Monday, December 27, 2010

My excitement certainly matches the winners today....update...can I just say, YOU are Totally AWESOME ....

First, did you all have a wonderful holiday,
break, time out, visit ?

I missed you all!

I did in fact take a break, and there is nothing
like getting back into a routine.
Sew now that the Holidays are behind us, 
I am ready to move forward..
How about YOU?

And goodness me, without 
further ado....we have a 
few winners 
to announce.
The response was overwhelming,
all of your comments were just a delight
to read. Some were a bit... can I say mushy and over
the top sweet...but ohhh  indeed many brought a chuckle.
The result was a heck of a lot of emails to read through
and I enjoyed everyone of them ...Sew from my heart
to yours...it spoke volumes...

 my software chose numbers 
each day that corresponded with your comment
and follower button...
If you note, winners from all over the world!

Congratulations to the following
Please be sure to send me your addresses
sew I can mail these all off before the 
New Year!

Day 1 Winner  ( have not heard from you yet)
#170 Jedoglec 
you have won the Jelly Roll. from Lissa at Moda
( from Poland)

Day 2 Winner ( yep heard from you, check lol)
#48 SkikStitches 
you have won Carrie's patterns, Carrie Nelson
( from England)

Lot's of extra goodies to you...
Layer cakes, extra patterns, notions,
cuppa cozie, thimble its ( love those)
...Value PRICELESS..!

Day 3 Winner ( yep heard from you too...check)
#37 Elly
you have won the Silks from Valerie Online Pastimes..
( from Northern Scotland)

Day 4 Winner ( heard from you, check)
#52 Sewn With Grace, Renee
you have won the pattern Love in Bloom from Cori Blunt
(from United States)

Day 5 Winner ( yep heard from her too, check)
#11 Felicity
you have won the Robert Kaufman bundle ( from R.K)
( from Canada)

Day 6 Winner
#43 mamacjt ( yep, ohhh I heard from her...lol, check)
you have won the Riley Blake fat quarter bundle ( Jina)
( from United States)

Day 7 Winner ( yep heard from her a couple of times..check lol)
#145 MommaRock
you have won the Home Pattern from Shabby Fabrics ( Jennifer)
( from United States)

Sew to all you WINNERS, I have to agree
with many of you who commented..we all win..
WE are united with our passion for Quilting...
( ohhh and there will be sew many more giveaways
you just wait and see)
And a huge Thanks to our SPONSORS
once again...xx

Ohhh and one of our SPONSORS
Jane got a NEW Look. 
* I had a wee giveaway of my own
yesterday...and she won..

Jane has a new RETRO look!

She went from this..
 To this...
she was pretty excited..she will tell you all about it...

cuppa cozie....
keeps your beverage HOT for up to 3 hours
Made from 100% goose down..
created by YOURS truly..
Madame Samm

Will be announced in the morning...
Sew return and check in...in the morning EASTERN TIME!

And that winner is 
#48 Christine
and she is from Australia....
( there you go, I think we toured the world)
Please connect with me ...
and congrats...

On a very personal NOTE:

I ask that you contribute comments-
SEW we get to know one another..
It really helps you know...

The BONUS for me, is I will
want to continue building this blog and working
with the Sponsors on your Behalf..
SEW thank you...your words MATTER...

I believe I saw something extra under the tree....

FOR ME? or YOU! 

Regular GUEST BLOGGING resumes in the MORNING
Thank GOODNESS! lol


  1. Congratulations to all the winners. Enjoy!!!!

  2. Happy stitching to all you lucky winners today. It's like the cherry on the ice cream sundae.... you deserve it!!!! I am SEW happy for you!!!

  3. Seven is the lucky number! 7 lovely winners....congratulations!ooh, and #8 on the other site too!

    ....and I feel that I am a winner also..being able to be part of this great site is such a HOOT! No need to pick me...I have it all now! Thanks Everyone!

  4. I would like to thank all the sponsors for their gracious gifts that MSamm so wonderfully presented to all of us with great anticipation over the Holiday Season. I am so happy to see winners - congratulations to all of you ladies - from all around the world. It represents the true global treasure of quilters coming together at Stash Manicure. And I am so happy for Jane. I love her blog and so glad to see that she received the update. It truly represents how I feel about her and her blog. To our sponsors, MSamm, and all you wonderful quilters, I look forward to a spectacular New Year.

