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Scrappy Quilted Ball Ornament Tutorial

Hello all!  I'm Melissa and my little corner of the virtual quilting world is over at Happy Quilting.    Feel free to swing by for a visit. (In fact, I am having a giveaway that ends later today, so you might just want to head over and enter, but of course, finish reading here first :)  I am so excited to be posting here at Stash Manicure.  I love reading all of the amazing things that can be done with a bit of fabric.  I just started "stashing" about 9 months ago.  Here is where I am today :)

It is not huge, but compared to my non-existent stash just a little bit ago, It is huge.  My husband teases me about it all the time :)  I keep my notions and my WIP in the baskets above. I love to arrange my fabrics by color.  It reminds me of the Yankee Candle Shop. (I love that place, beautiful colors and great smells, a fabulous combination :)

So That is my stash, not much to write about :)  With that in mind, I decided to do a little Scrappy Christmas Ornament Tutorial for my post today. First, the disclaimer.  This is not my original idea.  I learned it about 6 years ago from a friend, who learned it from a friend and so on and so on.  Who ever came up with it, I love it and thought you might enjoy it as well.  

Scrappy Quilted Ball Ornament

What you will Need
( 1 ) 3 inch Styrofoam ball                                           1 foot lace or ribbon                                   
(12) 2.5 inch square pieces of base fabric                    Lots of straight pins with flat heads      
(16) 2.5 inch square pieces of middle fabric                 Hot glue 
(16) 2.5 inch square pieces of border fabric                 Ribbon or sting for a hanger

Step 1 - Begin by selecting the fabric that you want to be the center of the design. Place 2 squares wrong side together and pin to the ball at the four corners

Step 2 - Grab another base square of fabric and fold in half and then in half again. (Right side out). 

Open it up and place a pin from the wrong side of the fabric through the center of the square. Pin this to the center of the square on the Styrofoam ball.  (when pushing in the pins, it helps to use the eraser of a pencil, trust me, your finger will thank you :)

Step 3 - Fold your square down into a rectangle with the pin on the inside of the fabric.  Then fold the 2 corners of the rectangle down to the opposite edge. Place 4 pins along the bottom edge.

 Step 4 - Turn the ball 90 degrees and repeat steps 2 and 3 three more times.  Your ornament should look like this.

Step 5 - Find the opposite side of ball and repeat steps 1 through 3.  Finding the opposite side can be a little tricky and it is important so that it turns out the same.  The best guideline is to measure from one pin to another on both sides of the ball.  You want it to be the same distance apart :)

Step 6 - Pick your second fabric or middle fabric. Continue with the same folding pattern but start the second row approximately 1/2 inch out along the centerlines of the first row.  Place all 4 pieces.

Step 7 - Once the 4 main pieces are down begin placing the pieces on the diagonal. The easiest way to figure out the placement is to draw an imaginary line between the two points of the folded fabric already placed.  Then place the point of the fold about a 1/4" below that line.  Repeat for all 4 diagonals.

Step 8 - Flip the ball over to the other side and repeat steps 4 and 5.

Step 9 - With the final fabric or border fabric repeat steps 4 through 6, once again measuring out about 1/2".  All of your pieces on both sides should meet around the center of the ball or close too.

Step 10 -  Hot glue the ribbon around the ball so that it hides the unfinished edges and pins. Make a hanger out of ribbon or string and secure it to the ornament with pins or hot glue.

 And you are done!!  Now you have an adorable Scrappy Quilted Ball Ornament that didn't require any quilting.  Super fun and super cute!!

The combinations are endless.  I made this one for my daughter's first Christmas and added a cute little Pillow Tag to remember it by.  

I think next I will be making an all scrappy one in different reds, greens, and whites.  I would love to see what you make.  When you are done your Scrappy Quilted Ball Ornament feel free to upload a picture on to my Tutorial Flickr page.  

Thank you so much Madamm Samm for having me here as a guest blogger at Stash Manicure.  I love this blog and am honored to be posting here.  Until next time, Happy Quilting!


