Monday, November 1, 2010

Opening the door to a new day, a new month, a new LOOK?

Heh, my quilt is not up there?
And I designed the blog...lol

I know, I know... you are still at Stash Manicure..in  case you missed that announcement when I took over S.M. from Rae Ann ( hello sugar, what do you think - wink)  in September...Each month you will note a new design, a new blog...and all compliments to YOU, those who send me their quilts for consideration for ourHEADER, BANNER, whatever you would like to call it...
If you want to be considered for our December banner..now is the time to send in your Christmas quilts.
my address is on the side bar with the bird holding my email address.. I usually have the banner all designed
by the third week of the month...

Oh but you want to hear who won Witchsteria and
 Riley Blake's Hooty Hoot...

Here is WHO?  ..if you are # 218 YOU are the winner.. ( all numbers were entered into a software that matches your follower buttons with your blog)  
 SEW---Sewing geek Congrats..please send me your mailing address sew I can be sure you get this collection and Witchsteria. She is sew excited to fly in and stay with you...
To all those who entered, thank you sew much..wish you could all win......stay tuned for the November end of month draw...

And now for those who have been chosen to highlight this monthsBANNER....
May I present the following..

Top left is Karen...@

Click here to Karen's blog- Karen's floral, really captured fall flowers...they screamed end of summer...like the sunflowers ready to go to seed...With our sun diminishing, this captured for me the brightness of our fall season in all its beauty.. Worthy of a standing ovation for our November Banner...Check out her office art, also colourful and certainly welcomes in a new season I included the link to her office art here Sew congrats Karen on  being selected for our November Banner.

Top Centre is Melissa @ 

Click here to Melissa's blog Melissa was one of the first to send me in her quilt photo ....Her photos were rather dark and really did not capture the true essence of her creativity, however she took some direction and returned them to me, much brighter . It was hers that I matched all the entries with.
The additonal leaves that the wind swept upon it, make it clear for me this was one that would be a perfect addition for our November banner. Melissa has had some success at Moda Bakeshop for being a chef...check her out, you will not be disappointed at her unique style...Braided irish chain quilt can be seen here this is one of her latest...the Braided Irish Chain Quilt...just lovely indeed... Sew congrats Melissa on being selected for our November Banner..

Top right is Millie @
Click here to Millie's blog  Millie , well if you don't know her, you should, she is one amazing long
 armer and quilter. I was mesmerized by this fall quilt...believe it or not she had it as a draw for a giveway...imagine that? and surprisingly enough I did not win it - darn it lol
 This was her GIVEAWAY I liked it for many reasons, and I chose this one piece of it as a reflection
of Thanksgiving to remind us, to be sew thankful for all the talent that surrounds us...And forgive me  for saying this Millie..but you had me at the DOTS..I am sew  passionate about polka dots... Sew Millie dear..you did not even enter this quilt, I took it upon myself to capture it and bring it here for all to see.... Sew congrats Millie on being selected for our November Banner. ( those who leave comments, I check often on your blogs looking for hidden treasures)

Bottom left is Ethne @
Click here to Ethne's blog  Ethne is a quilter that is filled with imagination. And she has not been quilting very long. I chose this one as it reflected something creative and many would recognize it..Tim Burton's depiction of a pumpkin coming to life...The colours were perfect addition to our November Banner. Check out Ethne she is new to quilting but not limited to where her imagination soars....Sew congrats Ethne on being selected for our November Banner.

Bottom right is Polly @

Click here to Polly's blog Polly, what can I say about Polly...she loves fall and Halloween, and when I saw this fall banner I thought, oh yes, it will blend perfectly with all the others...Orange was certainly the theme here....sew much sew, we are actually doing the same quilt that DES at Quilt Taffy designed...We chose it the same weekend we were both going to different retreats...Now that is serendipity. You have to check her site, as she just completed her topper..I am completing mine this week...Polly is one quilter you will come across through many blogs..she is always one of those who leaves nice comments...Sew congrats Polly on being selected for our November Banner...
this is for you Banner girls..I have sent you all personalized ones!

And to all those who entered, thank you...I was amazed at your talent, your notes to me, your blogs
that were new to me...thank you for making my job just a tad easier....THANK YOU!

Let us know what you think?

I can hardly wait to start on our DECEMBER Banner...If you have made some, please send them to me..
( just the photos of course, not the actual quilt, (but if you consider sending me a real one..I will keep you up all year long wink...lol ...kidding of course) 
One winner in five will win a FAT Quarter Bundle from Shabby Fabrics...That in itself is worth entering..
and of course being highlighted for the whole month.... This is what this month's winner will have a chance
to win...Good luck to all of you...That announcement will be made on November 30th, 2010

ps. pay particular attention to the blog  changes...
in 6 months, there will be a quiz and that winner
will be winning a Grand PRIZE
( something from all of our sponsors) 

I know, I know...that is March 1st
pay attention...wink..

