Monday, October 11, 2010

Draw today for Jane's Fabrics 1930's fat quarters and Quilt Taffy -winner announced for Guest Blogger

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on "How will  I contribute
to Stash Manicure?"

Good Morning Rae Ann,  
Dahling Manicurists 
and over the top Sponsors...

( get yourself comfortable, pour yourself
 a favourite beverage, 
we are going to sit and chat)
Oh you might want to take notes...
get a pad, I will wait...)

"The doors we open and close
each day decide the life we live" 
Flora Whitmore
How true this is~!

This seems a befitting post today, as it is Thanksgiving weekend here in 
Canada. I am truly thankful for sew many things. 
May I share them with you?

1st on my list is Rae Ann, this delightful lady with
 such a tender heart , who reached
out to me and in her most suggestive way asked me to take over
this wonderful blog. Love you sweetie!

2nd  on my list, is YOU, the dahling manicurists- to- be 
who come to visit, leave comments, followers who add Stash
Manicure to your blogs...YOU make it possible for
 me to manage it, schedule guest bloggers, 
blog hop to find the best manicurists...
entertain YOU, inform YOU...
.....Love you sweeties..

3rd on my list... Our Sponsors...and I would like to touch on them
individually if you don't mind. 
OHHHH Love you MORE!
yes I do wink...

Jennifer at Shabby Fabrics . I adore this lady,
she never says no to me, and she should, but I am sew glad
she doesn't. She has the most incredible online store
 of dainty, pink, soft pastels fabrics that make
 you want to pull up a chair
and plead with them to wrap you up in all of their luxurious
yardages of exquisite hand picked collections..
Ok, sew that's just me....lol

Each month Jennifer has agreed to offer a Fat Quarter Bundle
 to the winner of our QUILT Banner contributors.
1 chance in 5 to win. Pretty good odds I would say.
And all you have to do is send me photos of your quilt
that correspond with the colour of that month. 
 For instance....Orange to Rust quilt photos
for November's banner...
December will be Red and White
January anything in the Blues...
( give you heads up)

On November 2nd one of the contributors
be it Amber, (top right)  Cori ( top left) 
or Belle (bottom right)
 will win this...
the other 2 is mine in the middle and
 Jennifer from Shabby. bottom left
( we are both disqualified, but why???? lol) 

Red Rose Farm bundle..Sew good luck!
On behalf of all the winners, present and future,
you touch our hearts in warmth Jennifer...
Each month Jennifer will be offering up a new collection!

Next....Quilt Taffy
What can I say about this lady named Corrie...?
Dependable, Irresistible, Customer Focused,
Exemplary Service...
And she happened to believe in me right
from the beginning. She knew I would win
something in the Moda/Schnibbles Contest.
And I did, came in 2nd...
Sometimes all you need is 1 person to believe in you...
Ahhhh chokes me up to say, I believe in her too...

You have to check her link to her store, she always
has super deals...And Corrie will be offering
this  in the next 24 hours...
Are you paying attention.?.

For all the guest Bloggers
who schedule a date with me within
the next 24 hours, you will have a chance to win
this.....I know you recognize it...
BLISS.. by Camille 
lovely isn't it...
Can't I win something...lol

Please connect with me asap..
 Congrats Marlene...
You won this BLISS package!

Well you already know I read and I follow and I send pictures.
 What more you say? I bet I could schedule a date to be a guest blogge
r (she says as panic sets in). How about a tutorial? Now I'm hyperventilating!
 Just call me. No, you can't call - you don't know my number and
 I can't just be posting it now can I? I know, e-mail me! :) blessings, marlene

This is only open to those who book with me for future
dates, sew write if you want to win this....
I have my calendar open for November and December
Corrie, thanks again for believing I could do this!
You ROCK! ( sew does Des, hi Des)

Ohhhh can we talk, I really don't want 
to mention her name, to avoid a mass
crash of her email and site, but this is one
lady whom I admire for her faith in me.
I shared what I was doing here at Stash Manicure.
but she seemed to already be in the know...
She said "pick something and let me know
who I have to send it to?" 
R U kidding me???...she wasn't lol

If you have not seen their latest collections,
go take a peak and be sure to check out
Their cutting corners, great tuts
I see, jodi, Natalia * future sponsor...
mmmmm who will be next?

Ohhhhh you cannot imagine what I was trying to settle
on and the  quantity for our next big winner...
of our PLAN B Bloggers..
( must be followers)
These are guest Bloggers whom I have 5 already
( Wendy, Glen, Marjorie, Amy and Sarah)
pssst you will be in this draw btw...
and of those who come forward in the next 24 hours... 
and can write up
some DRAFT posts when I am stuck !
..You will be a vital KEY to 
Stash Manicures Success...
( and we  now you are really  A's) Ü

  post script...
The difference between Guest blogger and Plan B Bloggers
is that they will have DRAFT copies already written for me
sew if and when I am stuck for a post, I can just post theirs...