  5. Congratulations to all the winners!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you! To you, Madame Samm and to Stash Manicure's awesome sponsors. Yahooooo!

  7. Congratulations to all the lucky winners!!

  8. Congrats to all the winners of all that quilty goodness!!

  9. While all of our winners deserve to be grinners
    With prizes from stitchery heaven,
    I wish every reader - and Madame, our leader -
    A fabulous twenty-eleven!

  10. Congratulations to all the winners! I think it is just lovely that you are from all around the world. Enjoy your wonderful prizes.

  11. Congrats to all the winners!! What a way to represent the World Wide Web!! I hope all of us (not just the winners) have a wonderful holiday week, with all our unique family traditions. Here's hoping it's full of little sewing snippets here and there and time for yourselves. Congrats again winners, and thank you Madame Samm for organizing the giveaway. Very fun!!

  12. It's good to have you back! Congratulations to all those lucky winners (especially you, #2. What a bonus!!) I remember when I won; I couldn't stop smiling for days! What a wonderful feeling and what a wonderful group we belong to. Cheers!

  13. Who could pout when we all are enriched by the wonderful humor, ideas, and friendly connections we receive through Stash Manicure? So I'm happy for all the winners. I'm sure you'll use your new gifts to bring joy to the lives of the recipients of your talents(even if it's yourself!)

    Leslie S. in MN
    esclante at comcast dot net

  14. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to you and the sponsers for making it all possible

  15. What a lucky group of winners! And it's nice to see some familiar names among the group. Many, many thanks to the sponsors and Madame Samm for putting together this great giveway - you guys rock!

  16. Okay here's me being gracious... congratulations to everyone who has one.....but, can you hear it in my voice....what I am really sayings is I WANNA WIN!!Boo Hoo I didn't win - Oh well better luck next time eh. Hugs Linda x

  17. Although I didn't win,
    I'll be sure not to sulk,
    I see there were no Aussies,
    So I don't feel missed out.

    Those who won are so lucky,
    I wish you happiness and fun,
    Play with your new toys
    And think good things about us.

    As you craft and sew
    May joyfullness abound
    Thanks to Madame Samm and the sponsors,
    Maybe it'll be me next round...


  18. Congrats to all the Northern Hemisphere winners- good 'gracious' lucky, lucky ones!

  19. Oh my gosh, it's me, it's me, IT'S MEEEEEEEEE!

    I've never won anything since a jar of honey when I was 8 (about a hundred years ago) thank you sooooooooo much!!!

    Thank you Madam Samm, and all the sponsors:-)


  20. Elly you're a winner, Felicity you're one too
    The rest of us are all winners cause we get to send love to you.
    Congratulations to all winners!

  21. Welcome back, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Thank you and thank you to the generous sponsors as well! And congrats to all of the lucky winners!

  22. Not sure about gracious... but I do want to say I admire you for getting all those presents together and leading us through it! I am looking forward for all to come!

  23. Congrats, all you talented quilt mavens. We all look forward to seeing your creations with your new goodies. AND another round of applause for our wonderful sponsors who make it all happen. Welcome back M SAMM. You did a lovely job on your little break, but it's fun to have you back with us again!

  24. Congratulations to all you lucky winners!

  25. Congratulations to the winners !!!!!
    Each will have as a project to do with joy in his heart!
    Thank you for your dedication and make a small world from his inspiring blog!
    My greetings mrs. SAMM.

  26. The long awaited anticipation is over...Congrats to the lucky bunch!!! A big shout out...to the sponsors and Madame Samm for their generosity and time that makes all this possible! Wishing you all, a Happy New Year that is filled with SEW MUCH TIME!!!

