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Time to celebrate our December Banner quilters...Work with me..2 posts in one day....as we have a guest blogger tomorrow...

If this Banner does not have you seeking a mistletoe
to kiss all of these very creative quilters
then YOU are just not ready for the 
But I am , sew here you go, Wendy, Michelle,
Ariane, Carla and Elizabeth...Here are your stories...
Warmest Congrats and thank you for inspiring me
and assisting me in creating a beautiful December Banner!

To all those who entered their Quilts, I kiss you too..
It is always a challenge for me to blend all of them together,
I could have made dozens of banners to highlight you all.
Sew thank you, you all sew INSPIRE me. 

Think BLUE for January wink!

Let's begin ....
Top Left corner belongs to Wendy.
Upon seeing her quilt...oh do go to all of their blogs
to view them in all of its entirety 
I was captured by the authenticity of her design!

Last Christmas my youngest daughter was 9 months old.  She was born premature and with health problems.  I had health problems leftover from a challenging pregnancy.  Without a doubt, it had been the toughest year of my life, but things were starting to look up, and I wanted a project that really celebrated my sweet family.  This quilt will always remind me of the huge blessing of us all being together (and happy and healthy) at Christmastime.  I made a square for each of us:  a mama elf, Santa, and two little girl elves.  Last year this quilt hung from our mantle during Christmastime, and I am thrilled to see it out again this year.  And I am equally thrilled to share it with Stash Manicure!

You can see the rest of it, here. Thanks for included me and my happy quilt Madame Samm. What JOY!

And then came Michelle knocking on my door
with this lovely Christmas Wreath
top center..

Originally, I made this wreath for my secret Santa - before I knew who it was.  I was anxious to get the ball rolling, even though it was October.  LOL!   During the process, my little man made comments about how pretty it looked & when would we be able to hang it up...yikes!  I'm going to have to make another one.  But as luck would have it, after I found out who my secret Santa was...my gift did not fit her taste.  So now it is hanging up in our home...another treasure added to our mountain of Christmas decor! (smile)
( Madame samm's comment...who the heck would not have been over the top 
excited by this?...I would have treasured it But that is me lol.)

Now Top right is  Ariane
with her delightful Santa Runner..
I heart  this!

Wow, thank you so much for choosing my little Christmas table runner. This is my original design. I call it "Santa's coming". I used by Go! cutter to make it. I really had fun with it and quilted a unique design on it too. This was my first time doing the little swirls, that is noted on his beard and hat. This is just a fun Christmas runner you can all make. I posted a tutorial on my blog for this. You don't need a Go! to make it. You can just make a template. Not only that, but it is all made from your stash too. 
Love to see you!
Visit me here for the Tutorial. Love to see you!~

Bottom Left belongs to Carla...
for her very festive quilt, just love the border too..

For several years, I really had a thing for joining Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt projects on her website, Quiltville. After each one, I would tell myself, "That's it. No more. There are too many small pieces." Then, Bonnie would introduce another and I'd be hooked right away, searching though my stash for just the right fabrics to create another quilt of mysterious design. This  quilt is the fourth and final project that I made with Bonnie and her quilt- alongs. It is also my favorite of the four.  Using one white background fabric with all of the scraps, I think is what makes it shine for me.  I also took my color selections from an Alexander Henry fabric that I'd found on clearance, fallen in love with and used as the backing.  The traditional Christmas color scheme of red and green was joined by a more modern pink, lime and greyish blue. I'd probably have never dreamed up that combination on my own, but I love it! When I look at this quilt, it reminds me of the enjoyment I've had quilting with others in a virtual reality. I'm also pretty proud of the fact that I finished up this project which contains tons of 1 inch squares! If you would like to see more pictures of this quilt, take a look at my original blog post.  So excited to have been chosen, Thanks Madame Samm, a lovely surprise!

And bottom right is Elizabeth's quilt...
Kate Spains, 12 days such a good choice
in design and placement!