Sew for all those who become PLAN B  Bloggers
I have chosen a FAT Quarter Bundle of......
Sweet Divinity Cottons..
Take a peak at the whole collection

Again from my heart to yours mystery lady
at Riley Blake..Thank you SEW Much...

Next there is Jane...Jane's Fabrics

Although we have only come to know
each other just recently, I can tell you she is divine,
funny, thorough and dependable..
Isn't that what you want from someone
who has an online store....?
She was pretty quick in responding to my plea
for sponsoring, and she did not even hesitate..
I like her..and I know you will too...

Jane is offering this...
12 fat Quarter of 1930's prints...
Are they not amazing?..I can see a Schnibble quilt
out of this...
Leave a comment  on this post...
answering this one question...
"How will "I" contribute to Stash Manicure?
and please leave an address that I can reach you..
(are you a follower?)


Now this lady is my hero
for introducing me to this most
amazing quilt thread...I was a Gutterman
girl through and through until I began
stitching with her fine threads...
I hear, that many of the designers out there
love this thread...and I am no designer..but
I do know quality....sew thanks to Carola
she is offering these spools of thread to our 
1000th Blogger....
May Britt 

They are 200m. spools 50 weight two ply Egyptian Cotton.
This Aurifil 50wt is a favourite for it's extra fine strength
 When piecing the thread assures accuracy as it does not add bulk
 to the seam which can reduce the size of a quilt block. 
Also a favourite for invisible (almost applique.)
I am sure May will find some use for...
Sew congrats to May...


(more sponsors...)

Like the divine jodi from Pleasant home who
was one of my first giveaways, she is such a gem,
a guest blogger too...
Natalia from Piece n Quilt
Moda, Martingale and the Fig Tree...they will
also be participating in future giveaways...

I am also working  with  4 more other sponsors..
More on them later... But as I said I cannot do this alone
and with these wonderful sponsors and contributors
of Stash Manicure, we all win.
Sew thank you from my heart to yours...

Okay I am now out of words ( aren't you glad) 
it is almost midnight sew realistically
it is Sunday...( I am not going to make a habit of this
posting on a Sunday...I am telling you that)
( this was a very special occasion)
Got that? lol...

No guest bloggers now till Tuesday October 12th, Rachel 
is our Guest Blogger for that day...
Be sure to welcome her like only you can do...

You may need 
this much time to absorb all of this...
and besides psssst  I need a REST...

It is Thanksgiving now, and I 
really truly madly deeply..
 thankful for all of YOU.

( I have a date now with my husband
and family)

ps. Carla...I have not forgotten you,
something special from me to you is coming!
send me your snail address please!


  1. I would like to contribute to Stash Manicure being the 1st to comment on this very generous post. So many giveaways...
    Stylin.master@yahoo.com Ü

  2. I will love to show my quilts in this great blog!!!
    That will be my contribution, love this blog :D

  3. I am relatively new to this blog and have already learned sew much from the many informative and fun posts. I would love to contribute in any way that I can! At present I am "manicuring" my stash by being on a Fabric Fast and getting creative with what I have.

  4. I can contribute by reading (every day!) and commenting. I love this blog so much! Though I do not have a blog of my own, I find so much inspiration here. I am a new quilter and am not that skilled yet, but this is the place to come to find some great tips! =)

    hdelacruz15 at gmail dot com

  5. Hi! I think I am ready to contribute to Stash Manicure by posting in mid to late November about some Christmas gift ideas from the ol' stash. Would that be okay?


  6. Look forward to receive the thread :) Not very used to aurifil so it will be very fun to try it.
    And I am already starting to write something to my day of guestblogging.

  7. Wow! What fab sponsors, and a big well done to you, Madame Samm for putting in the time and effort to get it to happen!

    I'd like to contribute by reading every day, and I could offer a guest spot on 'quick makes' to use a little of our lovely stashes with baby quilts for keeping, sharing or donating.
    plumcox@tesco.net and plumquilts.blogspot.com

  8. How will "I" contribute to Stash Manicure?
    Well I'm not much of a blogger at all but I can say I have been a follower and will still follow. I also tell the ladies that I meet about the blogs I follow there are some that still don't want blog an I tell them about the wonderful bloga that I follow and I know a few have started to blog even of they said they would never do his. So this is How will "I" contribute to Stash Manicure?

  9. I just found your blog, very interesting. I'm pretty good at coming up with fast, easy all around small quilt or project ideas. I don't sell things just donate or give away to charity. Great sponsers, such fun for everyone.

