard from her...lol, check)
you have won the Riley Blake fat quarter bundle ( Jina)
( from United States)

Day 7 Winner ( yep heard from her a couple of times..check lol)
#145 MommaRock
you have won the Home Pattern from Shabby Fabrics ( Jennifer)
( from United States)

Sew to all you WINNERS, I have to agree
with many of you who commented..we all win..
WE are united with our passion for Quilting...
( ohhh and there will be sew many more giveaways
you just wait and see)
And a huge Thanks to our SPONSORS
once again...xx

Ohhh and one of our SPONSORS
Jane got a NEW Look. 
* I had a wee giveaway of my own
yesterday...and she won..

Jane has a new RETRO look!

She went from this..
 To this...
she was pretty excited..she will tell you all about it...

cuppa cozie....
keeps your beverage HOT for up to 3 hours
Made from 100% goose down..
created by YOURS truly..
Madame Samm

Will be announced in the morning...
Sew return and check in...in the morning EASTERN TIME!

And that winner is 
#48 Christine
and she is from Australia....
( there you go, I think we toured the world)
Please connect with me ...
and congrats...

On a very personal NOTE:

I ask that you contribute comments-
SEW we get to know one another..
It really helps you know...

The BONUS for me, is I will
want to continue building this blog and working
with the Sponsors on your Behalf..
SEW thank you...your words MATTER...

I believe I saw something extra under the tree....

FOR ME? or YOU! 

Regular GUEST BLOGGING resumes in the MORNING
Thank GOODNESS! lol

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Our Holiday Giving comes to an end, with I Believe- there will be more Ü

Josh Groban I Believe

Come on say it, with me....


I believe this is the end of our GIVEAWAYS .....
for 2 weeks we had giveaways every day.
I BELIEVE our sponsors are over the top
the BEST.
I BELIEVE we have the BEST followers,
visitors, guest bloggers.
I BELIEVE, this is just a beginning to
a wonderful  New YEAR.
( in a few days)

Sew to end our most amazing 2 weeks,
I asked Jennifer Shabby Fabrics
to offer something that would
be sew appropriate to remind us all
that we are HOME...
( she is our sponsor every month
for our banner winner)

this Pattern is a wall hanging 41 x 41 
and it seems quite befitting 

HOME--- here---- with this delightful gathering
of the most amazing quilters...
that is why we come together...
I'm just saying!

Sew if this strikes your FANCY,
and you  BELIEVE it would be perfect for you...
Be a follower,
Leave a comment.
And I too believe YOU could win..

ahhhh Dec 27th, that is tomorrow..
all the winners will be announced...

And one of these days  is a BONUS
day so that winner will  also win the following...

a Jelly roll,
A pattern,
some notions,
a new pattern BOOK.
( plus their winnings for that day)

I'am just saying...do you BELIEVE?

Stay tuned for many delightful guest bloggers...
ohhh and a new look on January 1st...

Thank you for making this season one I will
never ever forget.

I'm just saying..wink!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 6 of our Holiday Giving.. this Christmas Day, let's begin with this...

Andrea Bocelli, the Lords Prayer

Ahhh isn't this a nice way to begin our day...?
A prayer sung for us by Andrea

 in our Merry Sack today, Riley Blake
sent us this delightful fat quarter bundle
of oh's and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh's

Again worth mentioning over and over again-
We have the BEST sponsors especially these past two weeks,
every day they offered something.
They brought along much Christmas cheer.
and made us realize why we love their goods sew much!

Sew if this is your Fancy, 
Be a follower, leave a comment,
and rest assured on Dec 27th all the winners will be announced.
( 2 more sleeps)

Mmmmmm and one of these days is a BONUS day.
That winner will win, lot's of extras...lot's...
I'm just saying ...

Everyone of these Holiday Giving posts
were prepared well in advance
sew I could spend some time with
family... Merry Christmas 
to all of you who have made
these past couple months
certainly worth my time and effort...

See you soon...you are all in for
some delightful surprises and much
more than what you would  ever expect under the tree
or in any Merry Sack...
and I'm just saying!

May you have a blessed day!
Happy Holidays
in every which way you come to celebrate

Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 5, and it's Christmas Eve, of our Holiday Giving.....

Karen Carpenter, Merry Christmas Darling.

Still here? lol

Well today Robert Kaufman
 ( I linked you to their bundles and kits)
 pulled out of their Merry Sack
this Fat Quarter bundle of 9 Fat Quarters
of Darlene Zimmerman's Hints of Prints.
oh ahhhhh I hear you....

I am sure you could think of 101 uses for these..
pretty aren't they?

This has been such a great week, every 
one of our Sponsors have been sew generous...