Oh goodness me, how pleased I was when Madame Samm sent me an email with a list of the winners. She showed us a preview of the design. WOW!. I was chosen. I am so thankful. This quilt is a gift for my sister-in-law's family this year, and was a lot of fun to put together.  When I first saw Kate Spain's 12 Days of Christmas line, I knew I had to have it.  I wound up snapping up a few charm packs of it, and I stumbled upon Thimbleblossoms' Wild Thing pattern and it just felt like serendipity.  A super fun, whimsical pattern to go with a beautifully whimsical fabric line.  I'm really pleased with how this quilt turned out and I'm hoping my sister-in-law will love it just as much as I do!

Here's where it originally appeared on my blog -

Again thank you Ladies...you were a JOY to highlight....
You will have the chance to win this
on the 1st of January.
Another sweet treat from
One of you will win this delightful BLUE  collection...

p.s comments still apply....yes maammmmmmm ! 

WINNERS , Banner of the Month, Blogger of the Month and our month end Giveaway Winner! ( and I think yes, there is another GIVEAWAY added)

 Yoooohoooo Melissa ....

#1 Winner
Refresh from last months entries into our November Banner
top left was Karen's entry, top middle Melissa, top right Millie
bottom left was Ethne and bottom right was Polly.
 In my mind YOU were all winners.
And to all those who submitted thank you, it was awful
difficult for me to choose...

The winner of our  November Banner is 
Melissa Corry, top middle...
Congrats Melissa, yours was the choice I built
all others to blend..
I still remember us going back and forth about
photos in the sunlight and how excited you were back
then when I was just asking you do that ...
Nothing ever speaks more to me than enthusiasm...
I know you will no doubt find something to do with
this great bundle...
Melissa you will also be highlighted on our Blog ROLL.
Each month the winner will be added...

You will be receiving  it from Shabby Fabrics
this Victorian Collection.
A warm thanks to Jennifer at Shabby for being
our sponsor for  the Banner winners each month.
Her link will lead you to all of her new products-
As a delightful sponsor I ask that you remember
them too.

#2 Winner
And  I am pleased to announce another winner
beginning each month
we will have a 

Congrats Miranda..

How could we forget the delight she brought to us all
with her heart felt post... At 17 this young lady has a future.
And with sew little stash I don't think any one of you who
blogged this month would be not be over the top excited
for her. Sew dearest Miranda...connect with me
sew I can get your address off to Riley Blake
who have shared with me they will be putting
together a delightful package for you...

#3 Winner

OHHHHH you think I forgot our 

The winner which was chosen
 from all of the matched avatar/buttons
and emails and numbers that are giving
to you on your comments is

Robert Kaufman( another dear sponsor)

Happy Thanksgiving Madame Samm. It has been so much fun reading this blog. I am grateful that I found it!
The designer I am most grateful for is: Robyn Pandolph for RJR Fabrics. I love everything she does. It brings me back to a different time and the designs are just so elegant.

Please connect with me sew I can send this along
with a few little extras that will be added...wink.


#4 Winner..

Oh and yes and another Winner will be announced
tomorrow! If you are a Subscriber to Stash
Manicure, you know a follower
YOU will more certainly, be included!

Comments left today congratulating our 
winners will also be entered into this giveaway
to win a Jelly Roll from
yes a Jelly Roll....
Terry Clothier Thompson
called Stars and Coxcombs..
Reflective of the fall season...


Before I announce the winner...
Can I share that ALL of your comments were winners..
everyone of them. You lifted many  hearts.
Especially the many who contribute to this blog,
the guest bloggers who daily entertain and educate us.
To our sponsors who contribute sew much excitement, thank you..
To all the followers, YOU, who leave comments win too..
People see your comments they go to your blogs..
Great way to get  new followers...
Great way to put smiles upon your face and warmth in your hearts..
It is like ringing a door bell and someone answering it with a huge smile...
and welcoming you IN...

May I add there were many contenders, I did say enthusiasm and appreciation
didn't I? lol Well read this winner....Vrooman's quilts and tell
me you don't think she deserves this jelly roll....
Congrats my dear...she brought much warmth to everyone
in her comments...
Sew please send me your addy, sew I can send some warmth
to you...

