Tuesday, September 28, 2010

An Inexpensive Way to House Your Stash

Hi... it's just me Rae Ann here to share with you a fun inexpensive way to house your stash. This might be silly to some but it works well for me!

Years ago when I was growing up my father moved our family to another state and upon arrival to start his new job, he learned that the man that had hired him and was going to be his new boss had just died that afternoon of a massive heart attack. As a result he had no job! I learned a very important lesson at that time in life as I watched my parents struggle to make ends meet. My dear mother taught me during the next couple of years to make do with what you have. This caused me to look at things very differently.

So... now when I go to the store, especially Costco to buy food and I see the plastic containers that hold the food, my creative juices start flowing as to what I can do with that container. NO... I am not a hoarder. Well... maybe a bit of a fabric hoarder. LOL!

Let me show you what I mean!

This container holds 28 of my most favorite fat quarters.

It use to hold strawberries...some of my favorite fruit!

I think my fabric looks just as yummy! Don't you?

Another strawberry container holds my 2 1/2" squares.

I know... you are thinking...
"What would you put in an empty tomato container?"

I have just the answer...
All of my darling 5" squares that I have been collecting
from my Clothesline Club exchange.

Look how nicely they fit and I even had room for
my 2 charm packs of "Bella Solids" from Moda.
Now I am ready to get going on my project!

Pineapple also comes in a nice size container.

It fits my 6 1/2" square blocks like it was made for them...

and will hold them until I have completed
the rest of the blocks to make my quilt!

I used another one for the left over pieces of fabric... 

I had after making this king size quilt.
I got very tired of seeing them.

I even tried to get rid of them all
by placing them down the back.
Any takers?

Oh... how sweet the plums were and
I loved the container!

It was just plum dandy for these
pre-cut squares I found while out thrifting one day...


and for all of the pieces I have been finding
to go with them.

I have to say...
the salmon that comes in these containers from Costco
is so yummy,
but I do not cook it in the container like directed.
I HOARD them for...

my newest collections...

and for holding all of my folded 2 1/2" strips of Gracies!

I used this one to hold my "Ugly Quilt Contest" fabric from 
January's Dog Kennel quilt guild meeting until I was ready
to make it... which I just did! You may want to have a look
on my "Cutie Pinwheel" blog if you already haven't.

They are a great size for storing a pattern and
a project together...

not to mention a full kit!

These are Chili's sturdy little take out containers.
I like these for my little eye candy squares and scraps.

From Baby Spinach to...

I even found time to label this one!

 Here's the last baby spinach bucket I emptied.
It's storing my kit that I cut for
Lori Holt's class that will be taught in
September at the "Dog Kennel's Day of Quilting".

What a treat cookies can be!

I use their containers to hold some of my craft projects.

These also come in handy for storing rick rack...

and act as a divider in my drawers. 

This is the best!!!
 When you are out of town do as I did ~ buy some cookies... eat em up... buy some fabric... of course... and a pattern... cut it out... and packed it away in your new take home cookie container ready to quilt!

Cookie buckets also make great holders for small kits.
Be sure to put a copy of the pattern front in with it
so you will remember what you were going to make!

I love it that spinach buckets come in a large size too!

They are great for storing 19 half yards of your favorite fabrics.

One of the nice things about all of these containers
 is that you can see through them.

When it is all said and done...
we can say that we have been well fed and
manicured at a very reasonable cost!