  27. What a fun break-time you gave!! :)

    I saw something move under the tree, too. Would you like me to open it? :)

  28. Congratulations to the winners! Although I believe we're all winners. :)

  29. Congrats to the winners!! Now I know it is a big responsibility to win such great prizes, there is the pressure of having to actually use it and not let it sit in your stash, so I am very generously offering to take any such prizes off your hands as I would really hate for anyone to feel such undue pressure to create at this time of year ;)

  30. This was a bunch of fun - more fun for the winners! Create!

  31. congratulations to all the winnwers! Enjoy your treasures and I am looking forward to see what you created out of it!
    Be blessed

  32. Welcome back Madame Samm and congratulations to all of the winners.

  33. my sincere congratulations to all of the lucky winners...like Madame Samm said, we are all winners to be united with such a wonderful group of people who truly love what they do...and boy does it show....

  34. Congratulations to you winners!! What lucky Ladies you are. Thank you Sponsors, for great gifts and helping with a fun time.

  35. OH MY!!! What a surprise!! I WON!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!! Thank You sooo much Madame Samm and all the sponsors :)) What a lucky person I am today!! OH WOW!!!

  36. I can hear a lot of wooooohoooo's going on out there in blogland!! Congrats.

  37. Congratulations to all the winners! What a wonderful way to close out 2010!


  38. Eeeeekkkkkkkssssss........I won, I won!!! I can't believe it! I never win anything!!! And wow, can I use that fabric! Thank you, thank you sponsors.....and Samm and the lucky number chooser! It is a happy day!

  39. A Big THANK YOU to Madame Sam and all the great sponsors for the awesome giveaways and a Big CONGRATS to all the lucky winners!!!! Please pick me, pick me this time :)

  40. What a wonderful way to close out the year for all you winners. I hope the coming year brings you as much joy as winning here has. May that smile always be on your face. Congrats to everyone who won and a Happy New Year to everyone else.

  41. Congratulations to all of the lucky winners. I have won a lot of give aways this year so I really didn't need to win any way. I really like reading your blog and love how so many people contribute to it. It is nice seeing how everyone else works on their sewing rooms and their quilting.
    Appreciate you.

  42. Congratulations to all the winners! Happy sewing in the new year.

  43. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the sponsors! And...a big shout out to Madame Samm for organizing the whole shebang! It was so much fun to anticipate each day of the giveaway, wondering what would be on the "menu"....is this a great blog or what?!!

  44. Love Jane's redesign! Sew inspired! Congrats to the other winners!

  45. Woohoo to all the winners and I have just been to see Jane's new look and she sounds one happy lady, thank you for making them all so very happy.
    Congratulations to you all and a very happy new year

    quilting hugs

  46. Hooray for all the winners! This site helps not only control stash but pay it forward, too, since so many of the lovely ladies featured and who comment often talk about charity quilting.... let's all keep that in mind as we get ready to start another year! I'm going to put my cup of envy, I mean coffee down and go start something. Congrats again, and a HUGE thank you to Madame Samm!!!!!

  47. I am very happy for all the winners! We are all winners because no matter what country we live in, we all share the bond of our love of fabric. I think of us as a high thread counted fabric. Without each of us, it would make the fabric weak. Have a wonderful day!!!

  48. Congrats to all of the winners! Happy Sewing :)

  49. Congratulations and felicitations to all the winners!! Sew something wonderful with your winnings!

  50. Congratulations to all of the winners! Awesome!

  51. What fun for the winners! They'll be waiting with anticipation for the postman to deliver something besides post-holiday bills!! Congratulations to each of you! ~karen

  52. Lucky winners, what a treat!
    It was fun taking part and still better odds than the lottery!
    happy New Year all

  53. Quilters are the most giving and gracious people I know. Everyone is a winner just for playing along. Thanks to the sponsors for being sew generous. Congratulations to the winners!!

  54. Just reading your blog makes me feel like a winner - there were prizes, too? Good for all of you!

  55. Merry Christmas and Congratulations to all of the winners. What fun to see different country's win - so often they get left out due to shipping. Love the retro look Jane.
    Madamn Samm, thank you for making the Holidays brighter and exciting.

  56. Oh Congratulations to all the winners. Let me tell you it is a true pleasure to receive something from this amazing woman. Please stop by my blog and see the magic I received for Madamn Samm!