  10. As with the 9 before me, I contribute by reading every word over my morning coffee! I would love to write a little something about being a "young" quilter, or my personal style of diving in to a project while common sense and the directions fly away in the wind as Taylor Swift's song "Fearless" plays in my head... or, the excitement of moving soon to a house where I will have my own sewing room... regardless, you can share my journey at my blog: bombletquilts.blogspot.com

  11. Hmmm... I will be a devoted reader and follower and I hope to contribute also by one day being a guest blogger! I also promise from here onwards to "manicure" my stash... not that it is out of control or very big for that matter, but to instead be inspired to use my scraps and leftover fabric from the quilts I make.

  12. Oh Madame Samm, you have been very busy finding all those sponsors, well done you.

  13. Read blogs? Who, me? I don't have time. She said. Up until about a week ago, or so. Now -- I'm hooked! First thing in the a.m. with my coffee I check in on your blog. Don't know how I'll contribute, except to be here every day :-)

  14. thanks for the chance at the giveaway. I would like to contribute by sharing ideas on what to do with "old" fabrics as a guest blogger. Brenda at strings@mts.net

  15. I'm definitely a reader and occasional commenter. I've got you in my Google feed so I won't miss a post!

  16. Wow, Madame Samm, you have been busy! I hope to continue to contribute guest posts, plus praise Stash Manicure to the skies on my own blog, plus read and contribute my own comments to the mix! I love being part of this community of quilters!!

  17. Oh dear! I am racking my brain, trying to figure out how to contribute. My stash is not fully manicured, my quilt magazine stash is out of control and my way of manicuring patterns and gadgets is to put them in various drawers in my sewing room! Looks like the way I can contribute is to be a faithful reader (as I am). I am always inspired when I see what others are doing to keep things in control. Bravo to them! Maybe a little of them will rub off on me...that's what I'm hoping!!

  18. Thanks, I enjoy reading the comments and suggestions for manicureing the stash. I have been following for a short time. Just went to Joanns fabrics yesterday. Their flece on special and got some for my dog blankets. I made up 3 of those doggy bed sacks, I dont think they moved all night. crafnstuff@yahoo.com

  19. How can I contribute? I will continue to be a heroic Plan B poster! Cause we all love a Plan B. right?
    wendyleep at gmail dot com

  20. I plan to contribute by reading, learning, absorbing,commenting,and appreciating all the shared knowledge on this blog! As an intermediate quilter, I am not sure I have anything to share other than my favorite quilting adage of "if you can't see a mistake from the saddle of a galloping horse, it doesn't exist!"

  21. I contribute by reading and using the great advice!
    deserae (At) gmail (dot) com

  22. It took me 3 cups of coffee to get through your announcement. I don't have a blog but I do see Stash Manicure at so many other blogs that months ago I came over. I'm glad I did. What has happened here. Last time I was here the followers were about 300 and I thought wow, big following. A couple months later you are over 1000. I am impressed. I will tell many about what is going on here. You are all very inspiring. Madame you are the most. How you do it all, I don't know. God Bless you! adelenyork@ hotmail dotcom xx

  23. I recently found this wonderful blog and I plan to contribute by telling all of my quilting buddies to come and join the party. We all have way too much fabric and can use all of the organization and reduction ideas you can give us.

  24. I think I am already on your list of regularly scheduled bloggers, if not, go ahead and schedule me. If need be, you can give me a holler for Plan B, C, D or E :) I'm a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl and can come up with something at the last minute if need be. I've only been quilting for the last 3 years, but have busted a lot of stash in those 3 years out of necessity. I just got a phone call again yesterday to pick up more stash. The cycle never ends.
    smaejmlewis at comcast dot net

  25. WE are sew thankful you are here now. It can't be that easy to take over from the master - mistress? But you are doing sew well!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend up there, and think of me finishing up my first MIAGIA. Remember those? *S*

  26. So many people backing you up and cheering you on! Love this group. It's like bringing sunlight into an already bright room. It's just dazzling! Hope I can help by reading, commenting, and maybe throwing in a bit of blogging once in a while..very quietly...

  27. Oh I love Stash Manicure! It was one of the first blogs I subscribed to when I became a born again quilter. I would love to do a blog post for you! I could write about my efforts to organize and modernize my 1990s stash. Or give me a challenge -thats all we quilting artist need is a challenge and we rise to the occasion! I renovated/created my studio this summer and am constantly finding new ways to organize the stuff!

  28. Well, I would like to contribute by coming up with a good organizational tip for fabric and quilting tools...so far though, I am limited to one...fill plastic totes with collections or themed fabrics, sort by color and make room so it isn't all smooshed together. In simple words...make it so you can see what you have and 'shop' there for project needs.
    Thank you to all the generous sponsors!

