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Welcome to Stash Manicure on a what I hope is a lovely warm autumn day...much like what you see on my farm.  Hi, I'm GMAMA JANE, or Grandmama to my 5 Grandpeeps.  You can find me telling my stories and quilting over at my place in blog world  Madamm Samm so graciously asked me to come for a visit and like any good southern lady, I accepted with pleasure.

How can I begin to offer up my quilting skills to all the talented quilty ladies I read about daily here at Stash Manicure?  Y'all are SEW Talented and Creative!!  Sew, allow me to just share some thoughts about our PASSION... something we call, QUILTING!!! 

Just like the stories I tell in order to preserve my family's heritage, QUILTS tell a story! QUILTS more often than not, tell a story about YOU!  The QUILTS you create not only provide warmth and comfort but provide an avenue for YOU...for ME...to stitch through the ups & downs of life. 
I like to call it QUILT THERAPY
For the next few minutes...have a cup of TEA or COFFEE

THINK about your STASH...your QUILTS
 My daughter's Wedding Quilt served as her GUEST BOOK.  The colors in this quilt remind me of the color scheme of M.E.'s wedding.  Signed blocks preserve the names and BEST wishes of the wedding guests.  Interestingly, while I was hand quilting this treasure, I was also following the sad story of missing Natalee Holloway in Aruba... the summer of 2005.  My hands were "stitching" through my thoughts of one young woman's life lost too soon and by contrast another young woman, my daughter, just beginning her new married life. \Have you ever made a quilt for a new bride?  What were your thoughts as you sewed each stitch?

In 2003, from June 30-July 8, the medical staff and nursing home staff/workers signed this small quilt offering up hope, blessings, and sympathy for me and my family as we kept vigil over my dying mother.  This quilt reminds me of the love my mother and I received during a VERY stressful time!  Have you been there??? Have you ever made a quilt for an elderly parent, relative, or nursing home patient?  Did you contemplate your own old age?   Did you pray for peace and contentment for your elderly loved one?  Did you Grieve?

From Big Grandma to Jane Ellen

 Big Grandma was my Great Grandmother.  EVERY year was spent stitching little treasures for all her children, Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren to receive as Christmas gifts.  Each gift was wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with curling ribbon.  I would receive little aprons, quilts, and handkerchiefs.  The scraps were used to make this precious housecoat.  Although I treasured this coat, as the years went by, it was misplaced and forgotten.  Fast forward to 1982 when unpacking an old box, my son came running to show me the "Hippy Coat" he had found.  I laughed so hard and quickly told him, with tears in my eyes, it was NOT a hippy coat but rather a very treasured "robe" from my childhood stitched with love by my Big Grandma! Don't you imagine, many of our Grandmothers have lovingly prayed over us as they have stitched treasures such as my "Coat of Many Colors" ?  Do you think Dolly Parton's Coat looked like this one?


OCT. 8, 2007

My Sweet Baby James spent almost a month in the NICU while I made this quilt.  Every worry, every tear, each milestone met, each bullet dodged, every good report, every bad report...all were "stitched" into the very fabric of this little quilt.  James was released from the NICU on Oct. 31st  with great joy!  However, in the midst of great joy is often great sorrow.  How were we to know that in a few short months we would learn that James had had a stroke "in utero" and would be diagnosed with mild/moderate Cerebral Palsy?  Today, James is learning to walk on a walker and is the most delightful, smart, and funny 3 yr. old I know! Our tears have turned into JOY!

Have you stitched a quilt for someone who was sick or facing a life changing situation?  Have you looked in their face when you gave them the QUILT?  How did you feel?

 I am currently praying for BABY GIRL to finish her college education, wait on the Lord to provide for HIS choice of MATE, and to be content in the PLAN GOD has for her LIFE! 
Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV)  Look it up!!


Therapy comes in all forms

Some go Fishing~

Some Bake!

Some have their hair done, and hopefully not with petroleum jelly~~~

Some travel!

Some confide in a friend!

Some just eat ice cream!

Roy Rodgers had his "Trigger"

BUT WE....................................

We "quilters" have our stash and are only
the next stitch away from our own private
therapy session!

Thank you for visiting with me today~

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for more stories, more quilting and the therapy bill is on me!



  1. What an amazing post! You are a beautiful story-teller. You said so many things that describe my own feelings toward quilting, but have never penned the words...thank you. Beautiful pictures too. I am inspired. I think I need to schedule a "session" with my sewing machine. Right now.

  2. I do believe each quilt tells a story. Recently I have been convicted to give my quilts and pray for the recipients. It is such a blessing and so exciting to do so!!
    Thanks for your story. The link up top to your blog didn't work, so I'll try again in the morning!

