Sunday, October 16, 2016

Spys for PIES.....canning our very own pie filling.

Pie Making at least in this area has become quite an expensive task....but the rewards are soooo worth it. A bushel of Spy apples doubled in price since last year. This bushel cost $44.00  The farmer threw in a 5 litre of apple cider which was a nice and I used some of it for the canning..

She shared that it was a very hard year for apple growers. The seconds which were always
perfect for canning were mixed with 1st class but none of them were perfect some
were even frozen....but for pies, YOU cannot beat a SPY PIE....

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Life can be a CROCK and Meatballs can SWEETEN YOU UP---

It's funny how our home smells different in the fall and winter over the other seasons.
I love looking in a crock pot especially this fall since I purchase a shallow 3.5 crock pot...
It is a perfect size for 2-4 servings...
Can be found here, check ebay and local walmart, I have seen them as low as $30.00

I did say I would begin sharing CROCK POT recipes and like our patterns, I like to show you with photos, so you too will get the same results as the meals I prepare in our kitchen...

As cool nights are upon us, David loves coming home to a home filled with aromas that awakens his senses from a hard day of surgical talk.  This is what he came home to last evening. The only instruments he needed was a fork tonight.

SWEET and SOUR Meatballs on a bed of sticky Japanese rice!  He laughed when I got my camera out to take this photo, you can see the steam coming off my serving....  

Saturday, October 8, 2016

She's such a doll PATTERN AVAILABLE now.... Happy Thanksgiving!

We lost a favourite family member this week and our lives will just
not be the same.  It is during these times I am reminded of how important
living every moment to the fullest really is. 

You know as sad as we have been, we realize we can always count on 
one another for support.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

You're such a doll!

Nothing is safe in our home these days...I had a starched linen skirt that I had not worn
for quite awhile , so I cut it up for material for some Raggy dolls...

I always do faces first, just like our Paper Ladies Patterns, the face
usually directs me to where next...colour of dress, hair....

I love the RED hair best, but Cori wanted some golden yellow so I made some up..
and then I messed up the green gingham doll so bad, but I did not want to redo, so I just made her
face round instead of oval...

Friday, September 30, 2016

It's not that I did not have anything to share.... from NAKED to Dressed!

it is just this week, had me spinning... from re-uniting with a dear friend, to designing banner, postcard and business card for a designer of Mammy dolls, to completing our October Paper lady, ( gosh she is a beaut) to finding a new crock pot,  mailing off birthday gifts to dear locating my maple tea, to working on a new ragdoll Ohhhh look at became FRIDAY.

all dressed now!  she is not blushing as much now, NOW that she is wearing clothes lol
rley blake's gingham! coming to life....

Thursday, September 22, 2016

It's Gonna be OKAY

Sometimes we just need a reminder...when the world seems like it is falling apart, friends re-unite, family sticks together and YOU and I.... welllllll, we EMBRACE the MOMENTS that make our