If this strikes your FANCY...
you know you must be a Follower..( given now right?)
Leave a comment, ( how will I know you even want it)

( don't you just love that you do not have to jump
from blog to blog to blog...and back
 add a button to your blog,
come back, make another comment,
go to another blog and make a comment
there and come back here...?
YEP, I am just saying...lol
Just be a follower and comment sew your name
can be picked) 

My wish ( wish I may, wish I might, have this wish of delight)
 is that you will come back 
in the NEW YEAR for more than
just giveaways...We have incredible
Guest Quilt Bloggers!
Just wait and SEE!

I certainly do....wink..

 Giveaway announcements 
will take place on Dec 27th, 
I am here but I am not...
all of these posts were done in advance
sew I could get on with some of my 
holiday preparations and spend some time
with family...( and perhaps a stitch or two)
I'm just saying....lol

 ps. one of these giveaway days is a bonus day...
the winner will benefit from some very nice

Merry Christmas Dahlings.....

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 4 of our Holiday Giving...what is in our sack today?

Doris Day. White Christmas

Cori dug into her sack..ok truth here, I did, she let me dig or is that dug? lol..
and I came out with this...
Good choice? lol
Love in Bloom by Appliqué Designer Cori Blunt
OHHH check out her Ant "titudes..."
I almost chose this one too...

But this one Love in Bloom
...well there is sew much love in the air
this week..This one seemed appropriate.

The details are over the top...gosh she is good...

Do you FANCY this one... it is her complete PATTERN!
( like she would send partial pieces) duh..

 I fancy it sew much.....I am putting my name in too? lol
not really...

Ok, leave a comment...are you feeling it? lol
Be a follower on this blog of course..
And you could win this too...

 All these  Giveaway announcements 
will take place on Dec 27th, 
I am here but I am not...
all of these posts were done in advance
sew I could get on with some of my 
sewing and quilting and holiday company ...
And yes NO I am not checking in. 
I'm just saying ..lol

p.s one of these Giveaway days has 
a bonus factor...
stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 3 of our Holiday Giving..what is in our Sack today?

Oh look, you are here again. lol
Well today  Valerie from Pastimes Online,
pulled out of her sack, these gorgeous silks.
There 5 Fat Quarters (Canadian Fat quarters are larger,
I am just saying lol)

Check some of her Blocks of the Month here...
if you are thinking what to do with them..

Weeks ago our wonderful delightful Sponsors
 were all approached to assist
in our Holiday Giveaways. They all have been sew generous,
YOU all without a doubt
have this opportunity to be warmed by their gesture.
From their hearts to YOURS.

Sew, if this is your Fancy...
Be a follower on this Blog....
Leave a comment..( otherwise how will I know) lol
And you too could Win...

All of these giveaways will be announced
on Dec 27th.

NOTE: I assure you, all of these posts
have been done well in advance, I am really taking
a break, they all have been scheduled to post for a certain time.
 OH...one of these days is a BONUS day,
I am just saying. lol

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It is Day 2 of our Holiday Giving

Steven Curtis Chapman I just love this song..
I am sure we can all identify with this at some point in our lives..
Always one of my favorite holiday albums or dvd's now..

And Carrie our dearest sweetest designer
and pattern maker..
Has in her sack, 2 new patterns...

Route 66 and Brown-Eye Girl..
If these are your fancy...
Be a Follower
Leave a Comment..
( Santa still is not taking my calls....lol)
I suppose he is worried about my
very long list of giveaways wink...

note: To myself and others who may be reading
these giveaways this week..

All of these posts have been prepared in advance
and scheduled to post at a certain time.
Although it may look like I am here, 
I am not...lol

Sew see you all on Dec 27th, when all the winners
will be announced...
OHHH reminder, one of these days is a BONUS day!
I am just saying...lol

Monday, December 20, 2010

It's time for some holiday giving...welcome to day 1

I 'll be home for Christmas with Barbra Streisand
( this one has very special meaning to me)
and she brought along
MODA Lissa, who sent this along by designer Lila Tueller
and in her sack was this jelly roll
not one you could eat...
but filled with SPIRIT nevertheless...

If you fancy it...
Be A Follower, ( on this blog)
Leave a Comment (otherwise I won't know you want it)

Santa's line was on DO not Disturb...lol
And wait till Dec. 27th, to see who won...

ps. one of these days is a BONUS day,
which means the winner could win far more than this..
I am just saying...Ü

Note: all POSTS for the next 7 days 
have been prepared over a week ago.
I really am RESTING,
although my definition is clearly different
from many lol...
I will be sewing new projects...
See you all on the 27th...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's that time again...Yes, we are "ALL" taking a Holiday , sort of....lol

HOWEVER....each DAY  till then
we will have a giveaway..
from our generous SPONSORS
ONE of these days will be a BONUS day !

