Friday, February 12, 2016

Sharing some Heartfelt moments...Riot Boys, Sleepover, a new POPPY, - Paper Ladies project updates..

I noted after a couple hours of play our wee Sumo was just plain tuckered out...
I grabbed my camera and just sat on the bottom step with him...
and we had a conversation...

He listened attentively as I shared with him the plans I had for his future...
Considering he is only 5.5 months it is pretty amazing how much wisdom
is in this 6.4 pounds of life. He is such a contented fellow! 

There will be always be an elephant in the room that weighs heavy on both
of our hearts but as David constantly reminds me, the love and our humble abode
we provide him may be just the cure he needs.

I would like to think that is true! 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Refashion - FOOT RESTER! .....and we were in a STEW ! ( riot boys, paper ladies new project)

I have not completed this as of yet, today, I will be sewing it all together, have to say, from a very dull stool, REFASHIONed it with some Buffalo Plaid from Camelot Fabrics.. and it has so much more APPEAL.  Our Riot Boys were not really much help, but they certainly made me chuckle when they were pushing each other out of the circle.

I will be making this Buffalo Plaid stool into a pattern, there are many photos on how you can do this
with such ease when you follow the steps,  I will  also share what other "kitchen things" you can use to make your very own REFASHIONed one of a kind....FOOT RESTER......

                     NO STAPLES, NO SEWING MACHINE, you can do this all by HAND! 
                                                        YEP, and I will show you how!

You won't even need any special tools... more pics to soon as I finish this post, I
am getting some breaky and back to sewing....wait till you see what Cori and I are up to now..
did you see her newest post on her Paper Ladies quilt?....You haven't ...well link here....

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Super Bowl....why I became a Panthers Fan....wink! ( riot boys)

If you had  asked me yesterday who was playing in the SUPER BOWL
I could not have told you...until we were watching the news last night 
and they were interviewing one of the coaches of the PANTHERS. ( I now know who is playing) 
about this coach  (Bruce DeHaven) who has a  prostate cancer that is
 not curable and how he worked his treatments
around the games and practices so he would not let his boys down....

Friday, February 5, 2016

Yes a Sleepover continued but now the right side update with the Crawleys and the "Riot Boys" has been a somewhat relaxing week...I have been stitching our newest sleepover pillow case... between moments of play time with the "riot boys" and watching Downton Abbey ...

...a couple more hours and I will have completed this pretty simple and amazing design...
By the weekend, I will have it washed and pressed and I will have it under my head
while I dream of Downton Abbey...Have you been following this family and their servants
from the 1900's...?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sleepover our newest collection ( paper ladies) + riot boys

When I think of sleepovers I think of boarding schools when we would have pajama parties
almost every night. When I grew up, I ran a very large woman's group called 
The Nice Society Inc. - we had yearly Sleepovers, for 2 nights...and we stayed
in our Pj's and night gowns...

So when Cori were chatting about our newest collection for 2016, 
seemed the perfect theme.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Let's take a peak at a new Eye glass pouch called "THE POPPY"....( Paper ladies, Riot Boys, Ragdolls)

For the longest time, I have been searching for a perfect pouch for my glasses..
you know a soft case to carry my many readers, sunglasses and eye wear....?
The only ones I could find were hard cases and those that were flat and would only
fit one pair of glasses.
WEll it took me a few days to perfect this soft eyeglass pouch
which we are calling the POPPY, as you will always remember your glasses"
and here she is...

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Update on your LOST Followers with Google/blogger .....sadly they are gone FOREVER!

I have received many hundreds of emails asking 
me if I knew what was going on with our Followers...
Here is an update ..

Monday, January 25, 2016

A heart MURMUR detected........Riot Boys..

We planned our whole weekend on Sumo's big day ...
we were doing
  our PART to stop LITTERING...
by getting him Neutered today!

I did not sleep well, possibly just a worried Pet Keeper Mumm.
We fed him very well - all his favourites yesterday because after 6:00 pm
he was not to eat anything till surgery, so he would not get sick during the procedure.
We made sure he rested .....