Monday, December 5, 2016

A tomato cage TREE and the story of Elizabeth...

Yes by golly, if I did not have the photos to prove it, I would not believe it either.

This tree was Madame Made by ME....( from branches from 3 different trees) 
But first there is such a delightful Christmas story to share.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

A lot happens in a year....ornaments on our tree

 Happy Holidays...... Merry Christmas
I poured your favourite brew, I baked you some very special HOMEMADE
shortbread cookies..it is time to see what ornaments found themselves
as "snapshots" of 2015.

Sit your cushy down and sit a spell, you are my special guest today. 

If you have a fav ornament to share, link up with us! 
YOU are welcomed to participate!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hint of holiday pricks...

Just a hint of what we both have been working on.... lot's of pricks these days. I suppose I have made
a couple hundred so far for some sweet new projects...

Shellys buttons are my FAV, for years this has been my #1 choice for buttons...she always has such a great variety, as you can see wink...

and a cute dress from a Carnation logo for my bottle is in the works...

but got sidetracked and made this for our property

Will be picking up some more greens tomorrow, to make a few more...
and we dont have any snow just yet, so I made some wink..

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Introducing the Gingham Store... anything and everything Gingham!

Now you cannot possibly be surprised at this...A Gingham Store by us - Cori and I - the Paper Ladies.
Yes for months now we have been working behind the scenes, designing pattern, creating projects
for YOU. ( all in gingham)

We love gingham so much, we thought why not open up a store highlighting anything and everything gingham. We were not surprised either that when we copyrighted the name, that no one had it.
It was waiting for us, we just knew it.

There is no online store anywhere in the store that highlights our favourite GINGHAM PRINT.

and there is more...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Milking our Friendship....Carnation and Me!

  I get so nostalgic when autumn starts departing and winter starts peaking in.... it is during this time that my kettle always has a full vessel of water ready to boil for another tea.... And it reminds me why after all these years, I finally know the secret to the best coffee and tea served in our home!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Best-Teas....we just called to say.... it's Tea Time

It's time for TEA... and today seems like such a perfect day to serve some  tea, it is cool outside, our winds are blowing all the leaves off the trees as noted in some of the photos below have vanished...
it happens lol...

Cori and I have been working on this new pattern called for a bit, I wanted to stitch her Tea Cozy in embroidery and as I still had a bit of yellow gingham left over thought it would be a perfect match for our Polka Dot ( matching teapots).

Then I waited for her to do hers in Applique...Ohhhh my it arrived last week, so it was my turn
to turn it into a Tea Cozy of my own... It is already sitting on my table and as I visited a Christmas Tour beginning with Hilda in Austria this morning....Take a peak, 15 wonderful ladies in Austria are inviting us to their homes for the Magic of Christmas..... She has the links to the other Austrian ladies from Monday to Wednesday of this week.  It is a wonderful to embrace the season...Uniting us all over the world...

Thanks Hilda, you rang the bell and I was there....wink.... I am inviting a few friends, hope that is ok....( kiss)

Monday, November 21, 2016

I am in the mood for Dollies....

I am feeling it...that Christmas feeling...so I have been busy making some dollies..
This pattern is really quite easy to do and the variety is only limited by your 
imagination. ( or you can just copy what we have done)
We even share where we get the pretty lace we use...

Isn't she pretty in this pink gingham!
and we have lots of curly hair for you too!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Let's PRESS ON with SOLE ( soul) ( giveaway) #47 WINNER!

#47 winnner is Penny. I asked Anna to choose a number with all those who entered and #47 was her number. She said it has always been her favourite number out of 100....OK,
So Penny, we have a BRAND NEW RELIABLE iron for YOU....
Congrats and thanks to all those who entered....and thanks to Reliable for always being just that!

I PRESS ON a lot these days, with holidays just around the corner, my iron station always seems to be ON... if you have been following me through the years, you may know IRONING is one of my favourite things. I used to go through irons like disposable tissues...They never stayed hot, they spit consistently, they would leave stains, and ironing was a chore...

For me it began with my Velocity V50 ORANGE iron. I still have it and it still works like a dream. It's funny ever since I found Reliable Iron Corporation, the biggest surprise is there are no more disappointments in the ironing department anymore. I have found a company and an IRON that works, that are consistent, that have SOUL.... as in a great sole plate that STEAMS on.....