Reminder your comments mean sewwwwwwwwwwwwww much!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

WOw - our gracious MSamm and sponsors have outdone themselves. Congratulations Melissa for the Banner - how lovely to have your quilt the building block to such a lovely seasonal banner. The Victorian Suite is just SWEET! I might have to treat myself to one of those. Miranda was such a delight and the RIley Blake pink/green Quilt Connection bundle just so suits her. I look forward to seeing the project(s) she completes with this. Jansie - oh, you lucky duck. THe Kauffman Collection and the SImple Graces are a great X-mas present. Wonderful pairing. And Moda Lisa's Jelly Roll selection - my anyone who wins that should be greatly inspired to enter the Jelly ROll Challenge by Moda. Congratulations to all the winners, thank you sponsors for such gracious and beautiful prizes, and lots of luck to all on the jelly roll.

The more gracious your comment
the more likely your chance to win...
( appreciation and enthusiasm speaks volumes) 

Ok, I think that is enough excitement for one day?
yes? no? maybe? lol

(whooo I need a coffee)

ps. oooops forgot to mention...all the stories about our
December Banner will be posted tomorrow...
and possibly and I say possibly another giveaway???? lol

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It is that time again...

Pssst yes brand new LOOK, more on our Banner Winners ( they all have been notified)
Stay Tuned on Wednesday for the stories behind the quilts...

Thursday, November 25, 2010

End of Month Giveaway, count them 2 Blessings!

First Happy Thanksgiving
to all of our American Friends.
In Canada we celebrate this day in October but nonetheless
that month is behind us , but any chance to count blessings
I am IN!
Sew today I am counting my blessings
with this giveaway! To have amazing sponsors..
we can all be blessed for that!

Today Robert Kaufman and that Patchwork Place
are serving this....

Our most generous offering today is from 
who has been more than generous to offer.
1 fat Quarter Bundle of Darlene Zimmerman's
1930's fabric, the entire collection is here.

and from that 
I chose this  Pattern book
by Kim Diehl
Simple Graces
as an appropriate choice for today.

Here is my preview on this book...

Kim Diehl is no stranger to many quilters. They look to her for new trends and she never disappoints. Take her “Mug Mats”, simple, quick, and you get to use up your scraps. They can be stitched super quickly and are great gifts for quilting friends. Her “Pie in the sky pillowcase” with path work star band can easily be made into a throw pillow.  Her patterns are so versatile. Take her “Fowled Up” design; it can be made into a colorful bed quilt and a t-towel. Her silhouette rooster will appeal to all fowl lovers. Kim never disappoints, she epitomizes simple graces!

SEW how to win this great package...?

#1 Be a follower/subscriber on Google, here on the right...
( please leave an email address if you want to be included )
tell me you are a follower...if you are!

#2 Comment which designer are you thankful for and why.?
If you answer this without a doubt you will be in this draw!

Only 1 entry needed...
each name is matched with your photo(avatar) button
and your number is entered into our software immediately.

( now I know the obvious question would be what are you thankful for ...and family, friends would be up there, I know they would be there for me too...)  Sew I thought this would be a good ? yes ? lol

Draw will take place on NOVEMBER 30th.

psst since I cannot win...
I thought I would share my blessing.

"You know why I am blessed?
Because this wonderful season of my life
I get to share it with YOU,
each and every one of you.

To Rae Ann for believing
I could take Stash Manicure to new
heights, to the most delicious new friends
I have made, to the generous sponsors
that allow me to share sew much with you.
I am sewwwwwwwwwwwwww grateful"
Thank you for sticking around...

p.s more sweet things will be occurring
sew be prepared for more sticky lol
Madame Samm xx

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Little Christmas Stash Fun.

Or, the best laid plans of mice and quilters...

Hi all! I am Jan from the blog, Another Hatchett Job. The last time I posted here at Stash Manicure, I was asked to by Rae Ann. This time, I have had the pleasure of talking with Madame Samm and getting to know her a little bit. I have enjoyed watching this blog grow and blossom as so many wonderful ideas. It's exciting to have played a very small part in the sharing! I know that I get really inspired by seeing what other quilters are doing. But, today, I am going to share some ideas for manicuring the ol' stash while getting ready for the holidays.

