Saturday, August 6, 2011

#5 Winner of our Wantobe Quilters Campaign

Congrats QUILTER
Cornwoman you WIN...
IHAN too!
Cornwoman is a brand new follower too..YEAH!
Please send your particulars 
sew I can send this lovely package s
from Aurifil off to you...

Oh and as you can expect, there will be more
giveaways, every day in fact for at least
12 more weeks..
( I said 3 months...there are 13 weeks in them
and yes we have that much stuff) 

Thanks to Aurifil, our guest today 
( or rather yesterday....Staci)
and YOU for still being part of all of this...
ps. sponsor day today recap.
rest Sunday....

( it is never too late to join in ...just find yourself a quilt sponsor
there are some on our list there) 


  1. "I can't seem to shake this feeling " we" are being followed.....lol" You crack me up!

  2. congrats cornwoman !! what a NICE gift you won ! thanks to all the sponsors this week and of course to our hostess with the mostest , Madame Samm !!!

  3. Congratulations cornwoman! What a lovely gift that is!! Enjoy.

  4. Congratulations Cornwoman!! What a Beautiful package to win!! Thanks Madame Samm for such a fun filled week!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  5. Congrats to the winner and a big thanks for Aurifil threads!! and of course you !!

  6. Congrats Cornwoman! A fantastic finish to an awesome 1st week!! I have met some wonderful new blogs during the course of this first week! Will be checking in on them from time to time to see what they are cooking up!

  7. Congrats Cornwoman! Fantastic Prizes!

  8. Thank you everyone! A special thanks to Madame Samm and Aurifil for the fabulous prize. It's my favorite thread, so I am thrilled to have won it!

  9. Wonderful week...I still don't see me at the side but I am not sweating it...I am adding someone as soon as they get me their phone number!!!

  10. Congratulations to all the winners this week and thank you to all the sponsors of gifts AND my sponsor for the giveaways, Linda of Buzzing and Bumbling.I'll keep trying to win us something Linda, I was so busy this week I missed Thursdays giveaway. AND of course a HUGE THANKS to you Madame Samm for all your hard work and fun emails. Hugs all around...


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