  29. Happy Thanksgiving! We are thankful you came along Samm! :-)
    I'll be guest blogging soon. ;-) And you can sign me up for any Plan you'd like. LOL I'll be in the cheering section too.
    Have a happy day!

  30. My contribution would be sending photos of my quilts (or quilted things) for every month challenge:)

  31. Phew- do you ever sleep??? Don't answer that - I think we all know you are secretly the Energiser Bunny:) Mmmm how to contribute? Well, I will comment, commit to putting into reality some of the wonderful suggestions people so generously are sharing at Stash Manicure, and I would love to share photos and one day be a guest blogger.....maybe Plan B as a start cos I'm sure there are way more proficient bloggers than me who can be Plan A-ers! Ciao

  32. I will contribute by continuing to follow, read and comment. I'd love to share some of my quilt projects in the future as well.

  33. I love reading this blog and hope to contribute some pics of some quilts for your upcoming color challenges! I've been working on my scraps bin lately and making doll quilts ~ such a great stash-buster!

  34. I will definitely contribute to this blog by following, commenting, and sharing my ideas and projects on this blog as a guest blogger!! I love reading this blog and can't wait to see what's next!! Thanks Madame Samm

  35. Hmm; I will need to go back and read this post. There is a LOT here, and most of it went over my head (I read blogs thru a feed). But I DO read this blog. :)

  36. Well you already know I read and I follow and I send pictures. What more you say? I bet I could schedule a date to be a guest blogger (she says as panic sets in). How about a tutorial? Now I'm hyperventilating! Just call me. No, you can't call - you don't know my number and I can't just be posting it now can I? I know, e-mail me! :) blessings, marlene

  37. I am perfectly happy to guest blog. Give me a date in November...I can take one in December too.

  38. "How will I" contribute to Stash Manicure? Truthfully, I'm a user. I read the blog for ideals, and to be inspired, and yes the eye candy (photo's of quilts and stashes). I don't have any great ideals to share, I have been getting most of them from this blog. I turn to blogs for help, and quilt connections - no quilters in the family. Basically, I can only post comments and questions - and give out a heartfelt thanks to the sponsers and shop with them when possible.

  39. I love this Blog! Look forward to reading it every morning! I give away blankets and lap quilts I make. You blog gives me ideas and inspires me! I'll plan to send pictures of blankets, quilts and projects I make, continue to post comments and ask questions ... and shop with sponsors in the future. Please keep posting.

  40. LOve it! I spent 22 years in Toastmasters where we all kept a speech in our back pockets waiting for someone to not show up to get an open spot!

    I am so ready, anytime you need a spot filled, I am your quilter!


    love you and the blog......

    of course,


  41. Oh Samm a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving to you and all of Canada! I do believe we are all just as thankful for YOU as you are for us!

    Oh what a wonderful list of goodies! How fun can ya get? I just cannot wait until I start my life in quilting! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

    Xoxoxxx Ree

  42. I will continue to be a reader, follower, and participate in projects here to reduce my stash. I make string quilts and would be happy to share pictures of my quilts.

  43. Being followers, we probably don't see all the hard work you have to put into this blog; finding guests and sponsors..finding followers is the easy part because of the great content you have for us. I am manicuring my stash as well; gaining helpful hints and ideas from here. Thanks for all you do!

  44. OH MY!...I would contribute to Stash Manicure at making my very first quilt. I really want to start quilting and this would set me on my way.



  46. I would guest blog or plan B, or even tutorial (I have a few I am working on). I am a relatively new blogger and certainly not famous (except in very select circles :) ) but I would try to contribute something. I have learned a lot from reading and it is a daily, or nearly daily, pleasure for me.

    Thanks for the chance (to contribute, or to win).

  47. I can contribute to this blog by following it. I don't follow many blogs but check out a few regularly. Once I saw that you were a Canadian too, I just knew that I had to follow this blog.

  48. You Madame Samm have been very busy. I love Stash Manicure and I do follow (as you can probably tell). I would love to help out with Stash Manicure. I have not been much of a blogger but I do have a wealth of ideas and knowledge about quilting. I am an information junkie you know. It was a beautiful weekend in the Muskoka's ( in Ontario Canada) and was full of inspiration. So if you want some help with plan b that would work for me. Pick a topic and we can come up with something. I love organization and gadgets.
    Great job on the all the sponsors.
    Jo V

  49. I will contribute by referring people to the site..as I always have done! Also, I will email you on being a Plan B person. I have always found this blog to be so inspiring and I can't wait to see all the changes!


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