My fabulous plan was to show all kinds of photos for these following projects as I worked on them, but, alas, my sewing machine bit the dust and I am readjusting my Christmas plans. So, I am including links that will show everyone many of the projects that I had planned to do. Some photos exist for projects that I started, but likely won't get to finish in time for the holidays (at least this year)!
So what if they don't quilt, maybe they will re- gift it to me!
For most of us, the holidays are a time of fun and family. But, often, the anticipation of the event is more exciting than the actual events themselves. Part of that wonderful anticipation comes from the hunt for the "perfect gift" for someone special. We feel kind of victorious when we have found just the thing. We enjoy knowing that the item that we located will please our loved one. It's a good thing.

But.....what if you could get all those nice feelings without the shopping hustle and bustle? What if you could customize items for your friends and family? What if you could spend time in your crafty/sewing space instead of a crowded mall? What if you could enjoy yourself and be creative while coming up with the perfect gift?

Stash Busting for the holidays can definitely be a win/win situation! Especially when the economy is tight (as it certainly is around here), I can satisfy my creative desires while making gifts that are specifically crafted to please the recipient.

In addition to purchased fabrics, my personal stash contains clothing to be repurposed, and gifted fabrics. I am using up as much of these as possible while making gifts for loved ones.

And these gifts are certainly NOT limited to these end of the year holidays. My first project is a baby quilt for a dear friend's first child. As we know that the baby is a boy and the mother is averse to anything even remotely "girly," I am using old, er, thrifted men's (and boy's) shirts for this quilt. I am even using pieced batting and more shirting fabric for the back. It's definitely masculine, while being soft and lovely for a baby.

I took some old blocks that I started years ago to make a gift. I didn't have the skills at the time to finish them correctly, so I set them aside. I recently found them and put together a nice lap quilt for a Christmas gift. It's full of beginner mistakes that I had made, but it's got loads of character and I just know that the recipient will love it.

I may have to slip over to my parent's house and use Mom's sewing machine to finish this one.  It only lacks the binding at this point.

Here is the back of the same quilt.  It is a glorious blend of all kinds of 80s scraps from when I first started quilting!  I love a project that is almost done when I find it!  LOL!

Some more vintage shirting will be another lap quilt. I am using this pattern from Quiltville. This site is a fabulous resource for using scraps and turning them into beautiful items.

For my sons, I am making outdoor adventure bags from the legs of cargo pants that a friend passed along to me. My sons are in Boy Scouts and they will carry these bags on their hikes. They are great for picking up little items for their nature journal, holding a camera, and to hook a water bottle onto (ours are stainless steel bottles with carabiner clips on the lids).  I wish I had a picture to show here.  Basically, you cut the legs on both sides to include the cargo pocket and a few inches underneath.  You close up and box the corners at the bottom, line it if you like (maybe with an extra pocket inside) and add a strap to go across the body.
easy embellished towels

Other planned gifts include pot holders and embellished kitchen towels, like these from Moda Bakeshop. I am using primarily left over jelly roll strips for these. I will purchase inexpensive towels and ric-rack or embellishments (if I can't scrounge up enough from my stash or my mother's stash).
pot holders that look like muffins

There are loads of great ideas on the internet that many people have generously shared with us. Take advantage of them by typing something like "sewing Christmas gifts" in Google or another search engine. There are no limits to the great ideas that you can find and make your own designer creations.

I hope you will all post photos of the gifts you make and help to inspire the rest of us. Feel free to stop by my blog, Another Hatchett Job, anytime. And be sure to keep checking back at Stash Manicure for more wonderful ideas!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

It is that time again...

I get an extra hour today....
I think I will SEW....
and YOU?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Opening the door to a new day, a new month, a new LOOK?

Heh, my quilt is not up there?
And I designed the blog...lol

I know, I know... you are still at Stash Manicure..in  case you missed that announcement when I took over S.M. from Rae Ann ( hello sugar, what do you think - wink)  in September...Each month you will note a new design, a new blog...and all compliments to YOU, those who send me their quilts for consideration for ourHEADER, BANNER, whatever you would like to call it...
If you want to be considered for our December banner..now is the time to send in your Christmas quilts.
my address is on the side bar with the bird holding my email address.. I usually have the banner all designed
by the third week of the month...

Oh but you want to hear who won Witchsteria and
 Riley Blake's Hooty Hoot...