Note here: all followers of google...I do check up 
on your blogs..I have many who assist me too
in finding new guest bloggers as well as banner
contestants..sew around here it pays to be a follower!
Just thought you would like to know that bit of tidbit!


  1. 8 comments:
    1 Millie said...
    Dear MS,
    Wow, all the quilts are so beautiful and perfect for Thanksgiving. Thanks for putting my quilt...oops it is not my quilt anymore...on the banner. Sewing Geek congrats on winning the beautiful pack of fabric.
    October 31, 2010 8:15 PM
    2 Ariane said...
    Wow!!! You are working so hard on this Madame Samm. I love the new look. It's wonderful. Congratulations to the winner of the October giveaway. And that banner just looks amazing. All those quilts are so inspiring. Thanks to all the banner girls. Love your work. Hugs Ariane
    October 31, 2010 9:22 PM
    3 Polly said...
    Samme, dear! You are just toooooo sweet! thank you! I love the new banner!! What fun!! Happy Halloween!
    October 31, 2010 9:24 PM
    4 Christel Hutson said...
    Congrats to Polly, and to the banner participants, It is quite an honor to have your quilt pictured in SM's banner! I love each of them for different reasons. The blog looks fabulous with these traditional fall colors Samm! You my dear are such a smart cookie! Luv U BUNCES>>>Christel
    October 31, 2010 9:55 PM
    5 Vroomans' Quilts said...
    Congratulations to the new banner selections - what a lovely design for us to view each time we visit. And hugs to Sewing Geek - what a great prize to play with, hope you share what you make with those lovely fabrics.
    November 1, 2010 12:44 AM
    6 May Britt said...
    Lovely new banner. I really have to get a new one on my blog :)
    I will pull out some of my christmas quilts from the box in the attic and send you some photos, because that bundle of light fabrics is just soooooooooooo wonderful.
    PS: still no sign of the thread in Norway :)
    November 1, 2010 1:30 AM
    7 Melissa Corry said...
    Thank you Samm for choosing my quilt for the banner and for the wonderful write up you did on me. It is such an honor to be a part of the "fall look" here at Stash Manicure. And congrats to Sewing Geek, lucky lady!!
    November 1, 2010 7:42 AM
    8 Mattie said...
    Love the new look, and congrats to all those who's quilts were chosen. I would say it was a wonderful choice. The person who won the witch, if you don't like it you can send it to me.hahha.
    November 1, 2010 8:57 AM

  2. Wow! love the new look, very welcoming. I think I will stay awhile and read up on some of the guests entries. Thanks S. you are doing a great job here, don't know how you do it though.giggle

  3. Great looking banner! Thanks for putting it together and thanks for the lovely folks who submitted these gorgeous quilts!

  4. What a festive looking banner! I LOVE Fall!

  5. I love the Banner this month! Can't wait to see Decembers!

  6. Thanks Samme for choosing 'Jack' - I'm only too pleased to be have been able to send you something even suitable for your kind consideration - as I told you this panel was made for my brother a big NBC fan - so much so that just last weekend, Halloween weekend, he got married, (and he proposed to L on Halloween night 2 years ago) - oh and Jack was actually on the wedding cake too.
    Your doing a great job - I love it and being able to check out new blogs of like minded quilters.

  7. Such beautiful quilts featured this month! Definitely makes me feel all festive and fall-like, even though it's still 80 degrees outside here in FL! I just love the idea of changing the banner logo every month. :) Thanks, Madame Samm, for keeping Stash Manicure going, I've learned so much from all of the great bloggers you've featured here!

  8. Love the Header Banner... love the quilts from all of the gals... love learning about them and being directed to their awesome blogs... love the Shabby Fabrics fabric I see... love hearing about the Giveway... LOVE... LOVE... LOVE Witchsteria... but most of all... Love all you do! Keep up the good work my friend! :b

  9. Love the new header and what beautiful quilts! Great job ladies!

  10. This is an awesome idea Samm! It's so great to see all of the beautiful quilts on the banner and so much fun to visit the other blogs! ...And I love your graphics too! :-)

  11. Great way to show off some special quilts, I like the format! Congrats everyone for their beautiful quilts.

  12. Woot, Woot! Thankyou! It is so fun to win the Hooty Hoot fabric! It will be fun to see what I can create. It is outside my usual palate but I think I can be up for the challenge.
    Samm you are doing a great job here picking up from what Rae Ann started.
    It is so fun to come here and read what everyone else is doing with their fabric.


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