Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Butterfly kisses....

Our summer has been filled with special moments...
this day we headed for the Butterfly Conservatory
the view was spectacular...

The butterflies were all over the place....
this young master above could not stop giggling as this large butterfly
found a new friend...
 I love that his shadow...appears translucent through the leaf...

This one had me so inspired I created this...
sneak peak...but you will have to wait till BLACK CAT Crossing....

 Here many of them were feeding...these butterflies are a baby blue, but they fly so quick it was hard
to capture them...when they stop for a snack they look like this...oranges and very old bananas are a lovely feast for some busy wings...

These two were resting on a rail to keep you from falling into a stream....

This one looked like someone took a bite out of him or he crashed...lol

Just a couple more weeks before our BLOG HOPS begin again...

SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER is right around the corner...

Butterfly kisses till then..

Monday, August 18, 2014

Revisiting Jennifer and her Kitchen Organizer

Sometimes something OLD is NEW again...
Jennifer always has such delightful ideas...
here is one we could all be inspired to do in some new fabric collections....

Good morning!  I'm so happy to be back to share another tutorial.  For those who don't know me, my name is Jennifer and I blog over at That Girl... That Quilt.

Is your kitchen the busiest part of your home?  Mine definitely is.  Not only do we cook and eat in there but it's also the catch-all for mail, homework, flyers and nearly everything else that doesn't instantly have a proper place.  We also lose things in the shuffle like school papers, coupons, recipes and even gift cards.  I won't even tell you how many Starbucks gift cards I found in our old "organizer"...

So when I was deciding what kind of tutorial I wanted to design and share today, I decided that for me, a clean and organized kitchen is a happy one.  An organizer made good sense to me and I really liked the idea of using some of my favorite fabrics to make one!

Here's what you need:

1/2 yard of background fabric
1/2 yard for largest pocket
2 fat quarters {for your smaller pockets}
6 charm squares {5" squares} for card sized pockets
1/2 yard of backing fabric
1/4 yard for binding
coordinating thread
approx. 5" of ribbon
4 small metal curtain rings {I'll also talk about other alternatives}
3 grommets with the accompanying {and very important} grommet tool!
3 eye hooks
transfer paper made to transfer images to fabric
all your other usual sewing notions
Cut your fabric:

background fabric - 25"x30"
1/2 yard for large pocket - 26"x11"
1 fat quarter for medium pocket - 18"x10"
1 fat quarter for two small pockets - two pieces each measuring 13"x11"
cut 5" squares for smallest pockets if you don't have charm squares

Let's make the pockets! Fold your first one lengthwise.

With a 1/4" seam allowance, stitch around the perimeter.

Leave a 2" space at the bottom {opposite side to the fold}.  Don't worry about stitching across the top of the fold.

Staying of out the seam allowance, trim your corners to make them nice and pointy when you turn your pocket right side out.

Turn right side out through the 2" space, press, and then toptstitch across the top {where your fold is}.  Don't worry about the space at the bottom of the pocket, you will stitch this closed when you are stitching your pockets to your background fabric.

Repeat this process with each fabric piece including charm squares until you have your desired number of pockets.

To make your pockets to hold gift cards and coupons, arrange your smallest pockets how you would like and stitch them to the lager pocket.  This layout is up to you... I wanted small pockets to hold loose gift cards, coupons, etc...

Once all your pockets are done, lay them out on your background fabric and pin them in place.  Stitch them to the background fabric making sure that you back stitch a few times at the top of each pocket for a little extra strength.

If you choose to leave a blank space like me for clips to hang papers... just leave it blank for now. 

You are now ready to baste, quilt and bind just like you would do on any other quilt!  If you have questions about basting or binding, I have tutorials here & here. :)

Now it's time to attach the ribbon and rings to create a "clothesline" for extra papers!  Slide your rings onto your ribbon and pin it where you want it to be.  Stitch both ends and then stitch in the middle {I separated my rings to 2 on each side of this stitch}

You could also use clothespins or paperclips if you don't want or have the rings.
Ready for the scary part??  I love the way that grommets look and they are also strong.  But to get your grommets onto your quilt, you have to make some little holes in your quilt.  *gulp*

Measure 2" in from the sides and 1" down from the top on both sides of your quilt for your outside grommets.  Then measure to the center and 1" down.  Mark each spot and place your grommets at each spot.  I used large size grommets and followed the instructions on the package. 