Here is WHO?  ..if you are # 218 YOU are the winner.. ( all numbers were entered into a software that matches your follower buttons with your blog)  
 SEW---Sewing geek Congrats..please send me your mailing address sew I can be sure you get this collection and Witchsteria. She is sew excited to fly in and stay with you...
To all those who entered, thank you sew much..wish you could all win......stay tuned for the November end of month draw...

And now for those who have been chosen to highlight this monthsBANNER....
May I present the following..

Top left is Karen...@

Click here to Karen's blog- Karen's floral, really captured fall flowers...they screamed end of summer...like the sunflowers ready to go to seed...With our sun diminishing, this captured for me the brightness of our fall season in all its beauty.. Worthy of a standing ovation for our November Banner...Check out her office art, also colourful and certainly welcomes in a new season I included the link to her office art here Sew congrats Karen on  being selected for our November Banner.

Top Centre is Melissa @ 

Click here to Melissa's blog Melissa was one of the first to send me in her quilt photo ....Her photos were rather dark and really did not capture the true essence of her creativity, however she took some direction and returned them to me, much brighter . It was hers that I matched all the entries with.
The additonal leaves that the wind swept upon it, make it clear for me this was one that would be a perfect addition for our November banner. Melissa has had some success at Moda Bakeshop for being a chef...check her out, you will not be disappointed at her unique style...Braided irish chain quilt can be seen here this is one of her latest...the Braided Irish Chain Quilt...just lovely indeed... Sew congrats Melissa on being selected for our November Banner..

Top right is Millie @
Click here to Millie's blog  Millie , well if you don't know her, you should, she is one amazing long
 armer and quilter. I was mesmerized by this fall quilt...believe it or not she had it as a draw for a giveway...imagine that? and surprisingly enough I did not win it - darn it lol
 This was her GIVEAWAY I liked it for many reasons, and I chose this one piece of it as a reflection
of Thanksgiving to remind us, to be sew thankful for all the talent that surrounds us...And forgive me  for saying this Millie..but you had me at the DOTS..I am sew  passionate about polka dots... Sew Millie dear..you did not even enter this quilt, I took it upon myself to capture it and bring it here for all to see.... Sew congrats Millie on being selected for our November Banner. ( those who leave comments, I check often on your blogs looking for hidden treasures)

Bottom left is Ethne @
Click here to Ethne's blog  Ethne is a quilter that is filled with imagination. And she has not been quilting very long. I chose this one as it reflected something creative and many would recognize it..Tim Burton's depiction of a pumpkin coming to life...The colours were perfect addition to our November Banner. Check out Ethne she is new to quilting but not limited to where her imagination soars....Sew congrats Ethne on being selected for our November Banner.

Bottom right is Polly @

Click here to Polly's blog Polly, what can I say about Polly...she loves fall and Halloween, and when I saw this fall banner I thought, oh yes, it will blend perfectly with all the others...Orange was certainly the theme here....sew much sew, we are actually doing the same quilt that DES at Quilt Taffy designed...We chose it the same weekend we were both going to different retreats...Now that is serendipity. You have to check her site, as she just completed her topper..I am completing mine this week...Polly is one quilter you will come across through many blogs..she is always one of those who leaves nice comments...Sew congrats Polly on being selected for our November Banner...
this is for you Banner girls..I have sent you all personalized ones!

And to all those who entered, thank you...I was amazed at your talent, your notes to me, your blogs
that were new to me...thank you for making my job just a tad easier....THANK YOU!

Let us know what you think?

I can hardly wait to start on our DECEMBER Banner...If you have made some, please send them to me..
( just the photos of course, not the actual quilt, (but if you consider sending me a real one..I will keep you up all year long wink...lol ...kidding of course) 
One winner in five will win a FAT Quarter Bundle from Shabby Fabrics...That in itself is worth entering..
and of course being highlighted for the whole month.... This is what this month's winner will have a chance
to win...Good luck to all of you...That announcement will be made on November 30th, 2010

ps. pay particular attention to the blog  changes...
in 6 months, there will be a quiz and that winner
will be winning a Grand PRIZE
( something from all of our sponsors) 

I know, I know...that is March 1st
pay attention...wink..

Note here: all followers of google...I do check up 
on your blogs..I have many who assist me too
in finding new guest bloggers as well as banner
contestants..sew around here it pays to be a follower!
Just thought you would like to know that bit of tidbit!