Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I am so GIDDY, August Paper Lady and Dish Cloth....

Can I even describe this wonderful giddiness that has come over me ...?
I do not think so .... but I will say the butterflies in my tummy these past
few days are such a welcome delight ....

I am not sure what it feels like being locked up for years, as I have never
broken the law in any way ... but there is this incredible feeling of EUPHORIA
that has me soaring heights that are just a delight to behold ...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A return to a calmness

The calmness of my days are rather comforting, no rushing, no anxious moments and certainly no more tears... I am embracing TODAY, because there will never be another like it...

I think what is really worth celebrating is that I have a renewed strength, renewed confidence and certainly a renewed sense of creativity...It is cool this morning, kind of a like a fall morning and although I am not really prepared to cuddle in for the winter, I have PLANS, lots of PLANS....

And they will include YOU too...in a different way, wait and see....For the meantime I have this on my plate today, I have our August Paper Lady to complete, I have been PLAYING with my ball of yarn, ( my practice yarn , I call it) I am looking for some crochet patterns for afghans and reading shawls..

Friday, July 24, 2015

Blog HOPS the overwhelming cost in $, in time and in SANITY..

Good Day and it is--- really it is

....I still get many emails.........many many many...

"When is the next blog HOP?"
"Will you still be organizing them?"

And there is no simple way to explain my decision to put this behind me....So perhaps you might understand the cost of it all...And yes if any of you think this is something you would like to do,
here is a detailed cost to me ...

I poured you a cup... it may be a bit much to swallow lol..

4.5 years of managing giveaways and blog hops cost to me  overall. 
$51, 345. 07
yep, that is what this lady took from her pocket to manage blog hop for 4.5 years
( with no financial assistance from any companies) 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Absolutely FREE Crochet classes, especially for Beginners like ME.

I suppose this could be a funny story for some, I am a person who loves to support our local yarn shops. I had called around and settled for a class out of town and scheduled a private class. I was asked   what I wanted to learn.? I shared my main goal was  to learn the magic Circle and Understanding Crochet Stitches and was told it would be $20.00 an Hour class. Cool!

( something weird is happening to this post..it keeps wanted to change to Russian?) anyway I tried to fix it 3 x now) if it sounds a bit odd in the first paragraph, just keep reading lol)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another Hankie Keeper ---still in a Christmas Theme!

Seems are our whole nation is under a heat wave, although you would never believe
that here as we have very cool temperatures this morning...I sat outside with a knitted
reading shawl this morning it was so cool, more like a fall morning...

I am heading out for a class in CROCHET so I need to begin as I begin 
each day with my my MUFFIN TO LOSE with Butter and cup of joe...
As I will be out most of the day, I will bring my other half of muffin...
Again, no surprise to me, but maybe still to most of you
who just cannot believe that this will fill you up...
it does otherwise I would still not be eating them...
nor would the thousands of you who are trying them...

Monday, July 20, 2015

It must be MONDAY 'cause I have more.... Hankie Keepers...

Hello, nice to see you, did you have a nice weekend...???
Although it was very humid here this weekend...I did manage to stroll in our garden in
the wee hours and take some pics of more Hankie Keepers..

I  dug deep into a couple of boxes of just red and whites...( all in Christmas themes)
Turns out my Nanny had some gems that she collected through the decades and one of my sweet
 friends who is an estate dealer dropped off a very large box filled with more hankie heaven...