Saturday, January 14, 2017

Hidden Figures...ohhhh go and see it....and be PROUD to be a WOMAN with BRAINS!

I had a date with the man who makes me smile every day!
He said this to me when we were holding hands walking through
the market...
" The  sun waits for you to wake up- Sparky"
and you wonder why I am so in LOVE! 

We started off with going to the Winter Market whereby we met Lord Nelson
and purchased his famous cold pressed olive oil and thick - sweet balsamic sauce
and his olives, don't let me tell you how wonderful they are....

But I have- haven't I? Told  you...:)
Well for supper, we also picked up some cold cuts and I will serve
it all with a baquette to dish into the olive oil and balsamic and 
I have already cut some tomatoes and herbs for some bruschetta..

A terrific ending to a fabulous day...

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Just call me......a pretty darn cute pin cushion PATTERN!

Hard to believe that a simple PIN CUSHION could take this much time
to make - writing the pattern, took another 2 days.

But we set our goal for January! Make something that will bring
HAPPY to our day... this makes us HAPPY!

And yes so true, 69 hours of designing this Pin Cushion Pattern for YOU!. We searched
everywhere and would of been happier to just purchase someone else’s pattern -
but we could not find one. Using a kettle phone as inspiration  we made a slipcover
for it, however it  had multiple pieces and  we knew many would be so frustrated at the tucks
and inlays so we went back and re-designed it with fewer pieces.. After almost 2 weeks
and many trials and tribulations. I even teared once.  (Mdm Samm here) - the result was this!

It will link to our purchase page, it will say 15.00
but you will pay 10.00 for another 10 days only.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Designing a pattern to SHARE FOR FREE!

This week I observed a FACEBOOK entry on a Designers page that left me feeling anything but happy-however there is a Happy Ending.

A participant posted an image of a well known summer quilt and wanted to know who designed it. After close to 100  replies,  one of the ladies said she would order it and asked who would want a copy? This is where I became seriously disgruntled. There were at least 40 others who requested a FREE copy. Only a couple stood up and noted copyright law. ( applause to them) What was also troubling to me , this was posted on  a Designer's facebook page and I never saw her comment on this illegal act. She is a Designer after all.

Which brings me to this week's challenge -designing a pattern for a Telephone. I have spent over
40+ hours on it. I have sewed and re-designed it 6 times. I have yet to write out the pattern. ( that will take at least 8 -10 hours)  I wanted to simplify it so YOU ( if interested)  would able to make it as well without any difficulty. My first attempt at this pattern was easy for me, but I knew many would find it difficult if they were not an advanced sewer- which led me to redesigning it till I came up with one that is rather cute, even if I have to say so myself.

Then I thought of this lady who said she would purchase a copy ( of the summer quilt)  and give it out to the nearly 40 who requested it for FREE!. I began to wonder if many really understand what any designer does to get out a pattern. The reason why many designers design is that they cannot find a pattern of something they want to make, so they give up their search and design it themselves.

This is exactly why I ended up designing a telephone pattern that will have 2 uses...Will share that soon enough.  If I had found a pattern I would of gladly paid the cost of the pattern and I can guarantee I would not have posted it on Facebook to give out for FREE to any who requested a copy.

I began to think of the many designers who have given up blogging and even designing. They would spend hours coming up with a unique design only to have someone either copy them or share many FREE patterns. You cannot blame them for not sharing their time and money designing.
We all lose in this case.

I am writing this as I was Happy that this designer of the summer quilt, did get some orders for her pattern, but can you imagine how HAPPIER she would have been if those who were willing to request the pattern for FREE, actually placed an order too.

We designers design patterns because we love designing for a small FEE.
We design because we feel we have something unique to offer.
We design because we see this as a way to make $ for our family.
We design so we can purchase more STASH.
We design and share as we have the talent to do so. ( I personally would prefer to purchase patterns,
then design, so much time lost in re-designing and making till it's perfect) 

Please support our Designers... think about how much time they spend in designing something for YOU. I am happy to say this lady who ended up with money $$$ ended up placing an order for more FABRIC to design more patterns.

Friday, January 6, 2017

H is for Happy ....with some Happy HINTS of what is to come.

It was there right in front of me in a specialty shop..
It measures 9  inches tall, 8 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick. 
Sturdy enough to sit on a shelf, and has two hooks that can be mounted on a wall.
and all in a beautiful black box...

I added the gingham bow....but I purchased a few of them
and I have only 4 left...
I ordered more- these all sold! 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Dear 2017, I am ready for some HAPPY!

Our Carnation Christmas....

Basically, every year has a narrative. Some are great and others could use
some improvement. 2016 will be one that left us wondering if we could have a" DO OVER".

There’s a sense of precariousness now, like our sense of order is more fragile than it once was, I don't know about you, but I am ready for some HAPPY! 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Ok, what day are we on now...5 days before Christmas?

My plans were certainly laid out to follow up each day however I was pretty shaken up on day 10, 
I was out shopping, picking up some stocking stuffers and David's gift, when I was a victim of a crime.... Sadly it all happened so fast, the only thing that was really broken was my heart...

I say this because, one can feel so violated, we can be robbed, but what hurts most is our  hearts, because Christmas is hard enough to get through, but when BADNESS creeps through, it just hurts.

How I felt inside....lol

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

We are at 11 days... Mount Rushmore, do you hear me...

Yes 11 more days....

My date with Elizabeth last evening at the Lions Club was heartfelt.
Over 400 families were there, buffet style, very loud, carol singing
and a lot of smiling...

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

12 more days....

12 days, now how did that come up so quickly?

As of today I have 12 more days to be really nice to people...wink...
(not that I am not nice all other days of the year) 
I am going to take out my sweet Elizabeth this evening to a Lions Dinner.
Her husband was a member and I gather she has never missed an event,
so she invited my along. We just spoke, I am to pick her up....