  57. Congratulations to all the lucky winners! Enjoy your new goodies. Thanks to all the wonderful sponsors and of course to Madamm Samm for all the fun. I do love this world of quilt blogs! So wonderful to connect with all the quilters out there. Happy New Years everyone.

  58. Welcome back MSamm....missed you...bunches.
    Congratulations to all the lucky winners who won the FABULOUS gifts from all the GENEROUS sponsors. I've said it before....I feel I'm a winner every day...thank you Samm for being the BEST..EST leader....2011 is going to be a spectacular year for Stash Manicure!!

  59. Let's see - how to be gracious when I am so envious - hmmmm

    I am so honored to be part of the generous blogging world. I never knew such graciousness and generousity before. My congratulations to all the winners and my sincere appreciation to Mme Samm and the sponsors. Thank you!

  60. Thank you Samm. Thank you sponsors. Thank you everyone for a very special Seven Days of Christmas at Stash Manicure. Hugs and Kisses to all the winners from Around the World. We are all winners in this season of Piece on Earth.

  61. A big congratulations to all the winners...enjoy those wonderful gifts! And many, many thanks to all the sponsors that donated those fabulous prizes, and to you, Madame Samm, for hosting the give away and making this so much fun. Wishing you all the very best that 2011 has to offer!



  62. Congratulations to all of the winners.
    I have been lucky this month and won a few contests myself, so it is nice to see others win too.


  63. Congrats to all the winners, and Merry Christmas to all! And oh how wonderful it is to get back to our normal routines.....

  64. "sew" excited for all the wonderful winners. It's like an "extra" Christmas present. (o:


  65. Sew happy for all that won. Looking forward to the great posts in the New Year!

  66. Congrats to the lucky winners! I read Jane's post on her blog today and her excitement over her new blog look can be felt in her words. Congrats Jane - very well deserved!

  67. Having been a winner it feels not quite right to enter into another draw to win more things. Mom taught me to be generous not greedy... lol
    But it is so inspiring to come here and read what others are doing. Thank you to Samm as always and the generous sponsors!
    I can't seem to break into my "win" fabric because it is inspiring me all neat and bundled on my table. Waiting for inspiration and a special someone to receive the gift of a new quilt. Waiting for inspiration!

  68. Yippeee!! I won :) I'm so excited! I'm happy for all of the other winners too.. and for Jane who got a beautiful new look to her already wonderful site. Samm you are just GREAT!

  69. Congrat to all the winners. Thanks to all the sponsors for all the greate stuff. And thank you Madamm Samm for all the fun. Im looking foreward to see all the new quilts made from this wounderful giveaway :o)

  70. Congrats to the winners - and thanks to your wonderful sponsors for great loot. Enjoyed the chance to win everyday!

  71. Congratulations to each of the winners and thanks for making it such a fun event.

    I saw Jane's new blog and it is fabulous!!! Wonderful job.

  72. Congrats to all the lucky winners!

  73. Congrats to everyone...and welcome back Samm! I absolutely love the new design you made for Jane...perfect for her! Best wishes for 2011~

  74. Congrats to the winners! Thank you sponsors! Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

  75. Congrats to all the winners today. What fun you'll have enjoying your prizes. This is such a generous blog...I'm truly amazed at what happens here. Again, what a treasure in blogland.

  76. What a wonderful way to start off the week - seeing how we are stitched together from all parts of the world by our love for and of quilting. The bonds formed through this blog mean that for each of you who won you have quilting sisters out here cheering for you and feeling your joy. From our hearts to yours - Congratulations! blessings, marlene

  77. Congratulations to all the Super Lucky Ducks ;)

  78. *squeal* I just found the mother load!! I follow Jane's blog and when my reader popped up about her wonderful make-over, I clickety, click, clicked my way right on over via your 'other home' (which I am heading back to) and found this great blog. What a wonderful premise and, of course, total fun for an 'after Christmas find' while I am coming down from a sugar high. And another opportunity for a 'last' Christmas gift from under your tree??? Whoohoo!

  79. Congratulations to all the winners! But we are all winners, we love to quilt, we love fabric and we love Madame Samm for all the wonderful tips for us each day!

  80. COngratulations to all of the winners. I love this blog and the inspiration it gives me. I feel like I win every day!

