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Scrappy Stocking Tutorial, pssst and a little extra stuffing...

Hi everyone! I'm Vicki from Sew Inspired and I'm so happy to be posting here at Stash Manicure again. Today I'm sharing my Scrappy Stocking Tutorial.
I decided to make this type of stocking when I was making my Wreath of Doves quilt, back when my oldest son was a baby. I’ve since used the same pattern to make similar stockings for my other two kids, and last year I took photos of the process as I made my daughter’s stocking. Here’s the tutorial!

Materials needed:
Scraps of red, green, and white or off-white fabrics
Piece of batting 10"x17"
Muslin 20"x17"
Red fabric for stocking back 10"x17"
Fabric for stocking loop and binding 2.5"x24" or so

You can download the (hand drawn, low-tech) pattern I made for this stocking here
1/4" seam allowances are included on all pattern pieces. You will need to tape the top and bottom pieces of the stocking body pattern together. 

Gather up your scraps of the colors you’d like to use for your stocking. I used red for the main part of the stocking, green for the heel and toe, and off white for the mock cuff. You might want to cut your larger scraps--the largest scraps I used in this stocking were about 4.5" square and others were smaller. 
Start sewing red scraps into pairs (use 1/4" seam allowances). Match up a couple scraps that are similar sizes, and sew them together. After you’ve sewn a few pairs together, press them, lay them out, and sew the pairs to each other or to another scrap.
Continue until you have a piece of red scrap fabric big enough for your main stocking pattern piece.
Like this... let's see if it's big enough...
It is! Here is the pattern piece laid over the pieced together red scrappy fabric:
Using the same technique, make a piece of green scrap fabric big enough for the heel and toe pattern pieces.
And finally, make an off-white scrap piece big enough for your cuff section:
Next, cut out all the stocking pieces
and sew them together with ¼” seams (the little “super patchworky” section in the middle of the heel and toe is left over from my oldest son’s stocking and the dove quilt....)
Press your seams!
Now you need to layer and baste your stocking front for quilting. I used plain muslin for the backing, and basted with pins.
Quilt it:
And then trim your batting and backing to the edge of the stocking front fabric.
For the back of the stocking, I chose to use a double layer of fabric, not quilted. Use the quilted stocking front as a pattern and cut out your stocking back (make sure you put the front and back right sides together when you cut!) and a muslin layer for the back lining.

To assemble the stocking, place and then pin the layers in the following order: muslin back lining, stocking back right side up, quilted stocking front right side down.
Sew the stocking together, using a ¼” seam allowance and sewing through all 3 layers (the quilted front, and both back layers). Backstitch at the beginning and ending of your seam. 

Zigzag your edges and clip the inner curve above the stocking toe (cut a few clips in the curved area by cutting through the seam allowance almost to the stitch line, being careful to NOT clip through your seam!)  

Make a little stocking loop from a strip of fabric, about 5” long and 2” wide. Fold it in half lengthwise and press, and then fold both long edges into the center fold and press again. Stitch down the open edge and then sew the strip into a loop.  
You could also use a ribbon or piece of ric rac. Baste the loop, pointing down, to the top edge of the inside of the stocking above the heel. The binding will cover the raw edges of the loop.

To finish the stocking, bind the top edge of the stocking the way you would bind a quilt. Here is my tutorial on binding, or you can use another technique if you want.
Final step: Hang by the chimney with care!
Thanks again, Madame Samm, for giving me the opportunity to share this tutorial with Stash Manicure readers! I would love to see pictures if anyone out there decides to make a stocking like this!

WINNER OF this Pattern and stamps...from Eat Cake graphics, Thanks to Holly for the generous offering...

 I contacted winner, ...but still has not confirmed ....sew please connect with me asap!


  1. Good Morning Vicki..and what a great way to kick start our season...I am sew inspired which seems befitting since that is also the name of your blog.. lol But truly-madly-deeply you provided us with a very good tut...I love that it is scraps, and that they match and that you had time to do all of this...and the result is a great stocking..well we might just have to fill it with some great comments...mmmm another giveaway this morning...for the most enthusiastic comment...yes that will do..gotta fill it up...shhhhhh wonder if anyone will be paying attention...I raise my cup of cup to you this morning...

  2. I love it! I need these sort of ideas in July...I don't have time to implement them this year...no time. =( I'm adding to my favs thought. Maybe if I start in Jan, I'll be ready for next year. =)

  3. Very Nice tutorial on how to "make fabric" with your scraps. I love how you used bits from another stocking and project - it ties in your decor without overdoing it. Ok, I noticed I'm over run with reds and greens (from another project) + I have a new grandbabe = new stocking. I think I will enjoy this project today. Thank you for sharing your tutorial and pattern, and your time on Stash Manicure.

  4. These are absolutely adorable!! Thank you for such a great (and fun to read) tutorial. They are now on my (ever growing) list of things to make :)

  5. Oh this is so cute!!! Perfect for the holidays. You can make it all from your stash too. Those are the best patterns. I love it!!! Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us. Hugs Ariane

  6. Vicki-what a treasure you've created! And from your scraps!! Smart :) Thank you for sharing and for providing us a tutorial. Way cool!

  7. Very fun...I love sewing my scraps together and using them as "real fabric!" It may be time for a new stocking!

  8. You know, I really like that pattern...I LOVE scraps and I think I'll make 3 of these for my family this year! What a great idea....Thanks!

  9. Thank you for this pattern and tutorial. It's a great way to use up bits of red, white, off white and green fabrics that don't have to be Christmas-themed.

  10. Wonderful post here for December! I'd have to make my stocking bigger for the most goodies! LOL

  11. I will definitely be making some of these! Thanks for the great tute!

  12. What a super stash project! thank you for sharing.

  13. I've seen several stocking tutorials, but this is the only one with the contrast heel and toe. A little something extra that really adds to the cuteness factor! I will definitely do one of these because I never know what to do with my scraps of Christmas fabric. I'm not the table runner or placemat type. But you can't have too many stockings hung by the fireplace. (Maybe Santa will absent-mindedly fill them all!)


  14. Thanks Vicki . . . I need to get busy. Our stockings are all mismatched and frankly, ugly. With a new member of the family, it's a perfect time to make new stockings for all and I love this idea.

  15. Woo Hoo! What a wonderful tutorial that you shared with all of us today!!! I love, love, LOVE your stockings and I know that your family does also!!!! Wow! I need to get busy and make some of these!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I love scrappy anything so these are just wonderful. And I really love the shape you made them - they would fit in my house just perfectly! Great tutorial - thanks so much for sharing with us. blessings, marlene

  17. This is SEW cute! I love scrappy things, and one can never have too many stockings. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  18. Oh what a nice tutorial! I was looking for an easy stocking pattern and this fits perfectly! Thank you! I love using up scraps! Have a happy day!

  19. You are very clever Vicki and what a good way to use up all of those Christmas scraps!Thanks for the great tutorial on a darling quilted stocking.

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    Gmama Jane

  24. I made all of my children a stocking when they were babies and now I have my very first grandchild so I need to add another one. I was going to make one to match her mother's but now I am inspired to make a scrappy one! Thanks for the timely tutorial. This blog is the best!

  25. Such good pictures! I've made stockings before, but never with leetle bitty pieces like this! Have to try it.


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