Friday, July 31, 2015

Sew We Crochet...are you ready to be HOOKED with inspiration...

Yes yes yes, I am looking for inspiration ..... and in the meantime, here are some fabulous patterns, I was able to find that will keep me or rather Cori and I ... (Cori at creativity amongst chaos) quite busy....

Now she has decades of experience on me, but I will not let that get me down lol. I am quick learner ... LOOOK at what I am tackling now ... I could not for the life of me understand that pattern thing again ... so I just looked at it ... and thought "let's give it a try "this is what I have done so far ......

...I am not so good at single crochet just yet, so I did mine in double crochet and I am going to cross stitch the rose in WHITE...that will lovely don't you think...I am calling this a such word, but she reminds me of a beanie...and she is feminine...

I even had time, which I have LOTS of these days to design
our own button ....

I love these dishcloths, all kinds of delightful pattens..

Don't you just love all that WHITE and RED, now tell me who is not inspired
by these wash or dish cloths...?
HAND UP?  ok I see a few

And this basket...tell me who does not want a LILAC
basket, not my fav colour but I like this and I know 
there are a few who will like this...

and this lovely throw, is is just plain delicious...

Rugs, I want to make RUGS, especially the gingam and the wheel rug..
well it just makes me go round and round with excitement...

Now this is a hunk of a Crochet throw wink...

and when I first quilted I use to add foot pockets to my quilts it just made so much sense to me ..

Well look what I found, a crochet blanket a la HUDSON BAY ( well known in Canada)
for this colour sequence. and it has a foot pocket to cuddle in...makes so much sense
for our cold winters... I most certainly want to make this...very simple design even 
I can figure it out without a pattern...( yep, I may have to save bye-bye to instructions all together 
and just wing it) 

Now I am known for pocket shawls. and this one is so me....
now this one I may have to figure out... and I am not there yet 
but I am sure I can come up with something ...doesn't the colour
just make you blush ? lol

And not sure I will ever make this, but I did love it..
David is very musical, and this would look divine in his MAN cave..

Now this one brought my spark to the top...of course
I would want to make it in red and black...a gingham crochet afghan..
YEP this is perfect for me....

I also adore this one...just plain RED with what looks like popcorn I am not sure
what it is called...but I adore it...I would want to do it all and have one WHITE heart on the bottom...Wouldn’t that be so special....

I am going to have to open up a yarn account somewhere, I think I am going to need a few skeins lol.

Show us some of your favourite CROCHET patterns, what will you be putting on your to do list this winter...?


“While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”
—Apple Computer Inc. 

never would have done this if I was still managing 
blog hops..I never had any time..

Sew we Crochet with LOVE...are you ready to be HOOKED?

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sew we CROCHET... in my POWDER ROOM.

 I say what CAN I .. .I AM BRILLIANT .... :)
 I made my first wash cloth ....
Ok, maybe not so brilliant as in determined..yes Determined ... lol

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I am so GIDDY, August Paper Lady and Dish Cloth....

Can I even describe this wonderful giddiness that has come over me ...?
I do not think so .... but I will say the butterflies in my tummy these past
few days are such a welcome delight ....

I am not sure what it feels like being locked up for years, as I have never
broken the law in any way ... but there is this incredible feeling of EUPHORIA
that has me soaring heights that are just a delight to behold ...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A return to a calmness

The calmness of my days are rather comforting, no rushing, no anxious moments and certainly no more tears... I am embracing TODAY, because there will never be another like it...

I think what is really worth celebrating is that I have a renewed strength, renewed confidence and certainly a renewed sense of creativity...It is cool this morning, kind of a like a fall morning and although I am not really prepared to cuddle in for the winter, I have PLANS, lots of PLANS....

And they will include YOU a different way, wait and see....For the meantime I have this on my plate today, I have our August Paper Lady to complete, I have been PLAYING with my ball of yarn, ( my practice yarn , I call it) I am looking for some crochet patterns for afghans and reading shawls..

Friday, July 24, 2015

Blog HOPS the overwhelming cost in $, in time and in SANITY..

Good Day and it is--- really it is

....I still get many emails.........many many many...

"When is the next blog HOP?"
"Will you still be organizing them?"

And there is no simple way to explain my decision to put this behind me....So perhaps you might understand the cost of it all...And yes if any of you think this is something you would like to do,
here is a detailed cost to me ...

I poured you a cup... it may be a bit much to swallow lol..

4.5 years of managing giveaways and blog hops cost to me  overall. 
$51, 345. 07
yep, that is what this lady took from her pocket to manage blog hop for 4.5 years
( with no financial assistance from any companies)