Saturday, April 25, 2015

OUR MAY LADY PAPER lady coming to life into a PIN cushion..

Introducing OUR latest Paper Ladies PIN CUSHION...
She is our MAY Paper lady coming to life...

( Cori also has one to be shown soon) WE both have been rather consumed
in completing some darling projects.. Been away a couple days and today
I have date with a very handsome man to meet yet another handsome man
a well down DYI guy...( more on him later) 

She turned out so well, She can fit in the palm of your hand, she is so tiny..
But her ruffles more than make up for it...

She certainly is One of A KIND, ( OOAK) and is already spoken
for and heading to a new HOME.
I really wanted to keep her myself...but I commissioned Christel
to make yet another, so I can make one for me in RED gingham...
As soon as she arrives, and I paint her, I will dress in layers of ruffles too.
( no surprise there that I love ruffles) 

Last week, I made this PIN cushion, from 1/2 doll purchase on the internet..
WEll it turned out I purchased quite a few like ( the one below)..

WE will be showing you how to make them in pattern form using 
3 different bases...   Pattern will be available next week...
as I am making yet another, I want to include every step...
and show Cori's as well.

many years ago, we were in gathering of doll
makers... She sculptures dolls, so I commissioned her to design one after
the May Paper Lady... ( a couple times so I can now make one for ME) 

This is the result. You can connect with her if you wish your very own
doll too...She would love that...
She can design it so you can paint her yourself, or she will paint if for
you, at a very reasonable rate too. 
You can have them with legs or not...
Leave her a note on her blog, she will get back to you as soon as she can..
She is vacationing but will return within a week. 

For this May lady I did not add them....YOU would not have
seen them anyway for all the ruffles..

They are called 1/2 dolls because they are usually dolls from the waist up..

I adored making this one...with her Blue roses, she was beckoning to be
in blue gingham..

I made all the PINS for her from Shellys buttons and MORE
Shelly has a whole new addition of Disney characters too..
They have not arrived yet, but when they do, I will be showing you 
how to turn those into head pins too...

Shelly has the most diversified collection around...
I have known her for many years and she has always been 
my ONLY favourite button Lady ...
Well she happens to be a wonderful friend too..
If ever you are thinking of buttons, you never have to look further...

So you see, nobody ever does anything alone...
WE need talent from others, combined with our own to make it our 
own, to bring things to life...

Coming soon, the Pattern for Pin Cushions,
the pattern for our May Lady and another new series called....

They will be a collection of SWEET TREATS
that you can stitch on TEA TOWELS....
VERY GOOD TEA Towels that we purchased
and will making into kits..
It is has been my plan this year to find good quality
Tea Towels..well we found them....( more soon) 

Yes we have been busy....

And speaking of busy l I must run, I have a whole 
day ready to be  relished with my beloved,
beginning with breakfast at a local 
Waffle place, LUNCH at Springridge FARM
a great attraction where we used to live
and meeting with a DYI fellow who has in our TV series...

I have a slew of questions for him as we embark
on some renovation in our home...
And our evening taking in a musical...

A beautiful cookie jar arrived this week from a very special friend
who just knew it would be a sweet treat...
( for now it will be a VASE) later this week, a cookie jar..

And yesterday a wonderful man, ( not my hubby) purchased
this beautiful bouquet of tulips and hyacinths as  a thank
you for making his day) 

Well this week has been a week of delightful surprises..

YOU just never know who you will inspire when you are out for the day!

Hope your weekend will be filled with surprises and lot's of Stitching..

YOU are kind, smart and important to me..

WE will have group discounts for our patterns for those
who wish to purchase for their guild, church group or country! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

And let there be a LATTE of LIGHT!

Remember me showing you this?

Every one of these would have been perfect for a LATTE Lamp...but I chose this one - at night it gives off such a light that illuminates our reading room...

As shared earlier, I picked up this lamp, it was FUSHIA, not one of my favourite colours...the lampshade had ribbon and dangles that looked more like ....can I say a " rather risky parlour taste" kind of lamp...It was at an auction, I only bid on it, because I saw potential..... ( wish I had a photo to show you, but I have no idea where that file went)

Of course it sat in a box for a few years when I remembered it and painted it flat black paint
and gave her some lips and wellllll the result is NOW---- I LOVE HER!

To make her dress bouffant...( full) I cut up a container that had some whitener in it for my delicates, I cut it in half and placed her on her body to create fullness in her dress....I gave her a little bust
and added a strapless top in stripes and gathered her dress using DAN's coffee collection print
and added a huge bow in the back.

Her  lampshade, I first drew up a circular pattern , stitched 2 pieces of dotted fabric and sewed it all by hand on her frame....

Now she is holding a wine glass but let me say this, it is only filled with cup of joe, Sumatra Reserve todays choice....

I love the richness of her...

and I had enough time to do a new pinnie to match a Tammy Bag

the pattern came from Chitter Chatter Designs, 
a unique pinnie for your needles as well as a thread keeper in the back of it..

YOU matter
Now time for another cup of JOE! 

A very special thank you to Joan, who is possibly the perkiest
lady I know...

It is Friday, the weekend has begun, I will be away all weekend, and there is no doubt
this tune will be playing in the background , just a reminder of the LOVE in my life....

It comes from a book that was made into a Musical Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria 
Loosely based on the book A Nervous Splendor: Vienna 1888-1889 by Frederic Morton

Cori and I have a few things we are trying to get done, in the meantime, I am away
today at an event that no doubt will be an inspiration to SEW more ....
To a lovely weekend...