That day the winner will win
a special  package of goodies..
(be e sure you are a follower, you would be 
sew disappointed if you were chosen, but did not qualify)

But which day...
NOT TELLING..nada a word lol

Sew enjoy your holiday, create memories!
There will be no guest bloggers, but there will be a video each day,
something to view and certainly put you in the mood
and a nice PHOTO in TIME for you to ponder...

We will return to our regular format on DECEMBER 27th...
As I have prepared everything in advance,
I too will take a holiday..

All the winners will be announced on December 27th...

Whatever holiday you celebrate I wish you all the warmth
of the season. Be reminded YOU all indeed matter sew much to me
and to each other which has become sew evident these
past few weeks...
You have made our guest bloggers sew welcomed
and I cherish each one of you for that...

"Whatever your wishes are, these will be my wishes for you".

Special note of appreciation, to our SPONSORS,
you certainly bring out the best in all of us...

Whitney Houston can sing it like no other...
my sentiments...
 p.s I am taking this time away to make 
some new projects, to quilt and quilt and quilt some more wink..

Saturday, December 18, 2010

In my creative mind, out comes this....

this is a sampling of some of the quilts I have created,
Madame Samm put this collection together for my Banner

Hi, I'm Carol, better known to some as mamacjt and I'm absolutely thrilled to be joining you on Stash Manicure. I've been blown away by the talent I've seen here!!!

I'm a relatively new quilter having made my very first quilt in August of 2008 because I needed a quick baby boy gift. Prior to that, I ran the gambit of passions such as crochet, knitting, beading, card making, doll making, aprons, but mainly sewing kids clothes.....specifically, little girls English smocked dresses. In fact, when our upstairs guest room became stuffed to the gills to overflowing, (with clothes for a someday granddaughter), I knew I had to find another outlet for my creativity.

So, that's when I discovered Flickr, this is my direct link to all that I have created.
and started making lap quilts:

"Under the Sea"
I loved this for the soft colors

Fruit Basket Upset
don't you just love this..you want to just eat it

Plus more, but then, mainly ones I designed myself:

"Which is Which"
this one I loved as it was simple and yet bold

Just a Little Wonky
my funky quilt, choices of color surprised me

And my crowing glory...........

Squared Insanity
my all time fav, worth the work.

That one consisted of 285 3 1/2 inch blocks which started with 1 1/4 inch strips.....needless to say, it took me awhile, but I love the result! I have another crazy idea in my head for something just as time consuming for 2011 and I'm all set with this:

The Next Project

That will be a change, because for a long time, my love of drawing and color has changed my course, and for 2010 I mainly concentrated on smaller wall hangings:

Color Play

On the Beach #2

"Two Birds Hiding"

But then I added whimsy to the mix:

"Oh Happy Day"

DQS9 Dolly Quilt Queen

"Someday my Prince will Come"

"Oh No, The Quilt Police"

Do you recognize this crazy lady?
This was once on this blog, sew I took the photo
that I knew Samm had created into a cartoon..
went from this to this...

Madame Samm

I made that for Samm since she was kind enough to fancy up my blog......(looks just like her don't you think???)

People think I must have some kind of fantastic sewing space, and tons of stash, but it's not true. I sew here:

My Sewing Studio/Kitchen

And I store most of my sewing stuff on my dining room table.....which mainly looks like a disaster, so I won't show you that......(actually, I cleaned up the kitchen for that last picture too, so don't think for a minute that I'm such a clean and organized sewer). LOL I'm as messy as the rest of you!! I buy in limited lots of 1/8 and 1/4 yards of fabric so that I have tons of different prints and colors to go to...but I buy Kona white in 6 to 10 yard lots since I use so very much of it. I even surprised myself this year and designed and published two tree skirt patterns:

The tree got a new skirt.
Win this one and....

That one is called, "Oh Joyful" and the next is called, "Julie's Funky" and it'll be very apparent in a minute when you see it:

The perfect tree skirt!
and this one too!
This is the GIVEAWAY, for these PATTERNs, would you like to WIN.
Leave a Comment Here, , Be a follower, come
and visit me, and WIN!

In fact, I'd like to give both patterns away to one lucky winner. Madame Samm will pick the lucky recipient as she normally does and will let me know so I can send it out post haste. I hope you enjoyed my little show and tell today. I'd love to come back and show you more.......
my mind is filled with lots more goodies believe me!!

Merry Christmas to all,
and to all a good morning.
Carol aka mamacjt

WINNER #15 Guilty Conscience.
and if you are TONI
please connect with me with your address
sew I can pass it onto CAROL,
you are indeed OUR winner..
YOU will love her patterns..
To everyone else...be assured
the winnings will continue...
thank you for making Carol feel sew at home!