It's very important to follow the instructions... the grommets and I did not get along yesterday!  ;)

If you wish, you can create iron-on transfer labels for your pockets.  I purchased my transfer sheets from my craft store and followed the instructions for printing and applying them.

Once you are done with your labels, you are ready to hang your organizer and stuff it full of all the coupons, recipes, etc that are cluttering your kitchen!!

Thanks for having me again today, it's always fun to be here!  I hope you will come visit me over at That Girl... That Quilt soon.

Jennifer :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Revisted....Lean this way- a no sew project pin keep

 Still away, however I am thinking summer and fall and sunflowers....we have one growing at home
from a seed that a bird dropped on our property....will show it upon our return..until then....

Lean this way, pin - keep
( a no sew project)

( as we are still waiting for the new series to unfold
and as you bring sew much sunshine in my life...I thought
I would supply you with a tutorial for some sunshine
of your own)

I was asked earlier in the year to be part of the design
team at Riley Blake Designs..RBD blog
Every 2 months we come up with a project...
This is my second project...my first was the indoor awning...
My next, well it is something for the outside...till then.....

I saw my first field of Sunflowers  in the Southern
part of Vendee, which is not far from Provence.
I went to school in France, I was 11 years old when
the sisters of the order took us to view a miracle.
It was a field of sunflowers, it was approaching
11:00 am. I remember because we always had
prayers at noon before lunch.

The sisters shared with us all that we
would be touched by this beauty that would
last a lifetime. I have to admit they were right!

Every sunflower was facing the sun...on close inspection
there was one that was facing at an angle. Not sure
"she" wanted to join in just yet...Sister Rejeanne
whispered in my ear.... "You are like that sunflower,
always a bit different".  Somethings just stay with you.

When asked to join in the rbd  PIN CUSHION club
I knew right away what I was going to create.
A sunflower!  

Although I love colour, I always seem to lean
to 2-3 colours only ...Good for all of you  since I am pretty sure
many of you have some black, white, and yellows in your stash..

I chose this gingham yellow from the Fly a kite collection
and the solid black from the Tuxedo line.

You will need less than 1/2 fat quarter of each.
You will need a flan tin or cookie cutter,
1  floral foam ball. ( purchase whole at Michael's, and you cut it
in half using a very sharp bread knife-
sew you can make 2, same price if you just purchase 1/2)
Presencia thread in yellow for French Knots , I used a variegated.
a glue gun to glue it all together....
No sewing, except for the french knots...
( there is a  self covered button there...I was thinking
of using instead of french knots..some of you could do that 
too if french knots are not your thing)
I ended up doing french knots..

Outline your tin with a white pencil and then 
add 4 inches around the diameter.
You will need that when you stitch the circle
and cinch it around your half floral foam. 
It will cover the bottom completely. 

 Now fold your circle into quarters and finger press.
Open it up and draw a 2inch in diameter circle. 
Now using Presencia Finca 8 variegated thread
make some french knots to fill that circle.

Now cut 2.5 inch strips, and sew 2 together..
You only want to have 1 seam. Now fold towards
the middle, sew your seams are touching the centre
strip. Next, wrap around flan tin or cookie cutter,
you want to see the shape and wrapping it very tight
will make it easier when you add the floral foam.

Cut 2.5" wof of gingham and 1.5" wof of solid black.
Fold in half press, and then fold 2 pleats.
stitch, fold 2 pleats again and stitch. and repeat
for both gingham and black. ( Ok, you can use
your machine if you want to) lol

These will be your petals, and of course they are ruffled..
I added the black to the outside of the gingham, take
a peak at pic again. I will wait....

Now you will stitch around the edges with just a loose
stitch, stitch your whole circle piece; the piece  you added
all your french knots to. Pull it as tight as you can,
and if you have a label, stitch that on to cover
your gathered piece.
Smooth it out as much as you can, you will have enough
to smooth it out, if you followed the 4 inch rule..

