Friday, November 26, 2010

I want to quilt SCRAPPY quilts...

I have a story!

My names Ariane, from Ariane's Crafts.

Thank you Madame Samm for inviting me to join you all
at Stash Manicure.

Today, I thought I would let you know a little bit more about me.
I've been quilting since August 2008.
I needed a hobby to help me keep my mind off all life stresses.
Since I worked shift work, I didn't have time to take quilting classes.
Sew, I went online and started looking around at different sites.
I had never heard of blogs before.
All of a sudden, I was so inspired by all the quilting blogs and the projects they shared.

I really loved all the scrappy quilts.
But I didn't have any fabric.
Sew, I started buying fat quarters at Fabricland and at the LQS.
I went to the library and found a bunch of quilting books with patterns that I liked and started piecing my blocks.
The quilt above is the first quilt I made.
I used a block pattern that I had seen in a book, then just added sashing and the scrappy border.
I made this quilt for my cousin, who was having her first baby.
I had so much fun making this quilt, that I had to make another.
I started to buy more fabric.
My next quilt was for my oldest son.
I wanted a twin size bed quilt. Something that he could have as an everyday quilt.
This is the quilt I made.
When I bought fat quarters, I just bought fabric I liked and fabric that was on sale.
I didn't really consider if they all matched or if they were a specific style.
I just bought them, cause I liked them.
You can see that their are scraps from my first quilt in this quilt as well.
I used the values of the fabric to create the pattern.

Once I made this quilt, I had to make a quilt for my two other kids.
I picked two patterns that I liked and worked on the next two quilts at the same time.
I machine pieced one quilt and hand pieced the other.
This is the quilt that I hand pieced.
 I finished this one first.
 It's my tumbling block quilt.
I would sit in front of the TV and hand piece these blocks together.
 It was very relaxing.
I liked the fact that I didn't have to sit in front of a sewing machine to make it.
I also hand quilted this one.
 I searched online for tutorials on how to do hand quilting.
That helped me a lot.
This is my Jacob's Ladder quilt. It's machine pieced and quilted by me.
It's also a twin size.

Do you see a pattern here?
All four of these quilts were made using basically the same fabrics.
I added a few fat quarters as I went along.
The borders were always bought last.
The three bed quilts all have red and blue borders.
These are my favorite colors.
Sew, that just makes sense, right?

I continued to make a lot of little projects like bags and baby quilts.
Once I was hit with the quilting bug,
I would stop at my LQS's every week to see if I found any fat quarters I liked.
My stash really started to grow.
I still only bought fat quarters because I liked them, not for a specific project.

The first project that I started to really focus on a specific color palette was for a baby quilt I was making for my brother and his wife's 1st baby.
I bought fat quarters from 6 different local quilt shop's.
I kind of went on my own shop hop. LOL!
This is the quilt I designed.
 It's still a scrappy kind of quilt, but more controlled colors.

Well, even though I have a lot more fabric now,
 I still tend to make scrappy quilts.
Like this queen size quilt I made this summer for my girlfriend.
I used a lot of different red and cream prints to make this quilt.
I would buy the fabric in fat quarters.
When I was done with it, I still had quite a bit of left over fabric.
They were mostly small scraps, but there was enough to fill a large grocery bag.

Sew, a few weeks ago, I decided to make a project with these scraps.
I used my GO! cutter dresden die to make the dresden block.
The half square triangles were already made, scraps for the above quilt.
So, I arranged them to make a border around the dresden block.
I just kept looking what I had available in my scrap bag and making my quilt larger.
This is my finished quilt.

I had a lot of fun taking pictures. LOL!!!

I have made many other sewing projects during this time, but that's for another day.

I started quilting to help deal with my stress and anxiety. 
It has done that.

Some days when I was hand piecing my quilts,
 I would be so stressed and anxious 
that my hands would shake so much it took everything I had to sew a straight line.
But, I needed to focus on something... anything....so I chose quilting.

I was able to use my creativity again, which I had lost along the way.
Having three kids by age 22, I didn't really know where I fit in.
 I knew I had a lot of talents, but I felt lost.
Quilting brought me back to the creative, energised self that I was when I was younger.
All of a sudden I felt like....."YES".....this is what I was looking for.
This is what I needed.
The support of the blogging community really helped me too.
I made so many friends through my blog and found so many people just like me.
It really opened a lot of doors for me.

Thank you God for helping me find this wonderful craft,
and this  wonderful quilting community.

I am really happy now that I know how to quilt..




  1. Your quilts are beautiful! I love the variety of design and your placement of colors. Isn't it amazing how different colors in quilts seem to blend together as a whole, sometimes it surprises even the quilter.

  2. Oh, I hate to admit it, but has been a while since I browsed your blog. So, I took some time to go "graze" again. It is refreshing to see someone else who loves HSTs - they are my favorite little goodies to play with. After all, they are what turn boring 4-patch and 9-patch blocks into some amazing things! Just adore your Dresden design and the Aqua looks like you pulled from a full fabric line rather than a shop hop collection. Nicely done with your "scrappy eye". Loved the post and the opportunity to re-introduce myself to your blog.

  3. Ariane, your quilts are beautiful; it's amazing to think that you have been quilting for such a relatively short time as they are just like ones pictured in quilting mags! very impressive!

  4. Ariane, all your quilts are stunning. I love the last one best! The dresden, circles, HST....perfect!

  5. Ariane, your quilts are great - you have a very good eye for putting fabrics and designs together!

  6. Good Morning Ariane....
    Well darn it you are absolute Queen of scraps..these to me are not scraps-- everything matches lol. The baby quilt in turquoise wow, oly 6 fat quarters...this is stunning. The Dresden quilt, I am not even a fan of Dresden, well that has changed..this is just beautiful. I am going to have to take a peak at my stash all over again with new
    "ARIANE" eyes, this is working for you dear heart.. it may even work for me...