  81. I say bring back the rut! I am stuffed with fudge, caramels, and everything ooey and gooey from a week of feasting! I need to walk, clean and sew - to get the sugar cleared from my head and to come down from my Christmas High! The mister is back at work, the kids have flown home and it's just me and the dog - time to sew up something wonderful - or unsew - which will probably be the case but I'm ready to get to work! Congrats to all the winners and thanks to Madame Samm for her gracious hospitality - as always! xoxo, Nan

  82. A very big congratulations to all the winners! I think it is wonderful that the winners are from all over the world! What a great connection site this blog is!

    I've already been to visit Jane this morning. I love her blog. My little guy and I always take time to groove to her playlists. She really takes the time to make them fun!

    And as for you, Madame Samme, I know personally that no amount of mooshiness helps one win...but that's ok...cuz I still think you are the best blog host on the best blog out there.

  83. Congrats to all the lucky winners. Samm, I hope you had a good time with your faily.
    I am hopping over to Jane's blog to see her new blog make over.

  84. A Great BIG Thanks goes to the Sponsors.. As well to you for hosting the wonderful give away... Congraulations to the winners ... Now we what to see your you will make with you winnings... I will go now to Jane's blog to check it out... :)

  85. May you all make beautiful things with the wonderful prizes! I hope we get to see!

  86. Congratulations to the winners! Janes's blog looks terrific, and she's sew happy with it. Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to win such goodies.



  88. Congratulations to a very lucky group of quilters. It was wonderful to see that our quilting community encompasses quilters from around the world. Thanks to the sponsors too. As always, they are constantly giving. And to you as well, Madam Samm, for inspiring us. Hope you enjoyed your holiday. It sounds as if everyone is ready to get back to sewing. Off now to see Jane's new blog look.

  89. How Exciting!! Two of my followers were chosen for delightful Stash Goodies!!! What are the odds??

    Jane's Fabrics Makeover is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!Fantastic job, Madame Samm! =)

    Congratulations to all the winners and Thank you to the incredible sponsors of Stash Manicure.

  90. Many congratulations to all the holiday winners. No doubt the results will be posted in blogs over the next few months, showing us the wonderful finished projects that result from these prizes.

    Hooray !

  91. Yayyyy! Congratulations to all the winners, what a wonderful way to end the year and head into 2011 with plenty of creative goodies to do a little more manicuring on!

    Janes blog is fabulous Madam Samm! You are just amaizing, thanks for being there for us all to organise and inspire us daily :)

    To our wonderful sponsors - thankyou!

  92. Congrats to all the winners. I'm glad the love was spread aroung the world!

  93. I am so happy for all the winners, I hope the prize matches the recipient PERFECTLY!!! Great job Madame Samm :).

  94. Congratulations!!! All of the winners are so lucky and I am sure that they are very excited. I know I would be jumping for joy! The prizes are great they and will have so much fun with all that Madam Samm has so graciously offered with the help of some fabulous sponsers. I think quilty people are some of the most supportive and generous people there are. Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy.

  95. Congratulations!!! I'm sew looking forward to seeing all your lovely creations with these goodies out in blogland!

    And a big thanks for hosting sew many wonderful giveaways!

  96. Sew, I cannot lie, while pining to win I opened with excitement the blog post for today... and although I didnt 'win' a prize of the material sort - I did win a prize - Seeing how many different countries we are all from and that we all unite under one wonderous creative banner makes it all the more exciting. Quilting truly brings us together from all corners of the world. Enjoy your loot, ladies! <3 And Maddame - WELCOME BACK!

  97. How exciting for the winners to get a little surprise Christmas gift! Congratulations.

  98. Congratulations to our lovely and talented winners! Wasn't it loads of fun to check the blog every day to see what amazing giveaway was next? I know I sure enjoyed it!

    I hope that you all get to love and enjoy your goodies. We sure want to see what wonderful and creative things that you can come up with to use your goodies!

    See you around the blog!

  99. That was fun! Looking forward to seeing what neat projects come of all the goodies! Congratulations winners -- you can see it but I'm doing the winner's dance for you all!