  3. I cried with each quilt as you expressed your feelings in those stitches. I have made such healing quilts, but thankfully I have made more happy quilts. I could not get to your site by the top listing, but did with the bottom one, so hopped right over to visit your farm and family. Wonderfully insightful post as well as website - blessings and thank you

  4. Good Morning Jane...and yes I sew connect with you on the therapy one...My very first quilt was certainly my healing quilt. After a loss greater than one could possibly imagine,it was that quilt that stitched my heart together. A delightful post, I believe a first, one which has all reflecting on diff't types of therapy. There is without a doubt, each quilt we find ourselves stitching, has somehow stitched our lives together. Great post Jane!

  5. Oh, I think all my quilts have their own stories, and many have been vital therapy to help through the ups and downs of life. What a great post :) Thanks for sharing your stories with us.

  6. ...And what is so wonderful is that these quilts continue to add chapters to their stories through feelings and experiences of the recipients. Thanks for such an inspirational post.

  7. Jane,

    What a beautiful post, thank you.

    Happy Thanksgiving.


  8. Quilting has always been therapy for me as well. I just find it really helps me let go and be calm :)

  9. Love the idea of making a robe/house coat out of scraps - how comfy it would be to be wrapped in quilty goodness! Quilting is my therapy for sure! And I'll be praying for your daughter today, too. Great post!

  10. Amen Jane, you said it all, therapy our quilting is to us.I think if it were not for quilting and the friends I have met along the way, I would not be here.Amen! Candicexxx

  11. Thank you for the stories of the heartwarming and comforting journey your quilts have been on. I suppose they continue to warm and comfort every day. Reading your post was a pure pleasure!

  12. Oh my Jane, what a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your quilting heart :-) I made a quilt for my BFF. She loved it, but sadly she enjoyed it for only a year, as she was diagnosed with cancer in January 2003 and left us in September. I really miss her, but I'm so glad I followed the prompting of my heart and made her the quilt.

  13. What a wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing your stories with us. Quilting is definitely my therapy. It has helped me deal with many struggles in the last two years. I think that's why I'm so addicted to it now. I know that if I'm having a rough day, I can just focus on one of my quilting projects and it will help me cope. People who don't quilt, don't often understand all that goes into one of our quilts. Our hearts are in those quilts. A story, a struggle, a happy time.....sometimes all these are sewn into one of our quilts. Your post was very touching. I loved it!!! Hugs Ariane

  14. That was such a beautiful post! I definitely had tears as I joined in your journey of memories. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Gmama Jane - that was just a beautiful post! I have many quilts filled with tears, many filled with excitement and joy, and many WAITING to be filled...thanks so much for your story and for reminding us that we have one to tell, too. xo, Nan

  16. Such a wonderful post! brought tears to my eyes :D
    Thank you!

  17. A touching post. How wonderful that James is progressing well.

  18. I am SEW SEW appreciative of the comments to my post on Quilt Therapy! This post was the post that was NOT to be! My original idea just would not type...the words didn't flow...until I kept coming back to my thoughts on WHY I quilt. Once, I allowed God to direct my steps, the words came and alas Quilt Therapy...not the usual post for Stash Manicure for sure...but God's ways are higher and wiser for certain. There is a "someone" out there who needs a quilt quilted by each of us. Who will it be this season??

  19. What great stories to your quilts! I made a quilt with Bible verses of hope and encouragement when my 16-year-old nephew was diagnosed with cancer. I named it "Covered With God's Word." It meant a lot to me and him. He is doing fine now, following chemo and radiation. Praise God!

  20. What a sweet, sweet post. I could relate to many of your stories and had to smile at the hair dressed with petroleum jelly remembering when one of my own did that. :) And my heart aches with the memory of sitting and stitching quilt blocks with my mother as a brain tumor slowly took both her memory and her life. Wonderful post Jane. blessings, marlene

  21. Sat I went to a memorial servie for a students mother who died from cancer. I wanted to make a quilt. I wish someone(or me) had made one for me when I had cancer. Five years ago Nov 5th. Yeah me! I made one for my Grandma and it lived for ten years in the nursing home with her and her altzheimers. There will be a pic of it Sat when I post for Stash Manicure.

  22. I am just now getting caught up on some posts here at SM, which I have been enjoying immensly!! I had tears in my eyes the entire time reading this one. I was soooo moved. I will be putting your blog on my list to visit. So glad your coat of many colors was found - I'm going to start making small bits and pieces to put in one, and also making it a mental note to pray over each quilt that is given. God bless you!

  23. Another wonderful post!! Thanks for sharing with us Gmama Jane. Your own blog makes me want to cry though. You are SO lucky to have some a close knit, loving family.

  24. I, too, use quilting as a form of therapy. As the mom of an autistic child (slightly, thank God), I find that I need some solitude and steady, calming work to help make it through the days.

    And even buying everything new, it is still WAY cheaper than the shrink that my son needs to see! And I get lots of hours of therapy out of every project!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  25. So well written and so much truth in what you say. Thanks for sharing.

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