Friday, July 1, 2016

Paper Ladies JULY 2016! and GREEN(s) with ENVY!

We did it...we came out with a NEW Paper LADIES Collection...
( we were not sure about doing another collection - and then it struck us...

Cori, just let me know she just finished hers....all in applique...( she hasn't shared yet though) 
- I am still busy with STITCHING in such an easy way of 
cross stitching, it is taking me a bit more time...

I will have mine completed by tomorrow! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

There were some expletive (s) shouted...did you hear me?

Hold back the , I  am  still waiting for the metal tack strips for the back...
It needs a back cover and more cording around the whole chair...
but so far, I am LIKING IT... but that was not the case a couple days ago :)

But certainly not after some shaky moments...

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Secret life of PETS....introducing Sumo and Monchat

introducing Monchat....

Casting call for your PET You too can create your own pet for 
the The Secret Life of Pets. Just mouse over casting call.....

Have you ever thought what are your pets are doing when you are not home?
We certainly have and I am so surprised NO ONE has come out with a film
till now....This is on our date night on July 8th....

WE even made Sumo and Monchat into characters, perhaps
they will make it in the next film lol.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Scared as heck. Upholstering is tough

Never one to shy away from a challenge but I can honestly
see why MORE MEN upholster than woman..

I have been glowing all morning and all I got done 
(is the seat which still needs cording)

Between cutting and pulling and stapling...
( my electric stapler from Stanley that I just purchased 
does not work)  David is picking up a new one!
So I had a backup.....a manual stapler and goodness me my
hands are hurting...

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Drippings of HONEY.... and SWEEET LOVE

Seems HONEY is a theme in our home this week..
This paint for my antique side chair is called HONEY BUTTER.
It really  is dripping of sweetness don't you think?

I first primed it, sanded it, used a tack cloth to remove the residue,
then gave it a 1st coat, let it dry, sanded it again lighted, added a 2nd coat
waited again, sanded and used a tack cloth and gave it a 3rd coat..

All done with a roller so you do not see any paint strokes...
So I will sand it down one more time and give it a 4th coat this morning..
It has a satin finish, I was hoping for a high gloss, but this is sweetening
me up to the soft finish...

Thin coats will last longer than one thick one...
Kinda like honey on toast, a thin coat is always sweeter....

Friday, June 17, 2016

A weekend of STRIPPING! ( update)

Every summer, I create another pair of Valences for our French Doors
that goes to the garden...So this is the fabric that I chose on your right...
We have Buffalo Plaid in grey and white in our kitchen and window bench
so these will compliment them to a T. It is buttercream with splashes of soft to light greys..

I have lot's of lace too, so we have to have some on the bottom and these
too will be lined...So this is my first stripping project...... ( stripping window coverings) 
read on, about my second wink..

Update: one side almost done! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Upholstering in my future....

I recently was given a couple chairs from my Aunt..
This is a slipper chair  ( it may be called something else...not sure) but it is from  1930's ...
The velvet is worn and velvet does not really suit our home...

( looks like this one may be called a Biscuit Tufted Swivel) from a reknown Upholsterer Aimee!
Thanks Aimee! 

So I will be upholstering this in some Yellow Buffalo Plaid ( another word for GINGHAM) :)
that I purchased recently. 
The base is a very heavy steel disk and this chair swivels..
Quite a treasure and the best news, well besides Sumo 
liking the chair, it is perfect for my size. I can actually sit
on it and touch the floor...
Bonus for great room....

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cheering my MAN ...and you for helping him out!

 1st day of my  man's ride to conquer cancer....To show his true passion for this sport, look at his
licence plate CYCLE4VR.  So him.... He is all geared up with all the necessary cycle attire....
shoes, gloves, helmet, padded seat,  cycle shorts with lots of padding..light bike, thin thin tires lol...