  1. Very Nice tutorial with great photos. I did the pinecone ornaments, but I like these much better - next year.

  2. Beautiful ornament! Thank you for sharing this and this may just have to end up on my tree and a few others' this year :) Great tutorial!!

  3. Nice balls, I made some last winter too - uploaded today on your Flickr page. Greetings from Slovakia :-)

  4. These are great, might have to get some on the tree this year! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Thanks for the Tut. Very cute balls.

  6. This is a wonderful tutorial, especially since I am brand new to quilting. Still working on mug rugs. Can't wait to get a "stash" of my own. (o:

    Thank you and have a wonderful day.


  7. Cute, cute, cute! I got one of these as a gift and have always wondered how it was done!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  8. Good Morning Melissa...ok, you know "I" am new to quilting...6 months today in fact...never heard of these BALLS...now I could have a "ball" with these... they look pretty easy and the designs you can conjure up are amazing...very good tut...You simply AWE me dear one...

  9. Great tutorial and very timely posted. Hope to make a few for Christmas. Thanks for sharing. Heading over to Happy Quilting.

  10. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Melissa I love these! The ladies in my quilt guild are always looking for Christmas ornaments to make because we decorate the tree for the public library each year and only use hand made ornaments. They will be thrilled with this one! Thanks so much for posting. blessings, marlene

  12. I love this, thank you for sharing this tut. I can´t be a follower of a blog :( so I took the liberty of putting a link on my blog to yours I hope that´s OK if not pleas let me know. My blog is at http://www.agnarogn13.blogspot.com
    best wishes from Iceland

  13. This is perfect!! I had pulled a page out of a magazine to make a large square one but really wanted it to be more of a decoration. Wallah!! You've got it for me!! I'm so excited and can't wait to make some for gifts.

  14. Yay! Thanks for this tutorial! I've been wanting to learn how to do this for a while, now.

  15. Thanks for the turorial...at a quilt documentation day I saw a pinecone quilt (done in the same sort of style as the ball) that had about a dozen rows of fabric in each block! the quilt weighed at least 15 pounds! Really fun to look at the fabrics though!

  16. Thanks so much for posting this! I made these ornaments years ago and enjoyed doing so. I wish I had thought about using the eraser. What a great idea! They look great too with the egg shapes. When I made them I didn't use the focal fabrics but started with the folded pieces. I'm thinking how great it would be to have a photo printed on fabric and use that as a focal! The idea of focals has my head spinning with ideas...thanks!!

  17. Great tutorial for these Melissa. I have always loved the look of these and always thought they looked so involved to use but you've proved that wrong. Thank you so much.

    vburr at charter dot net

  18. Very nice tutorial. Love the look of those ornamants.

  19. There really is no limit to what people come up with for adorable projects is there? I never would have even considered this.......

    Thx for the good tute. and Happy Holidays!

  20. This is great!! Thanks for such a clear tutorial...

    Jennifer :)

  21. Thanks Madame Samme for the instruction to make this adorable ball. I love this blog and visited often, but it looks familiar and when I checked out further and realized that it operate by you. How exciting. Thanks - Nat

  22. Very cute! And I think I have the perfect fabric. Thanks for the tutorial.

  23. Great tute! These are sooo addictive to make! ;-)

  24. Nice tutorial Melissa. I have been making these ball ornaments for about 25 years and here are a few tips how I make mine. I attach my lace and bow for hanging with pins, I never use glue. I also iron creases in the squares before I begin. I find the center on the opposite side by placing a rubber band around the ball at the center of the first star both horizontally and vertically. Where the bands cross each other on the back side will be your center. I hope this is clearer than mud. I enjoyed your post, now I'm off to visit your blog. Merry Christmas!!!

  25. What a great tutorial! I've never done one of these ornaments! Now I'm going to have to give it a try!! Hugs Ariane

  26. How cute is that! I hadn't seen these before but they are definitely something that I will make. Thanks bunches for sharing!

  27. These are so fun...they do take a while to make. I learned to make them back in the 80s and made some for an ornament exchange last Christmas. They were a BIG hit!! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Is there any way that I can have this tutorial in a version that I can print.? I love this and you...


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