  100. Congratulations around the world to our lucky winners. Though it is after Christmas, I'm sure your winnings will make you merry all over again!! Will be a delight to see what you share. Have fun sewing up a storm, and certainly not the blizzard going on now. kiss, kiss!!

  101. Happy for this blog, happy for the lucky winners and dissapointed for me, no winning :(
    Thanks for the fab sponsors and Madame Sam for keeping up with great blog!

  102. Congratulations to this international group of winners. Madame Samm, You did a great job on Jane's blog makeover and organizing this group of holiday guest bloggers and giveaways. The sponsors are SEW Awesome for donating prizes. I will remember their generousity when shopping. Happy New Year to all! follower as MarciaW

  103. Congrats to the winners. I'm looking forward to the new year which translates into more new awesome posts! :-)

  104. Well, all this stuff is just so amazing that it makes me 'stamm'er!

  105. Hello dear Samm, I hope your holiday was fantastic! Ours was great, but I am glad a new year is beginning! What wonderful giveaways, and a huge congrats to all who were so lucky! As I said, I know I am already a winner...my blog is perfect! xoxox Luv Ya Bunches xoxo Christel

  106. Congratulations to the winners~ and to Jane too! Great new look! I agree that we are all winners, the friendships we share as well as our love of quilting make for a wonderful combination. Thanks for the fun Samm!

  107. Congratulations to all of you lucky ducky winners! What a wonderful way to extend the holiday season. And a huge debt of gratitude to the amazing sponsors who make such giveaways possible to all of us fabric and pattern hungry crafters out here in blogland. And to Madame Samm for giving us all a little gift (almost) each and every day to get the creativity flying!

  108. I started sewing almost 60 years ago (in case you're wondering, I'm 64). I made clothes for myself, clothes for my kids, curtains, etc, etc, etc! I only dabbled a teeny bit in quilting. Now that I am widowed, with 11 grandbabies and one grandpuppy, I have turned to quilting....well, more fabric hoarding than quilting so far, but I'm taking a stab at it. I don't have many friends in "real" life, but I feel like I have so many friends in the blogs I follow. They are supportive, funny, teach me things, encourage me, and many more things that I imagine all of you know already. Even though I still go to work every day, I am disabled and in constant, chronic, horrible pain. I can only go to places that have those scooter carts, so, basically, I am limited to the grocery store and Walmart. My blog friends have widened my world, and I don't feel so lonely when I'm with them.

    Thank you, Samm, for bringing more people into my life! I wouldn't have found them without you. 8-)

  109. Way to go winnahs! I know Carol and Felicity...maybe they'll share!?!

  110. Congratulations to all the winners, and a big THANK YOU to you and the sponsors for making it all happen. It was fun to participate.

  111. Congrats to the winners, nice the winners are from Europe, Canada and US, and a warm welcome back to you, in the hawaiian style I'll give to you a flowers collar (not sure if the name's leile, if not I'm totally wrong, lol) and I'll say aloha to you!!!!. Oh myyyyyyy... you weren't totally MIA, you were taking a well deserved rest, hope you had bunches and bunches of it!!!
    Hope you have the happiest holidays ever (need to delete routine word from our brain, lol)

  112. Congratulations to the very lucky winners!
    Good thing we all win with Stash Manicure, Madame Samm and the everyday guest bloggers. See you tomorrow!

  113. I am so waiting to go home to get to my machine and start. I have a quilt pieced and done (only to be hand quilted) for one nephew, another quilt which has to be done for the other nephew fast otherwise they will quarrel if I give only one of them!!! and so many itty bits to sew like the mug rugs that I cant wait.

  114. Such lovely prizes for such lucky quilters! Thanks to Madame Samm and all the sponsors!

  115. Congrats to all the winners! And just visited Jane's new blog...looks fantastic, Sam. Great job.

  116. Congratulations to ALL the winners! Thanks Madame Samm for all you do for us.

  117. What wonderful sponsors! Congratulations to the winners around the world!

  118. Yey! I won! And... I didn't notice it:( Madame Samm - thank you for letting me know!

    Good luck for everybody here in the New Year! Many adventures with Stash Manicure:)


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