  7. I like scrappy quilts too. I have been stocking up on my stash for the past year as I'm going to retire in December and from then on, I will attempt to use only my stash for quilts. That means a lot of scrappy quilts. FUN!!!

  8. Hi Ariane! I confess, I get the same calming influence when I am sewing too! It's one of the reasons I like needle turn applique. I realized the sound of the sewing machine reminded me of going to sleep at my grandmother's when she was sitting, sewing on her treadle machine. The rhythmic movement of the treadle and the needle up and down, was like a lullaby!
    All your quilts are beautiful, you were made to quilt!
    Take care, Leslie

  9. I agree hand piecing is so relaxing - it is nice to see another of us out there. You have done a lot in a few short years!

  10. I love your story! It brought tears to my eyes! I am so lucky to have you as a friend!

  11. Lovely post, Ariane! I can't believe you made all those quilts since August 2008! Wow, you are a quilting dynamo! They are all beautiful! I especially love that Jack in the Pulpit quilt - that's the one that made me a follower of your blog!

  12. Your scrappy quilts are amazing!! They are so beautiful!! I also love how many amazing friends you can make in the quilting blog community :

  13. Thank you for sharing your story!

    Scrappy quilts are the BEST and yours are fabulous, Ariane.

  14. Beautiful post Ariane! I love to see the progression over the last few years, your story through quilts if you will. I see the work you've put into your art (firsthand really) and how you've dealt with your stresses by quilting and then blogging. It's amazing to see them all in one place (and this is only a fraction of what you've done!!!) and the way you've used your simple (and little) stash to create beauty. You're amazing and you inspire me through your work.

    Love, Michele

  15. Love the red dresden/dotty quilt!

  16. I so enjoyed hearing and seeing how your quilting came about and evolved. Isn't the internet just awesome...what a resource. Just enjoyed all of your quilts!

  17. Now I know there is hope for me. I just started this year and you have inspired me to go for it!!

  18. Those are so beautiful! I especially love the Tumbling Blocks. All from FQs. Amazing & you have so much talent!

  19. What beautiful work you've done! I really enjoyed this little 'quilt show' today. Thank you! :)

  20. Your quilts are beautiful! You've done a great job teaching yourself to quilt. I especially love the tumbling blocks quilt - that one's on my "bucket list" too!

  21. Your post was delightful. I am a scrap quilter and enjoyed your wonderful pictures.

  22. Hi Ariane, WOW these are an absolute delight to look at. I LOVE scrappy and you and me we could scrappy our way through many long nights and fat quarters :) Your story (like the lady above) brought tears to my eyes also. I'm like you I needed an outlet being part of a stressful corporate world and for me I was newly married and I needed something productive to do with my time...WOW 3 kids before you were 22, I'm so glad you found yourself and chose quilting to let your personality shine...Well done! Very inspiring.

  23. Beautiful quilts Ariane and I loved your post! Way to use up all of those scraps. You truly are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Ariane - You are really gifted! Your quilts are gorgeous. I am anxious to see more posts from you!

  25. Such beautiful quilts, isn't it such a wonderful craft :) I love the therapy it brings and the friendships that grow from something I too started for me! Thanks for sharing :)

  26. Thanks for sharing your lovely quilts. They are all beautiful. And thanks for an inspiring blog post. Whether you hand quilt, hand piece or machine piece, quilting is the best therapy.

  27. What a great story, and what awesome quilts. I've been thinking about trying a dresden, and I love what you did with yours. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm off to visit your blog now.

  28. I loved reading your story. Your quilts are beautiful; it sure looks like you have found your creative outlet.

  29. Scrap on, Ariane! Your dresdens in red are fantastic!!

  30. Loved your quilts and how you used the scraps from each quilt to make another quilt. I wholeheartedly agree that quilts are good therapy for the mind and soul.
    Gmama Jane

  31. A girl after my own heart. I love scrappy quilts...my favorite to make. Your quilts are beautiful.

  32. Your quilts are gorgeous and I'm glad you found a craft that you love. Do you know that sewing lowers your heart rate? That's a good thing and I'm sure it helps relieve your stress level. I'm happiest when I can create and sew.

  33. Your quilts are beautiful. You have a natural talent. Congratulations on finding your hidden talent.

  34. I love your scrappy quilts. Quilting is a great stressreliever. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts.

  35. You are just amazing! You just jumped right in and started out with quilts that I didn't attempt for quite a while after I started - And they are so beautiful...wow! I loved seeing your progress. blessings, marlene

  36. Your quilts are beautiful! I would NEVER show my first quilts - not even my dog likes them! And to think you started on your own - amazing!! I had to have classes and more classes just to figure out how to thread a needle! Loved your post - loved your quilts - you are an inspiration! xo, Nan

  37. Oh how I love your scrappy quilts! Each one is more lovely than the last. I love the idea of just shopping for fat quarters and letting the colors fall where they may. I love that color value can often play such an interesting role.

    I am learning to hand piece and I hope that my work will be half as lovely as yours! I have always been drawn to scrappy quilts. Even the ones in a controlled color palette have such wonderful dimension and texture from the variety of prints used.

  38. Ariane thank you for posting!! I love all of your quilts but especially the dresden quilt!! BEAUTIFUL!
    (can you do a tutorial on your blog????)

    I had 3 kids by 24.... counted cross stitch was my creative outlet back then! :)


  39. You may be a new quilter but you have a very well-developed sense of color and design. I'm glad you joined this fascinating world of ours! I started out as a hand piecer too ...


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