It should fit in perfectly, before you add your ruffle.
Use your glue gun and add a thin strip of glue
around the base and secure it to your tin or cookie cutter.
I used some tweezers and two of my  strips of ruffles
and tucked them inside the tin and  flower foam ball...
and voila!

I added a bow...gotta have a bow,
and some pins, and a PIN it flag....

I hope you will Lean into this one.
She is easy to make and I won't tell you how
long it took me....( I made a few before I got it the way I wanted it
for you) suffice to say, it will take you no where near that time....
Less than an hour!

My best

Here it is in a PDF file

"If friends are flowers,
we must be best buds"

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What would ERMA say or better yet NORA...( if they were still here)

I grew up with the wit and humour or Erma Bombeck....a time when we read books and lots of them...... She passed way before social media...She would not have embraced this for a minute....No way...

And I also grew up and met Nora Ephron years ago, the incredible mind of a writer who knew women so well, she could write scripts that made women REAL....  both of these ladies made me smile, laugh and pee.

How I miss these ladies...they would have had a field day with this topic....PUMPS, HIGH HEELS,
back breakers...

Recently and I mean like a few days ago, I dug out some of my "nine west shoes..." I suppose by todays standards, I had a few....well more than a few, many of my colleagues called me Ms Marcos - it was reported she had over 3,000 shoes... and no I did not have that many .....

Although-I never went on any business trip without at least a dozen pairs...I know soooo ridiculous, I could have bought so much more in FABRIC....but I was not a quilter then....

So what has this got to do with quilting anyway? Well nothing... but everything...things are changing....

I tried on a few of these stylish over the top fashionable shoes in my wardrobe....I slipped them on...no problem they looked so fine....until I tried to walk in them.....OMG! I could not ! It was excruciating.....
Like someone had taken a hammer to my feet...I thought I had broken some bones....something was definitely amiss.

Soooooo I immediately called one of my best friends who happens to be a Chiropodist ( hi Kurt)...in between bits of laughter from him of course...he tried to explain to me, that I had  chronically taut (and shortened!) my  ankle and calf tendons over the years....and for the last few years I have been wearing COLE HAAN's leather clogs and Birkenstocks...my feet are happy and so is my back and the PAIN is to let me know, "YOU CANNOT WEAR THESE ANYMORE"

I hung up on him.....Of course he called me back...." YOU mean I cannot ever wear heels again" his answer was firm and convincing "YES, Samm, enjoy your comfortable shoes, your back and feet are thanking you."

only way I will ever enjoy my pumps! 

Nobody prepared me for this....I never would have thought I WOULD NEVER ever wear heels again...NOOOOOOOOO..... I love this decade of my life....I call it the winter of my life...there are soooo many benefits....but this one, as me in a stew...

Head over Heels Tribute...
by Mdm Samm

I loved my heels they made me taller
I could walk with pride and felt less smaller
The day had come to say goodbye
I was just not ready and had to cry
This can't be true, no "GLADS" per say
They will never see my feet another day
So I will ship them out to those who can
and slip my feet into some sand..
No pain, no stress, my body will be glad
and quilting stores will never be sad...

Some of my fav shoes....

and you wonder why I love black, yellow and red so much..

I have traded my heels for Cole Haan's  slip on clogs...
I have a few ... and some Birkenstocks...
I even purchased last winter some rubber boots that 
are the most comfortable boot I have ever worn.

So to all of you who can still slip into your Heels.....
I am sooooo happy for you...but let me share this...
enjoy these moments because like everything they are only here
for a short STEP..

ps. Robin Williams was always on my list
of the people I would love to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with...
He left us yesterday ( Aug 11th, 2014)  and we both are sooo sad...
My Husband really admired this character, this comic genius,
this man who has left us with so many fond memories...
Today we have shared a  few tears! 

HE too loved heels....as in his role in Mrs Doubtfire..
one of my fav movies next to Patch Adams and the Awakening...

Just another reminder to enjoy every
525,600 minutes in a YEAR...
a few minutes today were just for you sweet Robin!!!..