Monday, October 18, 2010

My little sewing room is busting out at the seams!!!

Hi everyone!

Note from Madame Samm
Special thanks for PLAN B member  Ariane...
Our scheduled guest has some PC problems
we will bring her back another day...

My name is Ariane and I blog at Ariane's Crafts.

Madame Samm asked if I was willing to do a post here.
Of course I said "YES".
I'm honoured.
I have been quilting for just over two years and have accumulated a lot of stuff.
So, I will share with you my little sewing room. It is 5 feet by 8 feet. It's a tiny little room. But, I'm very happy I have my own space to sew, even though it is small.

My husband installed a counter top in the room to use as a desk. 
 I have my cutting board, rulers, sewing machine and some other stuff on my desk.
I store my fabric scraps, and other crafts items under my desk in baskets and bins.
I store my vintage notions in little clear bins which sit on the floor. I have a bookcase, where I store my books and magazines on the lower shelves and fabric on the higher shelves. My sewing room is kind of messy right now. But, I know I'm not the only one with a messy sewing room.
I also store some fabric in this little dresser and patterns and notions in the top drawers. You can see that I keep my GO! Cutter on the top of this little dresser. It fits perfectly.

 I have a lot of stuff in my tiny space.
 I need to use my fabrics in order to have more room.
I've come up with a project using some fabric that I bought at Fabricland about 2 years ago. I wanted to make a quilt for my daughter with it, but I never ended up using it. So now, I will do just that.

This is the fabric I'm talking about.
I cut up some of the fabric in 5 inch squares. I am making 9 patch blocks. The blocks are 14 inches unfinished. This is a good size, so I won't have to make as many blocks. Here are my first four blocks. I hope you like them.
These come together really quickly. I hope to have more to share soon.
I'm trying really hard not to buy too much fabric and just use what I have. I do have a lot of wonderful fabric.

You should look for all that wonderful fabric in your stash and make some wonderful quilts. Even if it's not your favorite now, it could become a favorite once it's together with other co-ordinating fabrics.

You can make a simple quilt to use at the cottage or just to cuddle up in on the couch on cool nights. Or maybe even make a nice donation quilt. It's nice sometimes to do a simple pattern, in between finishing a complicated big quilt. You get faster gratification, and you use up some of that stash.
So give it a try.




  1. Love Arian's idea of making simple 9 patches out of charm squares. Her blocks are so pretty!

  2. Well there is piece in my world this morning...I had a PLAN B and her name happens to be Ariane...Sew thanks for having a DRAFT copy ready to be published..YEAH..
    Now can we talk about your wee space?..OK I am sew impressed you can get all of that in there...way to go..I think we have got to get you sewing more, blogging less sew you can get through all of your stash lol....but ahhh no, we need balance right? And on that note..big thanks goes out to you, from my heart to yours ..madame samm

  3. Ariane,
    Hugs de Maria Filomena

  4. Great post! I can't wait until I have a space of my own to sew in instead of making a mess in the dining room.

    Great post and beautiful quilt!

  5. Love the fabric you've picked out for your daughter's quilt. Fabulous!!

    I've been quilting for about 3 months and I keep trying to build my stash. I hope I have a collection as big as yours soon!

  6. Oh dear...I do mostly hand piecing/applique so my stash never seems to do anything but grow...

    Thanks for sharing your little sewing room...maybe it will inspire me to get some patches done on the machine to donate to a local church...

  7. What a great idea for using in nine patches! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to have to take a look and see if I can make some of those.

  8. It's going to be a cute quilt Ariane - and heavens your sewing room is neat as a pin compared to mine some days. :) blessings, marlene

  9. Adorable blocks, Ariane! Thanks for stepping up with a fun post. It's so nice to have a space dedicated to quilting, isn't it? Regardless of size, it's great to be able to walk away from a project as is.
    Happy Quilting,
    Heather =)

  10. I love the fabric choice - and a large block really lets those colors and pattern show themselves off. And your "mess" truly represents a quilter. To me a clean work area means there is no work being done.

  11. Lve the tiny space! I think it is important to have aspace no matter have small dedicated to quilting. I have not had one for almost ten years until this past year. In that time I reall did nothing. Good luck the quilt is beautiful!

  12. The mess in your sewing room looks a lot like mine. I think I am happiest working with all the mess around me. Means I am in creative mode.

  13. Great post I can relate too! The bursting out of the seams is exactly how it is here too! LOL

  14. This blog is so inspiring, great idea to make charm squares to have handy for a quick quilt. I have just started doing it myself.

  15. I just got home from work...and I've been published here. Yeah!!!! Thanks for all the lovely comments. Now you all know what my secret sewing room looks like. And another project on the go to add to my list of UFO's. But, hey I'm using my stash, right! Okay, that's my story and I'm sticking to it. LOL!!!

    Thanks Madame Samm for giving me the opportunity to be a plan B guest blogger! It's been fun!!!

  16. Wow!! Only quilting for two years and you have such good ideas for storage and the quilt is going to be gorgeous. You go girl!!!

  17. Thank you! I like hearing from people with smaller workplaces. Sometimes you look at the sewing and creating rooms people have and think - if ONLY I had more SPACE.

  18. Great post Ariane! I can totally relate with you on small work spaces! My fabric stash is competing with my mohair Teddy bear making supplies! I love them both dearly and "both stashes" need to cohabitate together in my mini sewing/ craft area! (Maybe in the future more posts on different types of "stashes" that cohabitate in sewing spaces!).

    Also how can sewing areas be neat and tidy? It's a never ending cleaning process! I love sewing...laughing!


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